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This English version should be updated according to the French version which is really more complete!
Senegal, Africa

latitude: 14.480, longitude: -14.568
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Senegal is a country in Africa at latitude 14°28′48.00″ North, longitude 14°34′04.80″ West.

Welcome on the wiki project page of Senegal!

This is the wiki of the OpenStreetMap community of Senegal, a Country in Africa at relation latitude 14° 46′ 12″ North, longitude 14° 0′ 36″ West. On this wiki you can find back all the information on the progress of the map of Senegal and news concerning activities of OpenStreetMap in Senegalǃ


Connect to other Openstreetmap contributors active in Senegal:

HOT in Sénégal

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In May-June 2012 HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) conducted a 3 week exploratory mission in Senegal. See here for a series of blog posts detailing this mission.

A second mission took place in August-September 2012, Nicolas Chavent of HOT was for several days in Senegal to continue HOT's work. Saturday the 1st of September a mapping party was organized to map the zones flooded in the Senegalese capitalː Yoff, Pikine, and Guédiawaye. More information you can find here .

After this two missions HOT helped to launch OSM_SN (Openstreetmap_Senegal) at the end of November 2012.

This was translated concretely in next points ː

  1. Consolidation and extension of the ecosystem associated to OSM_SN (Openstreetmap_Senegal) through presentations and advocacy, particularly among universities, technical communities, authorities and humanitarian actors.
  2. Animation of the OSM_SN community, especially in Dakar, Rufisque, Saint-Louis, Thies and Ziguinchor. This means supporting the local communities by providing technical support and improving the general baseline map of the towns.
  3. Train trainers in and for the OSM̠ SN community, who subsequently can conduct workshops and teach other locals how to use and contribute to OpenStreetMap.

Here a presentation (in French) detailing the activities of the OSM_SN community and HOT's work in Senegal.

Geographical data:

Shapefiles and other formats are available.

OSM data of Africa (default export)
OSM map of Senegal for a Garmin GPS, updates every 24h

Mapping Senegal's Road Network

There's been established conventions how to tag highways in Senegal, it is It is highly recommended to read this !

> Senegal Highway Tag <


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress. And then get on with it :-)

  • Place names. This item is especially important if you are located in Senegal: remote armchair mappers can do a lot, but finding local names is best done on the ground.
  • Dakar - The street layout of the capital city is well under way, but it needs more POI. Even more than finding names, this requires local presence.
  • Completion of the network of major roads, including roads to neighboring countries - routing engines need a fully connected network.
  • Street layout of major cities. Dakar is taking shape nicely, but smaller cities are barely getting started. Adopt a city !


  • Names, names, names... We can't get enough of them. If you know know place names, please make tagging them a priority: names are a critical piece of local knowledge for which remote mappers rarely have sources.
  • There seem to be some confusion over the definition of highway=trunk: in the French definition, highway=trunk are dual-carriage expressways with lower speed limit than motorways. Therefore, Routes Nationales should be highway=primary. But the Key:highway page on the OSM wiki mentions that highway=trunk needs not necessarily be a divided highway. On top of that, there are not many motorways in Senegal, to say the least. So should the primary roads linking main cities be tagged as highway=trunk ? Maybe only the ones with the highest quality (at least two lanes of good asphalt) and major topological roles. If you have deep knowledge of the road network in Senegal, your opinion would be valuable here. We are also working on forming more general North Africa Tagging guidelines.
  • Many waterways are seasonal and pieces of satellite imagery are captured in different seasons. It is therefore very difficult to decide what waterways to trace from satellite imagery and how to trace them. Local knowledge of the Senegalese waterways is needed !

Where & what to Map

The recently available Bing satellite imagery is much more precise than the Yahoo satellite imagery that served the initial mapping of Senegal. Roads often need to be realigned and previously unmapped cities can now be mapped in detail.

Imagery & sources

Bing coverage for Senegal is available at a high resolution in most areas of Senegal. It does not need to be offset and the imagery is from early 2012. Recently, Bing Imagery for St. Louis and Louga became available in September 2012, and southeastern regions, including Tambacounda, in early 2013. Unfortunately, Bing imagery is not yet available for the most central neighborhoods of Touba. See the bing imagery analyzer for a map (Mostly complete as of March 2013) of where imagery is available.

Historical maps from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection provide plenty of place names - make sure you cross-check them.

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