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Humanitarian OSM Team Board elections 2013 took place January 10 through January 16.


The results were announced in this email by Dane on Jan 19

The board voted in was as follows:

  • Schuyler Erle
  • Mikel Maron
  • Harry Wood
  • Nicolas Chavent
  • John Crowley
  • Pierre Béland
  • Joseph Reeves

(See also 'our board' page on the HOT site which has descriptions)

Thanks to all the candidates (detailed below)

Previous Board

Up until Jan 2013 the HOT board consisted of Kate Chapman, Mikel Maron, Nicolas Chavent, Dane Springmeyer, Schuyler Erle, John Crowley, Harry Wood. Kate and Dane both stood down and did not run for this election.

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Board

Seven seats were open for the December 2012/January 2013 elections. The nomination period for the Board of Directors ended at the close of the day, midnight PST, on Wednesday, January 9 2013, and the Board election ran from January 10 through January 16.

Name Nomination /
Nationality/Residence Why are they awesome? Notes
Joseph Reeves [u] (w) Kate Chapman British/United Kingdom Joseph has been involved in a variety of HOT responses as well as spent 6 weeks in Indonesia working on HOT's project this year. He is well versed in both the work of HOT and the OSM community. Joseph also has the available time to dedicate to the tasks expect of the HOT board
Mikel Maron [u] (w) Schuyler Erle / Rob Baker USA/Varies HOT Founder and current Board president
John Crowley Schuyler Erle / Rob Baker USA John Crowley has been a board member for the past year. With his experience in disaster response, John has been able to help shape the organization and help make connections that have been challenging for the rest of the organization to make on its own.
Harry Wood Schuyler Erle UK Harry has been a HOT board member for a year and a half. He is a very active OSM contributor who has used his experience in communications within the community, to help with various HOT disaster responses.
Schuyler Erle Mikel Maron USA Schuyler has been a HOT board member for a year and a half. He has contributed to the processing and software development at the backbone of several HOT activations, most recently the MapMill application for Sandy.
Heather Leson Kate Chapman / Rob Baker Canada Heather is a great partner at Ushahidi, RHoK, and all of the other volunteer and technical community activities she participates. She advocates for access to data and imagery for use and OpenStreetMap and believe having a strong basemap is vital for mapping through Ushahidi. (This nomination is pending acceptance to HOT)
Jean-Guilhem Cailton Pierre Béland France Jean-Guilhem is an image processing specialist and contributes remotely since 2010 to HOT disaster response (ie. satellite imagery, mapping server, coordination). He was in Saint Marc, Haiti in 2011 with HOT and across the country in 2012 for CNES Space Agency. He wants to contribute that HOT be more open and transparent to the volunteer contributors, to get improved access to satellite imagery, and to support the collaborations with major NGOs, UN agencies and national civil protections.
Nicolas Chavent Severin Menard / Rob Baker France HOT Founder, Board Vice president, Acting project director, active in Haiti, Senegal and Chad as part of the EUROSHA project. Wiki
Severin Menard Nicolas Chavent / Rob Baker France HOT member, Former Acting project director, Current Eurosha supervisor, active in Haiti, Kenya, CAR, Chad and Burundi.
Pierre Béland Kate Chapman Canada Pierre is an active OSM contributor. His experience in remote responses with HOT since jan. 2010 makes him a great asset. He coordinates the current DR Congo Activation, including the remote mapping and discussions with various partners.

He did some outreach representing HOT at the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Department, at the Understanding Risk Forum in South Africa and writing various articles.||

[Todd Huffman] Kate Chapman / Rob Baker USA/USA Todd has been heavily involved in mapping in Afghanistan, including providing some of the original OSM training there and helping ensure released of road data under an OSM compatible license. His experience working with large bureaucracies in unusual ways could be a real asset to HOT.

Past Elections