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Joining the #hot channel. For more info see IRC

"HOT Chats" are meetings that occur sporadically to discuss what is going on with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. These are open to anyone who is interested.


We use IRC to text chat, and you can find us on the #hot channel on . An easy way to try this is to go to . Choose a nickname and choose the #hot channel. There's more information about using IRC on the IRC page.

The chats will be logged and posted here with attendance as well.


We didn't really record anything as a "HOT chat" since 2012, but we've had plenty of meetings on IRC, particularly as we've created Humanitarian OSM Team/Working groups which often meet on IRC (see the working groups page for links to minutes / IRC logs)

More recently something similar to HOT chats was instigated with the name "Saturday mapternoon!". These involve chatting while mapping. They also generally use mumble voice chat rather than IRC. They've been happening sporadically, sometimes every Saturday, announced on the HOT mailing list.

Past HOT chats

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