Humanitarian OSM Team/Chat Feb 9 2012

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This HOT Chat took place 9th Feb

Bit of a quiet one. We talked about the task manager. Padang task, and new areas of Bing coverage.

IRC log

(11:00:11 PM) harry-wood: pinging mailing list again
[11:02:02 PM) harry-wood: So what's on the agenda today?
[11:03:37 PM) wonderchook: not sure
[11:03:58 PM) wonderchook: well a lot of stuff got mapped last night=)
[11:04:20 PM) harry-wood: look at my glorious square:
[11:05:08 PM) wonderchook: so there are 24 high school students mapping Padang during class everyday this week. I think they are from your adopted US city harry-wood
[11:05:26 PM) harry-wood: Chattannoooooga?
[11:05:53 PM) wonderchook: why yes!
[11:06:02 PM) wonderchook: Randy was in getting them set-up today
[11:08:39 PM) harry-wood: Awesome. They can do the easy mapping, and I'll fix the Chattahoochee river near them, which is all screwed up
[11:09:28 PM) harry-wood: Anybody else hot chatting today?
[11:10:10 PM) AndrewBuck: I've been listenening but don't have much to talk about.
[11:10:57 PM) AndrewBuck: I guess the only thing I can think of at the moment would be that it would be nice to have the date and time when tasks are added to the task server listed.
[11:11:48 PM) harry-wood: on the overview list you mean?
[11:11:50 PM) wonderchook: AndrewBuck: meaning show how long a task has been open?
[11:11:59 PM) AndrewBuck: yeah.
[11:12:15 PM) AndrewBuck: it would be nice to have it on the overview and on the task page.
[11:13:03 PM) wonderchook: cool, we are using Github to track feature requests now:
[11:13:03 PM) AndrewBuck: some of them are quite old so it would be good to see how recent they are. Recency is very important to some of the jobs so when they get old people should have that info.
[11:13:12 PM) harry-wood: they has been quite a few squares set to DONE today actually
[11:13:26 PM) wonderchook: well, all the tasks that are currently open are preparedness tasks
[11:13:31 PM) wonderchook: so the goal is to complete them
[11:14:08 PM) AndrewBuck: yeah, I understand that, that will not always be the case though.
[11:14:32 PM) harry-wood: should we remove the DONE samoa ones?
[11:15:10 PM) wonderchook: harry-wood: hmmm so are they finished?
[11:15:19 PM) harry-wood: The broad brushstroke "major road" jobs were done before we even started really
[11:15:24 PM) AndrewBuck: it would be good to have a "finished tasks" section to move them too.
[11:15:30 PM) harry-wood: which is perhaps just a problem of the way they were described in the first place
[11:15:34 PM) wonderchook: oh harry-wood only we can see those we are admins
[11:15:41 PM) harry-wood: ah ok
[11:15:53 PM) wonderchook: though I think those guys would like to collaborate more on mapping there
[11:15:58 PM) wonderchook: so maybe will reopen at some point
[11:16:06 PM) wonderchook: but I need to figure out if they are willing to add more detailed data=)
[11:16:14 PM) aude [] entered the room.
[11:16:29 PM) harry-wood: ah right. the ones which say 'publish' are currently offline to everyone else
[11:16:50 PM) wonderchook: correct
[11:17:17 PM) harry-wood: that's good. Thought it was getting a bit crowded, but it's not that bad
[11:17:29 PM) aude: hi
[11:17:50 PM) harry-wood: hi aude
[11:18:26 PM) aude: shameless plug:
[11:18:32 PM) wonderchook: yeah, I put in a ticket for being able to divide pages out by tags. or something of that nature
[11:18:40 PM) harry-wood: ah they're shaded too
[11:18:41 PM) aude: we'd like to have some osm talks and workshop(s) again
[11:18:52 PM) harry-wood: could hardly see the shading on my monitor
[11:19:45 PM) wonderchook: cool aude I haven't figured out my geographic location then, but hopefully I'll be in DC
[11:20:05 PM) harry-wood: 155 days until wikimania!
[11:20:25 PM) harry-wood: We should have a countdown like that for SOTM :-)
[11:21:01 PM) aude: wonderchook: i hope so!
[11:21:22 PM) aude: if any hot mappers from haiti, indonesia, etc. might want to come to wikimania, we have scholarships
[11:21:28 PM) aude: deadline is feb 16
[11:22:05 PM) wonderchook: aude: cool, I'll mention it to my interns from indonesia
[11:22:12 PM) wonderchook: the plus side for them is that they already have US visas;)
[11:22:29 PM) aude: wonderchook: cool
[11:22:30 PM) wonderchook: though I've been the one update wikipedia every time there is an air travel incident
[11:22:45 PM) aude: :o
[11:23:57 PM) wonderchook: yeah, there is lots to update in Indonesia
[11:24:12 PM) aude: wonderchook: do you know siska?
[11:24:54 PM) wonderchook: hmmm, I don't think so I met someone I think her name was Hanni
[11:25:20 PM) aude: ah, ok
[11:25:38 PM) aude: siska came to techcamp jakarta (from wikimedia indonesia)
[11:26:01 PM) wonderchook: oh, then I did meet them
[11:26:16 PM) PierZen [] entered the room.
[11:26:53 PM) aude: cool :)
[11:27:07 PM) aude: so, what's the hot topics now ;)
[11:27:22 PM) harry-wood: Last time we chatted a but about OrbView imagery
[11:27:34 PM) wonderchook: yeah, there is a bunch of new bing imagery now too
[11:27:42 PM) wonderchook: so there might be places where there is better coverage
[11:28:27 PM) aude: i don't know if there's any new imagery, but places like syria had/have poor imagery coverage
[11:28:34 PM) aude: and jordan
[11:28:41 PM) PierZen: and libya
[11:28:49 PM) aude: some parts of libya, yes
[11:28:54 PM) PierZen: yes
[11:28:57 PM) wonderchook: yeah, I haven't looked there but in Indonesia there is way better imagery now
[11:29:09 PM) wonderchook: and in Uganda
[11:29:18 PM) aude: i'll have to check
[11:29:35 PM) PierZen: I just step in. At wich imagery are you looking?
[11:29:43 PM) harry-wood: think imagery coverage analyser thingy ( ) will hopefully update its cache to show new areas
[11:29:54 PM) harry-wood: (ant says it will)
[11:30:00 PM) AndrewBuck: was just going to ask about that. ^^^
[11:30:48 PM) harry-wood: has be set to clear the cache according to this: Not quite sure what it looks like when that happens
[11:31:13 PM) wonderchook: yeah some was updated today and some was not
[11:32:11 PM) harry-wood: know an example area?
[11:33:20 PM) wonderchook: when I looked at the analyzer for Padang
[11:33:31 PM) wonderchook: half of the squares showed there was more imagery the other half was old
[11:34:12 PM) harry-wood: I think we broke the server by all looking at it at once :-)
[11:36:50 PM) wonderchook: haha
[11:36:54 PM) wonderchook: I didn't look
[11:37:26 PM) harry-wood: Anyone following the Philippines situation? Couple of posts about an earthquake
[11:37:39 PM) wonderchook: I saw posts about it but haven't heard anything
[11:37:45 PM) harry-wood: They do seem to have a lot of disasters around there
[11:39:10 PM) harry-wood: ooh. Yeah. new high res bing available here:
[11:39:30 PM) harry-wood:
[11:39:55 PM) wonderchook: yeah, the biggest deal is Sumba island
[11:39:59 PM) wonderchook: because we were going to buy imagery
[11:41:47 PM) wonderchook: sumba for those that are curious
[11:43:16 PM) harry-wood: We should try to figure out the extents of the new imagery
[11:43:37 PM) harry-wood: maybe by getting people pan around a lot on this display... although there's probably a better way
[11:44:09 PM) harry-wood: who runs this bot for doing probing tile requests on a grid?
[11:44:46 PM) wonderchook: which bot?
[11:45:28 PM) harry-wood: whatever it is that causes ant's bingimageanalyser to have dots everywhere
[11:46:04 PM) harry-wood: presume its a bot someone's running to request tiles spaced out on a grid
[11:47:35 PM) wonderchook: so was the original one done by Martijn?
[11:47:40 PM) wonderchook:
[11:48:10 PM) harry-wood: yeah. that one just shows dates of tiles. the red & green one is adaptation of that
[11:51:40 PM) wonderchook: I was hoping Bing would just do a blog post
[11:51:44 PM) wonderchook: Err:508 [11:52:41 PM) flavour left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
[11:54:35 PM) wonderchook: well, harry-wood and crew should we call it a night?
[11:54:39 PM) wonderchook: it is dinner time for me
[11:55:01 PM) harry-wood: ok
[11:55:32 PM) harry-wood: Was expecting more people to be HOT chatting today, because I remember to remind people to remember
[11:55:53 PM) wonderchook: yeah, maybe it was too much pressure;)
[11:56:00 PM) harry-wood: some weird reverse psychology at play there
[11:56:56 PM) harry-wood: I'll ask ant for some details of how these dotty grid bits work
[11:57:03 PM) wonderchook: yeah it would be cool to know where has imagery
[11:57:07 PM) wonderchook: Soooo much to trace!!!
[11:57:26 PM) harry-wood: prioritise an updated view of indonesia?
[11:57:52 PM) wonderchook: well, let's finish Padang first=)
[11:58:04 PM) wonderchook: I'm sure there are other places to work on stuff as well
[11:58:07 PM) wonderchook: I think Haiti would like some help
[11:58:13 PM) wonderchook: they stayed up until 6am last night tracing Padang
[11:58:13 PM) wonderchook: Err:508 [2/9/2012 12:00:29 AM) harry-wood: oh... err... stupid question... but you noticed Padang now has super-hi-res bing now??
[12:00:46 AM) harry-wood:
[12:01:46 AM) harry-wood: can see *more* buildings
[12:01:58 AM) wonderchook: harry-wood it is the same image
[12:01:59 AM) wonderchook: that we bought
[12:02:08 AM) wonderchook: that was why I was saying I was playing with the analyzer
[12:02:20 AM) wonderchook: if you look at an intersection the cars are in the same place
[12:02:38 AM) wonderchook: they probably prepared it better than I did
[12:02:44 AM) wonderchook: none of my ghetto scripting;)
[12:03:30 AM) harry-wood: to higher resolution than your tiles too though hey?
[12:04:06 AM) wonderchook: oh, actually maybe there are spots that are a higher rez image
[12:04:16 AM) wonderchook: but I checked a couple places earlier and it was the same
[12:04:56 AM) wonderchook: or who knows maybe gdal2tiles could have gone down another zoom level
[12:05:26 AM) PierZen left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[12:06:34 AM) harry-wood: hmm
[12:06:52 AM) harry-wood: will play around some more
[12:07:58 AM) wonderchook: cool, well I'm out of here, dinner awaits