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The HertsLUG presentation 2006 is a Past event from way back in 2006. A presentation was given at the Hertfordshire Linux User Group (Hertfordshire, UK) about OpenStreetMap by Steve Chilton, Oliver White and Roberts Scott it seems. Quite a team! The project has moved on a bit since then though!

Old event planning info

HertsLUG emailed asking whether someone could visit (Wed 13th Sep 2006, 19:30 @ Stevenage) to talk about OpenStreetMap with a group of interested people. Steve Chilton, Oliver White and Roberts Scott agreed to do so.

Accepted, and advertised on their website [1]

Getting there

Please note - If you use the map referenced on the HertsLUG website. The road "Shephall Green" in which the Shephall centre is situated does NOT join with Broadhall Way. There is only a footpath under the road. (A challenge for mapping software perhaps?) You will need to go up either Valley Way or Shephall Way from one of the roundabouts and then along Hydean Way to get into Shephall Green.

Also the centre is on the South side of Shephall Green road not the North where the arrow points. The centre may not be open before 7:30. (TonyF)


Oliver will bring laptop (ThinkPad T21) with:

  • Hopefully a working VGA output for the projector
  • JOSM v141
  • gpsbabel (serial port and garmin lead)
  • inkscape, xmlstarlet, and all the other osmarendering tools
  • roadnav? dependancy on recent version of libc6 not distributed with ubuntu
  • PDF tools (KPDF, XPDF)
  • Web browsers (Konqueror and Firefox)
  • Example OSM files too, GPX's etc.

Robert will bring laptop as backup (and have Acrobat Reader in place in case PPT>HTML is a problem)

It would probably be politic to use native linux software for the presentation/s, although there's obviously a risk if Steve composes something "just so" on powerpoint and doesn't get to see it in kpresent until the day ... (Prob HTML now - SC)

Suggested timetable is:

7-30pm Powerpoint/HTML show - Steve
8-00pm Demo of website, wiki, JOSM, osmarender, etc - Oliver/Robert
8-30pm Discussion time
9-00pm OSMers retire to nearby hostelry for a lemonade and de-brief


Steve Chilton will be main speaker and has written a Powerpoint show for the occasion (with LINUX slant, and to encourage involvement in mapping and coding). He will be taking a portable LCD projector, and converting the show to something showable on LINUX (HTML?), plus Garmin GPS with serial cable. Robert and Oliver will provide the LINUX experince.


Chronological order through the mapping process:

  • gpsbabel
  • waypoint upload page
  • tracklog upload page?
  • JOSM
  • osmarender
  • mapyrus?
  • slippy map


We may do some simple GPS plots around their headquarters to show what can be done, but actually want to encourage them to do mapping of area if possible. They have a Frappr [2] profile which shows them to be dispersed around the County of Hertfordshire.