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The Saudi National Address Plugin helps you in tagging buildings in the Kingdom.

What is the Saudi National Address plugin?

The Saudi National Address plugin allow for a quick and accurate adding of tags (addr:housenumber=*, addr:district=*, etc) to a building anywhere inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It fetches the information from the Saudi Post database available here.


Simply select a building=* area or node then from tools menu select Get Address or CTRL-G

How can I install the plugin?

Simply go to the Edit -> Preferences menu, refresh the plugin list, and select the "SaudiNationalAddress" option. You will have to restart JOSM afterwards.

Registering and Getting API key

You will need a free account to get a valid API key for the plugin to work. To create an account a valid national identification number of a Saudi citizen is needed.

  1. Sign-up for an account here
  2. Go to the Products page, and select a Development package.
  3. Hit Subscribe then Confirm.
  4. Copy either the Primary or Secondary key from your profile page.
  5. In JOSM go to preference then SaudiNationalAddress Plugin preference and paste your key there.

Getting help

If you have troubles or suggestions please contact me User:Mouath