How Mapbox Data RAVE team work on receiving feedback from OSM users

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Data RAVE team is located in Minsk, Belarus. And during the last half year our mapping involvement increased according to several mapping projects like Linters/Missing Streets.

Usernames of Current Team Members who is active in OSM

You can find the list of our users in the main OSM Wiki page - link

How we announce Organised Editing Activities

First of all we follow the OSM Wiki Organised Editing Activities Guideline

According to this:

  • We create a certain OSM Wiki page describing the project
  • We create a Github ticket in open for public mapping repo link
  • We announce certain OSM Communities through the OSM forum or other channels of communication (mailing lists/ Slack/ Telegram etc.)

How we deal with Comments for the Changesets

  • Each day our folks check their e-mail
  • If there’s a comment to their changeset they adding it to our internal table
  • After investigation the cause of the comment we reply on it
  • Our reply can take 1-2 days because of big differences in time zones or weekend/sick leaves/vacation a bit more.
  • Also Lead of the Team once per month checks everyone for unanswered questions
  • If the Lead find out any issues or there’s feedback from OSM Users about the issue, it’s discussed with the team as soon as possible

What we’re going to improve

  • We’re working on metrics to provide statistic about amount of answered/unanswered comments
  • Lead of the Team will check OSMCha once per 2 weeks instead of month
  • We’ll update our OSM Wiki and Github tickets with the current results/statistic for the project