Highgate cemetery mapping demo 2010

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Everyone at the top of Highgate Cemetery

A past event. This was a mapping demonstration in Highgate Cemetery (North London) on Saturday 30th October 2010. Kind of a mini mapping party

Photos & blogs

photos on flickr (just from harry so far)

Derick's pictures on flickr

link blog posts here

Who was there?

Old details

Meet: 10:30 a.m. at the junction of Despard Road and Highgate Hill here .

Harry Wood will be there in his white OpenStreetMap baseball cap, but make a not of his number: O7979815013


I think it costs £3 to get into the cemetery, but it's very pretty so might just be worth it!

We've got a few OSMers with GPS devices. We'll probably split up to try to map a lot of footpaths, but we're also aiming to provide a demonstration and to keep some people entertained, so maybe Harry will take a big group, or maybe we'll assign one OSMer to one newbie. To be decided. In any case it should be a pleasant walk around the cemetery.

We'll do that for maybe an hour and half, then walk up through Highgate village picking up a bit of shop POI data, before heading to the pub...


The Gatehouse pub map in Highgate village

We'll go there for lunch (arriving around 12:30)

It also has wifi (hopefully), and Harry will demonstrate editing the data. Bring more laptops, and bring cables etc for getting the traces off your devices.