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Sudan, Africa

latitude: 13.7, longitude: 30.8
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Sudan is a country in Africa at latitude 13°42′00.00″ North, longitude 30°48′00.00″ East.

Sudan was the largest country in Africa and the Arab World until 2011, when South Sudan separated into an independent country

This page is to coordinate a mapping project for Sudan, formerly the largest country in Africa.


Project Sudan: Description

Very sparse data exists for street level information about Sudan, this project aims to map as much data as possible.

#MapSudan: A big push to stimulate more mapping

In 2020 during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic a group of Sudanese health professionals in Ireland and Britain came together to review the state of mapping in Sudan. It was agreed that an initiative would be created designed to stimulate more mapping and to lead to practical mapping goals which would be helpful to future healthcare initiatives, as well as be helpful to completing the map in general.

The initiative also has a concept note, which explains how the project might be phased and how it should initially lead to more navigability around Sudan by emergency services, health authorities and NGOs. A further phase can lever-off the Heath Sites project, and ensure that all the data on health service points is complete and kept up to date. A third phase could launch into specific projects, like mapping for FGM, or road safety.

Community resources


Ranking by size (Source: German Wikipedia

Will start mapping for Khartoum, if you have any data sources, especially street names please help. Mapping mainly based on Yahoo! Aerial Imagery tracing.

  • january 2013, : Railway and 3 pipelines mapped from Bing Sat between Khartoum and Port Sudan. May-be someone is water-pipeline between Atbara and Port Sudan. Please check if possible.

Road system

  • A = The A1, A2, A4 and A5 are main roads from Khartoum to the north, east, south and west respectively. The A6 branches off from the A5 to the southwest. 2-digit numbers between 10 and 20 occur between the A1 and A2, numbers between 20 and 30 are between the A2 and A4 and numbers between 40 and 50 are between the A4 and A5.
  • B = Regional roads (highway=secondary)

Data Import

  • Africover ([1]) - has granted us (Development Seed ([2]) - permission to upload their base layers - roads, rails, admin boundaries. So far, we have uploaded the road shapefile. Outstanding work includes:
  • Rivers - Africover
  • Admin Boundaries (need to determine current status of OSM dataset before doing anything here) - Africover

A 2009 report on the current status of GIS in the Sudan, Prepared by Abdullah Elsadig Ali, Director General, Sudan National Survey Authority lists in the recommended objectives "Permit re-use of available data." and "Help users to communicate with each other and work together."

External Datasets

People Involved

Other Projects related to Sudan

  • WikiProject Nile - An effort to map the whole Nile (both the blue and the white one).
  • 2013 Sudan floods - wiki page coordinating remote mapping for HOT contributors around the world.