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Rwanda, Africa

latitude: -2.008, longitude: 29.764
Browse map of Rwanda 2°00′28.80″ S, 29°45′50.40″ E
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Rwanda is a country in Africa at latitude 2°00′28.80″ South, longitude 29°45′50.40″ East.


Rwanda Mapping Project +/-
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Boundary relation of Rwanda relation 171496.

Map of Rwanda


Community resources

Facebook user osmrwanda

OSM East Africa Forum

Administrative Divisions

In addition to the Provinces and Districts listed above, Rwanda has three further administrative divisions. Districts are divided into Sectors. Sectors are divided into Cells. Cells are divided into Villages.
The Rwanda National Resources Authority provides the National Land Use Planning Portal which contains data on these administrative features. National Land Use Planning Portal ([1]) Every local citizen has access to government through their local village leader or umudugudu.

Cities and towns

Name Changes

It is important to note that Rwanda renamed many communities following the genocide in 1994. While the official names of these communities have changed, in many places the signs have not be updated (this is inconsistently applied throughout the country) and the local people may continue to use the older community names. Please refer to the following list:

  • Gitarama is now Muhanga
  • Butare is now Huye
  • Ruhengeri is now Musanze
  • Gisenyi is now Rubavu
  • Byumba (unchanged)


Population as of 2002 [2]

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Data Import

  • We have permission to draw Rwanda form a map. The map is available as WMS at (layer named "Ruanda"). For more details see [3] and [4]
  • Africover ([5]) and DEPHA ([6]) - have granted us (Development Seed ([7]) - permission to upload their base layers - roads, rivers, rails, admin boundaries. So far, we have uploaded the road shapefile. Outstanding work includes:
  • Rivers - Africover
  • Admin Boundaries (need to determine current status of OSM dataset before doing anything here) - Africover

External Datasets

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Africover) ([8])- A project aimed at generating a database of GIS layers for the purpose of promoting sustainable management of environmental resources at national, regional and global levels. Rwanda data includes administrative and political boundaries, rivers, towns, and spatially/thematically aggregated landcover. We've received permission from Africover to import road, river, and administrative boundary data layers into OSM.
  • Map Library ([9]) - A project of the Map Maker Trust. It has a simple base map, outline, and layers of administrative boundaries and areas, level one divisions, and satellite images.
  • GeoCommunity ([10]) - A GIS data depot that provide premium downloads for a minimal cost and normal downloads free of charge. Available Rwanda layers include political/ocean boundaries, roads, populated places, and landcover.

Other datasets that might be useful: