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Welcome to OSM Pakistan!

Pakistan, Asia

latitude: 30, longitude: 70
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Pakistan is a country in Asia at latitude 30°00′00.00″ North, longitude 70°00′00.00″ East.

You can help!

There are many things you can do to help the map of Pakistan. Make sure to refer to the tagging guidelines below as well.

  • Many roads missing on the outskirts of Karachi, in rural areas, and in Hyderabad.
  • Many roads are missing in Karachi, Sukkur, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta.
  • Hyderabad and Kohat are in better shape but still missing some roads.

Tagging Features


Roads should be tagged in accordance with their official classification or their significance. We can further refine this tagging scheme with active participation from OSM Pakistan users.

Key Value Element Comment Example
highway motorway  way This tag should be applied to the carriageways of all designated motorways (M1-M10). Do not tag highways as motorways which have not be designated as such by NHA, Pakistan. Motorway.png
highway motorway_link way The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a motorway (or between two motorways). Only use this on slip roads to which motorway regulations apply (the "last escape" slip road before a road becomes motorway is not a motorway_link and should be tagged as a trunk_link or primary_link as appropriate to the non-motorway road it diverges from) Rendering-highway motorway link.png
highway trunk  way All National Highways built, maintained and designated as National Highways by NHA, Pakistan. Trunk.png
highway trunk_link way The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a National Highway. Trunk link.png
highway primary  way A 6 or more lanes dual carriageway. Important or major highways in a city can also be tagged as primary. Primary.png
highway primary_link way The link roads (sliproads / ramps).  
highway secondary  way Regional highways mostly maintained by the Provincial Governments connecting cities, towns or villages. Rendering-highway secondary.png
highway tertiary  way 4 lanes dual carriageway roads in a city or high importance roads. Rendering-highway tertiary.png
highway unclassified  way No administrative classification. Unclassified roads typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network.
Note: This is not a marker for roads where we still need to choose a highway tag.
Rendering-highway unclassified.png
highway residential way Roads accessing or around residential areas and which are not primary, secondary or tertiary. Residential.jpg
highway track way unmaintained and non-asphalt tracks Rendering-highway track.png
highway service way A roadway providing connections to off-road destinations (such as car parks) or servicing private sites (such as industrial estates). Tagging a road as "service" indicates that the roadway should not be considered a through route nor expected to be of high quality. Pending a recognised tag for roads under construction, "service" may also be an appropriate tag for this purpose. Rendering-highway service.png


Tag as "motorway", typically rendered in blue.

Road Route Length (km) Details (Status)
M-1 Islamabad to Peshawar 155 Access-controlled motorway with 6 lanes
M-2 Lahore to Islamabad 367 Access-controlled motorway with 6 lanes

(Completed November 26, 1997)

M-3 Lahore - Abdul Hakeem 230 Access-controlled motorway with 6 lanes
M-4 Multan - Pindi Bhattian 294 Operational 4 lanes, which, in future can be increased to 6 lanes.
M-5 Sukkur - Multan 392 Access-controlled motorway with 6 lanes completed on 5 November 2019
M-6 Hyderabad - Sukkur 306 Under-contruction (in January 2023) six lane access-controlled motorway.
M-7 Kakkar via Dureji to Karachi 303 Proposed 2 lanes.


M-8 Gwadar - Ratodero 892 Two lanes highway, completed
M-9 Karachi - Hyderabad 136 Access-controlled 6 lanes motorway.
M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass 56 Access-controlled motorway with 6 lanes.

(Completed 2007, restoration is in progress after bridge collapsed in 2007)

M-11 Lahore to Sialkot 103 4 lanes Operational since 18 March 2020
M-14 Hakla - Dera Ismail Khan 285 4 lane access controlled motorway completed on 5 January 2022
M-15 or E-35 Hazara Motorway

Expressway 35

175 57km six lane access-controlled motorway from Burhan to Havelian

39km four lane access-controlled motorway from Havelian to Manshera 84km 2 lane partial access-controlled expressway from Manshera to Thakot

M-16 Swat Motorway 81 Operational 4 lane access controlled motorway

National Highways

Tag as "trunk", typically rendered in green.

Reference Name Route Length (km)
N5 National Highway 5 (Grand Trunk Road) Hyderabad-Moro-Multan-Sahiwal-Lahore-Jhelum-Rawalpindi-Peshawar-Torkham relation 1136962 1819
N10 Makran Coastal Highway Lyari-Gwadar-Gabd 653
N15 Mansehra-Naran-Jhalkhand 240
N25 RCD Highway Karachi-Bela-Khuzdar-Kalat-Quetta-Chaman 813
N39 Basima-Khuzdar 110
N35 Karakoram Highway (KKH) Hasan Abdal-Abbottabad-Thakot-Gilgit-Khunjerab 806
N40 Lakpass-Naukundi-Taftan 610
N45 Dir-Chitral 309
N50 Kuchlack-Zhob-Dera Ismail Khan 531
N55 Indus Highway Kotri-Shikarpur-Dera Ghazi Khan-Kohat-Peshawar 1264
N65 Sukkur-Sibi-Saryab 385
N70 Qila Saifullah-Loralai-Dera Ghazi Khan-Multan 447
N75 Murree Expressway Islamabad-Satra Mile-Lower Topa (Murree)-Kohala 90
N80 Tarnol-Kohat 144
N85 Hoshab-Pangjur-Nag-Basima-Surab 487
N90 Kwazakhela-Alpuri-Besham 64
N95 Chakdara-Mingora-Manglour-Kwazakhela-Madyan-Bahrain-Kalam 135
S1 Gilgit-Skardu 167
S2 Kohala-Muzaffarabad 40
S3 Muzaffarabad-Chakothi 55
E3 Wazirabad-Pindi Bhattian 100
E4 Faisalabad-Khanewal 184
E5 Khanewal-Lodhran Section 100

Administrative units of Pakistan

The administrative units of Pakistan consist of four provinces (Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh), two autonomous territories (Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan) and one federal territory (Islamabad Capital Territory). Each province and territory is subdivided into divisions, which are further subdivided into districts, which are further subdivided into tehsils, or taluka, which are further subdivided into union councils.

province / territory (tagged with admin_level 3)
division (tagged with admin_level 4)
district (tagged with admin_level 5)
tehsil / taluka (tagged with admin_level 6)
union council

Largest Cities

Infrastructure Mapping

You can help in completing our infrastructure for Power Lines (major cross-city high voltage towers for now) by looking at Osmose to find missing attributes or incomplete dataset.

You can also use Overpass Turbo to visualize all the power lines to see existing power lines.

Other useful resources:

Water Body Mapping

Pakistan is a severely water-scarce country and suffers from frequent droughts, flooding and more. Mapping existing rivers, streams and canals will allow better research into efficient water management.

People Involved

If you are contributing to OSM Pakistan please do create an account on this wiki.

See Category:Users in Pakistan

Disaster response

There have been a number of disasters in Pakistan for which HOT and OpenStreetMappers in general have responded by helping to produce/improve maps with the potential to provide useful maps to aid agencies. Disasters include

Quality controls

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