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The Humanitarian OSM Team Board Elections 2011 took place 14 December 2011.


The following people were elected to the board which served between Dec 2011 up until the next elections in Jan 2013 (Humanitarian OSM Team/Board Elections 2013)

  • Kate Chapman
  • Mikel Maron
  • Nicolas Chavent
  • Dane Springmeyer
  • Schuyler Erle
  • John Crowley
  • Harry Wood (carried forward without election)

Six seats were open. Nominations were tendered up until 7 December 2011 and the election was held on 14 December 2011. [1] Harry Wood had his board position carried forward without the need for re-election, since he had only been appointed a few months earlier (Humanitarian OSM Team/Board Elections July 2011). Kate, Mikel, Nicolas, and Dane were all founding board members, and all successfully ran for re-election this time. Schuyler and John joined the board to make it up to seven people.

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Board

Name Nomination
Nationality/Residence Why are they awesome? Notes Result (Order)
Kate Chapman (u) (w) Rob Baker
Pierre Béland
US American / United States As one of the founding board members of HOT Kate has done many of the administrative tasks over the past year and a half. These tasks include setting up a bank account, paying bills and organizing contracts. She also frequently speaks at conferences about HOT and currently runs HOT's work in Indonesia. 40 (1)
Mikel Maron (u) (w) Rob Baker American / Varies Founding member of HOT 39 (2)
Nicolas Chavent Kate Chapman
Pierre Béland
French As one of the founding board member of HOT, Nicolas has been mainly active in supporting the OSM work in Haiti and fostering the growth of HOT as an organization. Work in Haiti encompasses 4 field missions (capacity building, surveys & mapping, consulting), constant remote support to hot coordinators and volunteer on the ground and to the local Communaute OpenStreetMap Haiti (COSMHA) and intense fund raising and proposal writing for HOT and COSMHA. Asides of Haiti, he supports HOT remote activations and coordinates with key humanitarian actors in GIS from UN agencies, NGOs, academics to establish HOT centrality in crisis and development mapping. This networking, inter-agency coordination, outreach to satellite imagery (UNOSAT and Charter, SpotImages and SAFER) and vector data support HOT activations. He trains on HOT through lectures (French Academy) and in workshops. 36 (3)
Dane Springmeyer (u) (w) Schuyler Erle American 29 (4)
John Crowley Kate Chapman
Mikel Maron
Nicolas Chavent
American John Crowley has been instrumental in helping with the release of imagery for use in OpenStreetMap. This has required many hours of patience and strategy in interfacing between big government and more informal organizations. With his connections into more formal organizations John will be able to help shape the organization for funding and help make connections that would be difficult for the rest of the organization to make on their own. 25 (6)
Severin Menard Kate Chapman
Nicolas Chavent
Pierre Béland
French Severin has been heavily involved in HOT's work in Haiti over the past year. This has included working within IOM and also going on HOT specific missions. Along with that he has sought out new projects and helped improve internal technical processes around mapping in Haiti. Through his view into what the needs of HOT are on the ground he could greatly assist in long term strategy for the organization. 14 (8)
Todd Huffman Schuyler Erle American Todd's has personal experience working with HOT in the ground in Haiti and has more recently managing a team that has made amazing progress mapping Jalalabad, Afghanistan. His experience would be a great asset in reviewing the scope of new projects and possibly facilitating new projects, not to mention his great relationships with many other people in this field. 16 (7)
Schuyler Erle Mikel Maron American 28 (5)

Past Elections

Humanitarian OSM Team/Board Elections July 2011