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Flooding in Western Senegal, particularly in the Dakar region, is more severe than in previous years. Some pictures there


HOT would play a role with the in-country coordinators to articulate surveys with satellite imagery processings about flood/landslides extents and other relevant damage assessments on key infrastructure.

The HOT Team is:

  • gathering the useful equipment available for OSM mapping in Dakar.
  • Nicolas is currently on the ground in Dakar until 1-sept facilitating a hot/ osm training at a Tech Camp on rural development (30 & 31-Aug) and a mapping party focused on flood response (1-sept) and meeting with local actors.
  • coordinating with local OSM mappers as well as humanitarian and governemental actors.

Information channels

current conditions in Yoff/Dakar by NOAA (USA)

Senegal on Relief Web

External notification to partners

In progress, as of Aug. 29th, External notification to partners encompassing:

  • Virtual Technology Communities (V&TCs)
  • UN System agencies, especially UNOCHA
  • local and international partner organizations

Remote response

JOSM with a task loaded in Dakar + Bing imagery

Mapping participation

We are currently identifying priority areas for mapping. Early reports are are Nord and Ouest Foire (Quartiers, neighborhoods of Dakar), Yoff, Pikine and Guediawaye.

There is a task on the Tasking Server to trace roads in this area -

Data analysis

Report by World Bank and Senegalese Government[1] "RAPPORT D’EVALUATION DES BESOINS POST CATASTROPHE Inondations urbaines à Dakar 2009" Evaluating the needs following the 2009 floods in Dakar] (In French and English)

Data on Senegal

Using Openstreetmap data - Downloads

Other Data

OCHA, through its Core Operational DataSets registry, provides various datasets including administrative boarders VERIFY its licensing status before using.

UNITAR provides maps of Flood Analysis in dakar and Kaolack

UNITAR Flood analysis of Eastern Dakar areas - Guediawaye, Pikine 2009, (PDF MAP)