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Djibouti, Africa

latitude: 11.8, longitude: 42.7
Browse map of Djibouti 11°48′00.00″ N, 42°42′00.00″ E
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Djibouti is a Country in Africa at latitude 11°48′00.00″ North, longitude 42°42′00.00″ East.

Map of Djibouti

Naming scheme

The official languages of Djibouti are Arabic and French. The preferred naming scheme is the following:

  • name=<French name> <Arabic name> French name on the left side, Arabic name on the right side.

(As separator a space character should be used. If digitals are used in the name, the name should be separated with a slash <fr> / <ar>.)

  • name:ar=<Arabic name> Arabic name.
  • name:fr=<French name> French name.
  • name:en=<English name> Should be also added to make working with the map easier for users, who don't speak Arabic or French.

Issues and Goals

  • Improve data quality
    • Fix errors and warnings in JOSM and Osmose
    • Naming inconsistencies
    • Often no exact names exist, especially in smaller villages. Try to use the most common name. Alternative names can be added under alt_name; local pronounciations under loc_name.
    • Add name:en tags

Communications channels

Facebook user OpenStreetMapDjibouti

Quality control