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Bahrain, Western Asia

latitude: 26.05, longitude: 50.55
Browse map of Bahrain 26°03′00.00″ N, 50°33′00.00″ E
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Bahrain is a country in Western Asia at latitude 26°03′00.00″ North, longitude 50°33′00.00″ East.

Highway/Roads classification in Bahrain

Expressways in Bahrain (highway=motorway)

Main roads in Bahrain (highway=primary)

See the Conventions page for some suggestions about tagging roads.

Governorate boundaries

Governorate boundaries for Bahrain added from's ESRI shape file.

Major cities in Bahrain

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Kaart Mapping

Kaart conducts ground surveys for improvements to OSM data. A list of editors can be found on the Kaart wiki page.

  • Mapillary imagery from the Bahrain drive can be viewed here.

Manama (March, 2017)

Car GPS tracks driven during Kaart's ground survey in Bahrain. Imagery provided by Bing.
Ground Focus
  • Visual collection of street names, verification of one-way streets.
  • Downtown Manama had very dense and narrow streets in the older part of town which were missing names.
  • We updated classifications to better reflect traffic patterns and intended flow.
Post Processing
  • After the ground survey was conducted, our office team reviewed the footage gathered and updated street names by checking consistency and road signs.
  • We also focused on adding turn restrictions, turning lanes, surface types, and lanes.
Suggested Community Edits
  • There is a substantial amount of construction happening in Bahrain. Editors should continue to update OSM with new geometry.
  • There is also a fair amount of geometry missing in the northwest section of the country where we were unable to drive due to the narrowness of the roads. These roads should be updated and drawn in to more accurately reflect the physical attributes on the ground.
  • We added as many roads as we could see based on satellite imagery, especially on the west end of the country. There will likely still be small streets that should be drawn in that do not appear on older imagery.

The ground survey of Bahrain was conducted by Kaart Team members vespax and Velocimaptor.