Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia, Asia

latitude: 24.39, longitude: 45.4
Browse map of Saudi Arabia 24°23′24.00″ N, 45°24′00.00″ E
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Saudi Arabia is a Country in Asia at latitude 24°23′24.00″ North, longitude 45°24′00.00″ East.

Highway/Roads classification in Saudi Arabia

Expressways in Saudi Arabia (highway=motorway)

  • Riyadh–Taif Highway, 752 km
  • Makkah–Madinah Highway, 421 km
  • Riyadh–Dammam Highway, 383 km
  • Riyadh–Sudair–Al Qassim Highway, 317 km
  • Makkah-Jeddah Highway, 60 km
  • Dammam - Abu Hadriya - Ras Tanura Highway, 257 km
  • Khaybar - Al Ola Highway, 175 km
  • Taif - Abha-Gizan Highway (750 kms)

National roads in Saudi Arabia (highway=primary)

Governorate boundaries

Governorate boundaries for Saudi Arabia added from's ESRI shape file.

Major cities in Saudi Arabia

  • Riyadh
  • Jeddah
  • Dammam


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