Humanitarian OSM Team/Chat Apr 25 2012

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HOT chat ( Humanitarian OSM Team/HOT Chats ) on Wed April 25th 2012


Quick chat about

  • HOT software projects
  • Events in DC next week
  • Interest/selection for the Japan Tsunami mapping expedition as part of SOTM12

IRC log:

23:02 harry-wood1: Hello
23:02 harry-wood1: Who's HOT chatting?
23:02 wonderchook: so far just me
23:03 wonderchook: until you came back
23:03 wonderchook: =)
23:03 harry-wood1: What shall we chat about? :-)
23:03 wonderchook: not sure
23:03 wonderchook: I just put up an instance of the datastore:
23:03 wonderchook: I'll be putting some sample applications up tomorrow
23:03 wonderchook: since there isn't anywhere ot point people to test it out
23:03 harry-wood1: I just arrived back from a nice holiday in Brazil ….sorry that's got nothing to do with HOT
23:04 wonderchook: =)
23:04 harry-wood1: Can you make me a user on the datastore?
23:05 wonderchook: sure, there aren't any projects set-up at the moment though so there isn't much you can do
23:05 wonderchook: you have to define the attributes you want to collect privately to make it work properly
23:05 wonderchook: right now you can login as password; secret
23:06 wonderchook: I'm just going to make generic accounts so people can play anyway
23:06 wonderchook: since the data in a production instance is meant to be private everyone has to be made accounts
23:06 wonderchook: which I think might get annoying with the sample instance
23:06 : simonpoole [] entered the room.
23:06 harry-wood1: signs in
23:07 : hyances [] entered the room.
23:08 harry-wood1: "attributes you want to collect privately" so this is tackling the use case of some personal data you wanted for indonesian households?
23:08 wonderchook: yeah, we've been using it to collect household level poverty data
23:08 wonderchook: but right now there isn't a way for me to send it to someone and say "hey would this work for what you want to do?"
23:09 aude: hi
23:09 wonderchook: hi aude!
23:09 harry-wood1: hi aude
23:09 aude: don't really have much to say but hi!
23:09 wonderchook: aude: wohin bist du?
23:09 aude: :)
23:10 harry-wood1: So this datastore is a sort of HOT coordinated/motivated/funded bit of software development. What other things are there like this so far?
23:10 harry-wood1: HOT tasking manager obviously
23:10 wonderchook: there is also a data download service
23:10 wonderchook: but I haven't seen anything since the beta
23:11 harry-wood1: Is that the geofabrik shapefiles download tool?
23:11 wonderchook: yeah
23:11 wonderchook: the St. Marc project ended this week
23:11 wonderchook: so I would think something was delivered
23:11 wonderchook: but I honestly don't now
23:11 wonderchook: know
23:11 aude: is anyone coming to wherecamp EU?
23:12 harry-wood1: in Amsterdam?
23:12 aude: yes
23:12 harry-wood1: I would go but...
23:12 aude: oh, okay :/
23:12 harry-wood1: …we're having a HOT board meeting in Washington
23:12 aude: ugh!
23:12 wonderchook: ha, yeah you are in the wrong city aude;)
23:12 wonderchook: next week is maptastic in DC
23:13 aude: yeah
23:13 harry-wood1: Looking forward to our strategy meeting, and the geo-event too
23:13 wonderchook: harry-wood1: do you know about this one as well?
23:14 wonderchook: I'm doing a blog post
23:14 wonderchook: there is so much stuff going on
23:14 aude: not really related, but i'm amazed they don't do mapping parties in berlin
23:14 wonderchook: and there is this:
23:14 wonderchook: aude: no mapping parties? really?
23:14 aude: not really sure how to get involved here
23:14 aude: wonderchook: that's what they told me. they do stammtischs (meetups) at pubs or hackerspaces
23:15 aude: one guy mapped the zoo here
23:15 harry-wood1: yeah that's the way they meet in germany
23:15 aude: anyway....
23:15 harry-wood1: we've moved towards that approach London
23:15 aude: yeah
23:16 wonderchook: I guess if more people already know how to map that works
23:16 wonderchook: when we hold events in DC it is harder
23:16 aude: seems it does
23:16 harry-wood1: So should I be signed up for this Thursday event too?
23:16 wonderchook: harry-wood1: I think I already signed you up
23:16 harry-wood1: Says it's "sold out"
23:16 wonderchook: but I'll double check
23:17 wonderchook: Robert Soden is organizing it
23:17 harry-wood1: oh ok
23:17 wonderchook: I doubt it will be an issue getting you in
23:18 wonderchook: in other news more than 5 people are signed up for the OSM-jp joint event:
23:20 harry-wood1: Currently I'm not planning to go to Tokyo.
23:20 wonderchook: lame;)
23:20 aude: :(
23:20 wonderchook: the statement was more about we can only have 3-5 people go
23:20 wonderchook: to that event
23:21 harry-wood1: you mean it's fully subscribed already?
23:21 wonderchook: well, it is more complicated than that
23:21 wonderchook: OSM-jp asked it be HOT members
23:22 wonderchook: which I'd like to mean either official members or people that are really active
23:22 wonderchook: so there are people there that I am not aware of them participating in a response or anything, but I'm also not ominpresent
23:23 harry-wood1: So is it going to be a case of selecting some people to go?
23:23 wonderchook: yeah, I suggested a drawing, but that doesn't really make full sense. So I'm interested in suggestions
23:23 : wboykinm left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
23:24 harry-wood1: Well.. there's you, schuyler and mikel going. That's leaves to spots for the lucky contestents
23:24 harry-wood1: two spots I mean
23:25 wonderchook: well, I don't think being on the board gets you an automatic pass
23:25 wonderchook: aude for example is a full hot member
23:25 wonderchook: I don't think anyone else on the list is though
23:26 harry-wood1: Alex Rollin's name keeps popping up. This is the guy based in Bogor indonesia right?
23:26 wonderchook: yes
23:26 aude: i'm definitely planning to go this year
23:26 wonderchook: he discovered OSM in Indonesia about a month ago
23:26 wonderchook: so he's pretty new, but is teaching mapping
23:26 aude: but if there are too many people, it's not a big deal
23:27 wonderchook: yeah, so I was thinking just see how big the list gets and then figure it out
23:28 aude: and assume we'll have OSM-jp people with the HOT folks?
23:28 wonderchook: yes, they are the ones organizing this
23:28 aude: since language is some issue
23:28 aude: good
23:28 wonderchook: yeah, we couldn't do it without them
23:28 aude: i know very little japanese :(
23:28 wonderchook: yeah, I don't really know any
23:29 wonderchook: well, I have to run in a couple minutes. Does anyone have any Kate specific pressing questions?
23:29 aude: not really
23:29 aude: we're still looking for coworking space
23:29 harry-wood1: who's that?
23:29 aude: wikimedia dc
23:29 harry-wood1: aha
23:29 aude: i knew kate and mikel had space but it's going away :(
23:30 wonderchook: yeah, it would be cool to do some sort of social enterprise space, but I'm not the one to organize
23:30 aude: neither are we
23:30 aude: oh well
23:31 harry-wood1: I discovered Sao Paulo has a hackspace and centre of cultura digitale!
23:31 aude: neat
23:31 wonderchook: anyway, I'm off. chat with everyone later!
23:31 : wonderchook left the room.
23:31 harry-wood1: very cool to be there for an Open Data meeting… though bit of a wierd thing to do with my girlfriend while on holiday
23:32 aude: yeah
23:32 aude: well, it's time to sleep
23:32 harry-wood1: Oh.. kate left. For the record… "bye wonderchook!"  :-)
23:32 aude: :)
23:32 harry-wood1: You heading off too
23:32 aude: yes
23:33 harry-wood1: Any other HOTties chatting this evening?
23:33 aude: goodnight
23:33 : aude is now known as aude|away
23:33 pnorman_win: was here
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23:34 harry-wood1: Well. Maybe I should declare the chat finished.
23:34 harry-wood1: This means no further chatting is permitted
23:34 harry-wood1: just kidding! - We're always on here