Humanitarian OSM Team/Board Elections July 2011

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Humanitarian OSM Team Board Elections July 2011 was a small election followed up by Another board election in December 2011.

For these elections in mid 2011 we had nominations, for just one seat on the board


The result was that Harry Wood was elected as fifth member of the Board (joining founding board members Mikel Maron, Kate Chapman, Nicolas Chavent and Dane Springmeyer)


Todd's contributions to HOT's work in Haiti as well as his work in Afghanistan and support for other projects around the world make him an ideal candidate for the OSM Board. His contributions to several organizations, large and small, bring further understanding of OSM's application in a deployment context.
Harry is a very active OSM contributor who has used his experience in communications within the community, to help with various HOT disaster responses. He runs most of the London OSM events, and these have included CrisisCamp remote mapping parties and hacking sessions in response to Haiti and Pakistan disasters. He has been vital in assisting HOT by organizing our logo contest and blogging when we've been silent for a while. Additionally Harry travelled to China to represent HOT and talk about OpenStreetMap last year [1]
John has had a very important role in supporting OpenStreetMap humanitarian activities, and in making OSM gain some recognition in the wider humanitarian community. For example, through the Disaster 2.0 report and Camp Roberts exercises. His expertise and position would be very useful in planning and coordinating OSM humanitarian preparedness and response with other actors. And, from a governance point of view, it would be good to have on the HOT board someone less likely to be sent for HOT missions on the ground.