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The Independant State of Sāmoa, Oceania

latitude: -13.81738, longitude: -172.11259
Browse map of The Independant State of Sāmoa 13°49′02.57″ S, 172°06′45.32″ W
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The Independant State of Sāmoa is a country in Oceania at latitude 13°49′02.57″ South, longitude 172°06′45.32″ West. Malo Sa'oloto Tuto'atasi o Sāmoa | Independent State of Sāmoa

OpenStreetMap Sāmoa Portal
This page is for coordinating OpenStreetMap activities in Sāmoa. Feel free to list your Sāmoa mapping priorities and progress.

OpenStreetMap for Sāmoa needs your help. If you can trace roads, rivers, houses, upload GPS tracks, name objects, then please just join in and get involved.

Top priorities
Map from Bing Imagery, GPS traces or other data that respect ODBL license
Add road names
Update Wiki page
Available Imagery
Bing offers high-res Imagery for Sāmoa. But certain parts of the islands are covered by clouds, in some cases Mapbox imagery is cloud free where Bing is not.
Notes to mappers
When editing, specify the source of your information
Source=Bing (Bing Imagery)
Source=GPS (GPS traces)
Source=GPS; Bing (GPS traces updated with Bing Imagery)
Source=PGS (Prototype Global Shoreline for coastlines)
Source=PGS; Bing (PGS Imagery updated with Bing Imagery)

Zoom in to less than 100 meters to obtain a good precision when tracing objects.

Be careful when editing coastlines. Do not delete the existing coastline. It is preferable to update the existing way. Otherwise, the Island will disappear from the map and it may take weeks before renderers show the island again on the map.

Dec 3 2011 Sāmoa Cyclone Simulation for better Preparedness and Emergency Response

Dec 3 2011, Humanitarian OSM Team participated to the Samoa Cyclone Simulation Simulation exercise in Sāmoa where various Mapping, Preparedness and Emergency Response communities where working together in a coordinated manner to improve Preparedness and Emergency Response.

Map of Sāmoa

Major Cities/Towns/Villages/Localities



Upolu Island
Savai'i Island
Manono Island
Apolima Island
Nu'utele Island
Nu'ulua Island
Namua Island
Fanuatapu Island
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Wikipedia Samoa

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