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Jinan, Shandong, China

latitude: 36.6458927, longitude: 117.0128404
Browse map of Jinan 36°38′45.21″ N, 117°00′46.23″ E
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Jinan is a city in Shandong, China at latitude 36°38′45.21″ North, longitude 117°00′46.23″ East.

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Jinan (济南) is the capital of Shandong Province (山东省) in the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国).Jinan is also known as the City of Springs (泉城) because of the many natural springs supplying the city with fresh water.

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市中区 relation 5676878 商河县 relation 3486470
天桥区 relation 5676879 平阴县 relation 3486452
历下区 relation 5676877
槐荫区 relation 5676875
历城区 relation 5676876
长清区 relation 5676874
章丘区 relation 3486472
济阳区 relation 3486471
莱芜区 relation 5676439
钢城区 relation 5676438



Tag springs with natural=spring, and include their name as well. It would be great to tag most of the 72 famous springs, showing the hidden treasures of Jinan.

name and name:en

In general use the Chinese name of streets and places for the 'name' and 'name:zh' tag. Use 'name:en' tag for the English name. It is not always easy to decide what the best English name is.

For streets it is usually most appropriate to simply use pinyin without tones, only translating the main suffixes like 街, street or 路, road. 东西南北 can also be translated as West, East, South, North. So for instance 山大南路 becomes "Shanda South Road".(以官方译名为主)

In rare cases it can be better to literally translate a name, for instance 黑虎泉 is commonly referred to as "Black Tiger Spring" by foreigners, but for 玛瑙泉 it is probably better to use Manao Spring, and not Agate Spring.(遇到无官方译名时最好直译)

GPS traces

There are quite a few GPS traces tagged with 'jinan' (lowercase) as well.

Out of copyright maps

US military maps from the 50s. These are very out of date, but combined with Yahoo satellite imagery these can still yield some results. Since they are produced by the federal government they are out-of-copyright.