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Jordan, Asia
latitude: 31.57, longitude: 35.56
Browse map of Jordan 31°34′12.00″ N, 35°33′36.00″ E
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Jordan is a country in Asia at latitude 31°34′12.00″ North, longitude 35°33′36.00″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Getting started

Current priorities

  • Adding Arabic and Latin streetnames
  • Searching for street name catalogs from government resources.

Naming convention

Please enter data in the following format when naming streets, city names etc. This will ensure that the default name displayed will be in Arabic script.


Administrative map

Governorate boundaries

Governorate boundaries for Jordan added from's ESRI shape file.

Major cities in Jordan

English Name Pronunciation Arabic
Amman 'Ammān عمان
Zarqa Az-Zarqa الزرقاء
Irbid اربد
Rusayfeh Ar-Ruṣayfah الرصيفة
Aqaba Al-'Aqabah العقبة
Salt As-Salṭ السلط
Ramtha Ar-Ramthā الرمثا
Madaba Ma'dabā مادبا
Mafraq Al-Mafraq المفرق
Jerash Jarash جرش
Ma'an Ma'ān معان


Highway/Roads classification in Jordan

Main roads in Jordan (highway=primary)

Syntax: Official Highwaynumber ::: course ::: Distance ::: big cities passed by highway ::: informal name (if any)

  • 5 N-S As-Safawi - Az-Azraq - Ma'an - Border to Saudi Arabia
  • 10 W-E: Ma'ad - Irbid - Al Mafraq - Iraq
  • 15 Amman - Al Mafraq motorway. Ma'an - Al Quwayra (highway=motorway) (Desert Highway)
  • 25 Dera'a (Syria) - Ar-Ramtha - connects to Hw10 /// Amman - until Queen Intl. Alia Airport then changes name to Hw15
  • 30 Zarqa' - Az-Azraq
  • 35 N-S Irbid - Jerash - Amman - Madaba - Al-Karak - At-Tafila - Wadi Musa - Rajif Junction The King's Highway
  • 40 W-E northern Deadsea Junction - Amman - Sahab - Az-Azraq
  • 50 W-E Potash-City - Al-Karak - connects to HW15
  • 55 Irbid - Ajloun
  • 60 At-Tafila - connects to Hw15
  • 65 NW-SW 350km: Umm Qais - Aqaba - Saudi Border (Deadsea Road)
  • 122 Irbid - Umm Qais


Land use

It is advisable to tag a olive grove / orchard as follows:


Quality controls

Active mapper in Jordan

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