Humanitarian OSM Team/Chat Aug 10 2011

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The 2nd of our Humanitarian OSM Team/HOT Chats August 10th 2011.


  • Website Update
  • Horn of Africa
  • geonames & other datasets
  • Article25 Nigeria
  • In Person HOT Meeting at SoTM

IRC log:

(timestamps are GMT+1)

(11/08/11 00:00:19) wonderchook: hello folks
(00:00:24) harry-wood: Hello
(00:00:33) harry-wood: Time for a HOT chat
(00:00:33) Tim999: howdy
(00:01:02) wonderchook: yeah, I just woke up
(00:01:05) wonderchook: for the chat
(00:01:11) wonderchook: only 6 hours ago I was getting home from the pub
(00:01:13) wonderchook: oops:)
(00:01:31) harry-wood: so where are you now then?
(00:01:32) Tim999: an indonesian pub?
(00:01:44) wonderchook: Tim999: there aren't that many of them
(00:01:53) wonderchook: I'm in Jakarta
(00:02:37) wonderchook: here's the wiki page for those who don't have the link:
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(00:03:32) harry-wood: So we have some things to chat about
(00:03:36) Schuyler: hoya
(00:03:56) Schuyler: by the way, "HOT chat" means something different where I grew up
(00:04:09) harry-wood: hehe
(00:04:31) Tim999: save it for the pub
(00:05:04) wonderchook: so website update is the Robert Soden is putting it up at by the end of the week and we'll be adding some content next week
(00:05:11) Schuyler: great
(00:05:21) Schuyler: do we still need editing of any of the content?
(00:05:32) Schuyler: I can either work on that, or on importing Somalia data this week
(00:06:06) wonderchook: we'll probably need more editing, but if there is Somalia data it should be imported
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(00:07:17) wonderchook: I'm okay with stuff the way it is. Other than the Haiti write-up everything has been edited at least 1x
(00:08:59) wonderchook: so yeah, there wasn't that much to update about the website:)
(00:09:02) harry-wood: It's the 'HOT/website' pages on the wiki: right?
(00:09:19) wonderchook: harry-wood: yes
(00:09:36) wonderchook: we were going to put teaching documents there, but did this instead:
(00:09:49) wonderchook: it isn't finished though
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(00:10:37) harry-wood: cool
(00:10:40) Schuyler: I presume we're welcome to edit the website text currently on the wiki, within reason?
(00:10:47) Schuyler: I might just sit down and bang on it
(00:10:53) CGI578 left the room (quit: ).
(00:10:57) wonderchook: yes, because if I don't like it I can revert it;)
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(00:12:39) wonderchook: so maybe we move on to Horn of Africa
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(00:13:57) wonderchook: so data is being put together here:
(00:14:15) wonderchook: well, I mean here:
(00:14:56) harry-wood: didn't get chance to look at it yet myself
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(00:15:52) Schuyler: so, there was a lot of heated talk at SotM EU about how imports are bad.
(00:15:53) wonderchook: yeah, we are basically bothering people about their licenses
(00:16:02) Schuyler: but there's some decent looking data in there
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(00:16:09) Schuyler: place names, road data
(00:16:17) wonderchook: Schuyler: yes, but I think most people saying that 1. don't work in development 2. don't understand it depends on the country
(00:16:21) Schuyler: I'm happy to import it: the question is, is someone going to give me a hard time
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(00:16:31) wonderchook: if they give you a hard time have them talk to MIkel or I;)
(00:16:39) Schuyler: I'll try to be sane about it, right?
(00:16:45) Schuyler: why you or Mikel?
(00:16:50) wonderchook: if you told an Indonesian why imports are bad they would look at you cross eyed;)
(00:16:59) wonderchook: I just meant Mikel has worked in a lot of places
(00:17:10) Schuyler: it's a complex discussion -- I understand the pros and the cons
(00:17:11) wonderchook: and myself, well I don't know the "imports are bad" discussio makes me mad;)
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(00:17:18) wonderchook: yeah, but I think it depends on the country
(00:17:22) Schuyler: agreed.
(00:17:28) Schuyler: in this case, I don't think we have a lot of choice
(00:17:34) Schuyler: at least not at the current stage of affairs
(00:17:35) wonderchook: yeah, I think we should start with somethig
(00:17:38) Schuyler: agreed.
(00:17:46) Schuyler: all right, I'll see what I can do about that this evening
(00:18:36) Schuyler: I haven't looked at the roads data yet, but the site claims it has ~9,000 place names
(00:18:41) Schuyler: admittedly that seems like a lot.
(00:18:45) wonderchook: yeah
(00:18:49) wonderchook: I guess it depends on what level that is
(00:19:22) Schuyler: maybe it isn't, Somalia's population is over 9 mil
(00:19:23) FM74: I have seen some camp extend and location in this link also for somalia
(00:19:40) Schuyler: FM74: is that link on the wiki? if not, please add
(00:20:02) wonderchook: yeah, I think we are trying to clarify license on that
(00:20:07) wonderchook: looking in my notes to s
(00:20:08) wonderchook: see
(00:20:23) Schuyler: ok, have you already emailed UNOSAT then?
(00:20:33) Schuyler: (downloading the data)
(00:20:46) wonderchook: the road data is from Map Maker btw
(00:20:51) wonderchook: so it is total no
(00:21:15) wonderchook: okay, looks like Nicolas has been emailing with them
(00:22:13) IknowJoseph: According to the wiki there's Somalia roads data from Africover?
(00:22:22) IknowJoseph: source DEPHA?
(00:22:37) IknowJoseph: not imported, according to the table
(00:22:38) wonderchook: yes, so the issue was it says that but nobody knew were the data was
(00:22:47) IknowJoseph: ah, ok
(00:23:36) Tim999: newbie question: what table are you refering to?
(00:23:43) wonderchook: oh it looks like Mikel found the "Mad Mapper" data which was cleared
(00:23:48) IknowJoseph:
(00:24:11) Tim999: thxs
(00:24:30) Schuyler: damn it all
(00:24:31) Schuyler: (a) OCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (“OCHA”) maintains this web site (the “Site”) as a courtesy to those who may choose to access the Site (“Users”). The information presented herein is for informative purposes only. OCHA grants permission to Users to visit the Site and to download and copy the information, documents and materials (collectively, “Materials”) from the Site for the User’s non-commercial use, withou
(00:24:43) Schuyler: (sorry for the paste)
(00:25:07) Schuyler: so, guessing we can't use the data
(00:25:35) wonderchook: yeah, we are emailing with them
(00:25:42) wonderchook: but we can't just download the data and slap it in there
(00:25:58) wonderchook: Nicolas is HOT's official begger of UN data
(00:26:28) Schuyler: okay
(00:26:47) Schuyler: sorry I find "we are emailing with them" a little frustrating
(00:27:02) Schuyler: I find it hard not to read that as "back off and let the grownups sort it out"
(00:27:40) Schuyler: anyway
(00:27:52) Schuyler: ok, I'll wait for Nicolas to give us a thumbs-up for anything from OCHA
(00:28:13) harry-wood: suppose it's more of a "back off and let one person be the contact channel"
(00:28:21) Schuyler: harry-wood: yeah, that makes sense.
(00:28:35) wonderchook: Schuyler we can't cc all of openstreetmap to emails on data managers
(00:28:59) wonderchook: and Nicolas knows most of the UN guys already
(00:29:01) wonderchook: which helps
(00:29:29) Schuyler: Looks like MapMappers is the only dataset we both (a) have and (b) are clear to use, at least at the moment
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(00:30:14) wonderchook: yeah, I thik that is the case
(00:30:59) harry-wood: Perhaps we should have content on the HOT website explaining what kind of "permission" OpenStreetMap requires
(00:31:15) Schuyler: and the UNHCR refugee sites? that's hosted on but the wiki says "All rights reserved. Reproductions and translations are authorized, provided UNHCR is acknowledged as the source."
(00:31:27) wonderchook: yeah, so there was some discussion about doing a white paper "ODbl for your Boss" or soemthing like that
(00:31:53) Schuyler: sigh that would be sensible.
(00:32:18) Schuyler: all right
(00:32:21) Schuyler: how about Geonames?
(00:32:31) wonderchook: haven't looked for Somalia
(00:32:33) Schuyler: any obstacle to import whatever's in there?
(00:32:43) wonderchook: just that the data might suck
(00:32:51) Schuyler: provided I do the deduplication ahead of the import etc
(00:33:17) wonderchook: but anyway, I would check the data first. just because there are a couple countries were the accuracy is basically useless
(00:33:34) wonderchook: and I assume you are talking about the USG geonames
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(00:34:58) Schuyler: no, I meant
(00:35:16) harry-wood: get confused with all the names for geonames... GEOnet Names Server is the properly free version of I think :
(00:35:28) Schuyler: yeah
(00:35:28) wonderchook: Schuyer: I thought is not compatiable
(00:35:41) wonderchook: the non-USG one
(00:35:42) wonderchook: that is
(00:35:43) Schuyler: NGA confuses everything by calling their thing "geonames"
(00:35:55) Schuyler: what's wrong with Geonet? or GNS?
(00:35:56) Schuyler: sigh
(00:36:10) wonderchook: Schuyler: geonet is NGA that is fine to use
(00:36:19) wonderchook: I think NGA called their's geonames first
(00:36:26) wonderchook: SO, who is really more confusing;)
(00:36:40) Schuyler: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License,
(00:36:41) Schuyler: see
(00:36:56) Schuyler: so is CC-BY incompatible with ODbL?
(00:37:04) wonderchook: correct!!
(00:37:06) wonderchook: ding ding ding!
(00:37:10) wonderchook: well at least that is my understanding
(00:37:12) Schuyler: whaaaat
(00:37:16) Schuyler: how so
(00:37:18) wonderchook: someone else can correct me
(00:37:25) wonderchook: but I think it is more incompatiable with the contributor terms
(00:37:40) harry-wood: Not the issue is documented here:
(00:37:43) Schuyler: I don't get it
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(00:37:56) IknowJoseph: sounds right - that's why the Australian's are upset about CC-BY NearMap derived data?
(00:38:11) wonderchook: yeah, it is because you sign over rights agreeing to future relicensing of data
(00:38:11) harry-wood: more longstanding than any ODBl stuff. claim to be CCBYSA, but have been found to be blending their data from dubious sources
(00:38:27) harry-wood: BUT.... their main source is GEOnet nameserver
(00:38:29) harry-wood: which is fine
(00:38:31) wonderchook: yeah, doesn't work
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(00:39:36) Schuyler: "you sign over rights agreeing to future relicensing of data"
(00:39:38) Schuyler: what does that mean?
(00:39:51) wonderchook: that the OSMF can change the license in the future
(00:39:53) Schuyler: ok, so I'll look at NGA GNS then, not
(00:39:58) wonderchook: and you are agreeing to that
(00:40:08) Schuyler: without limitation to which license?
(00:40:17) Schuyler: really?
(00:40:21) wonderchook: basically if I understand things the only imports that work now are PD/CC0 or with specific permission
(00:40:32) Schuyler: *blink*
(00:40:49) harry-wood: Well that was always the case more or less
(00:41:05) harry-wood: because we've never been able to comply with attributions of a attribution license
(00:41:15) wonderchook: here are the terms:
(00:41:17) Schuyler: okay, I'll trust wiser heads on this.
(00:41:24) wonderchook: and yes, we really haven't been able to comply with the attributions
(00:41:38) IknowJoseph: source= ?
(00:42:05) IknowJoseph: although I guess this is one of those awul licensing questions that I avoid the mailing list because of...
(00:42:12) Schuyler: yes
(00:42:22) Schuyler: let's table the discussion of valid import licenses
(00:42:33) Schuyler: so for these purposes, we have Madmappers and maybe NGA GNS
(00:42:37) wonderchook: yes
(00:42:49) Schuyler: does anyone present want to work on either of those?
(00:43:24) Schuyler: ok, I'll take on Mapmappers tonight.
(00:43:35) Schuyler: anyone please feel free to contact me if they would rather deal with it.
(00:43:37) wonderchook: cool, thanks Schuyler
(00:44:04) Schuyler: wonderchook: can we assume that Nicolas will notify the mailing list if OCHA or other UN agencies release data?
(00:44:13) wonderchook: yes
(00:44:17) Schuyler: and that he's actively following up on that?
(00:44:19) wonderchook: well or that Mikel and I are also on the emails
(00:44:28) wonderchook: yes, Nicolas emails often
(00:44:33) wonderchook: or rather stays on people
(00:44:33) Schuyler: okay
(00:44:35) wonderchook: no worry about that
(00:44:37) Schuyler: any other Horn business?
(00:45:01) wonderchook: don't think so, at least not at the moment
(00:45:05) Tim999: sidebar: a total innocent - I've been surfing around UN sites trying to get a handle on their spatial data holdings - it's like a labyrinth - with no good way to get a grip on it all
(00:45:16) IknowJoseph: what's the plan with the Horn? Briefly?
(00:45:17) Schuyler: wonderchook: I saw your email to the guys at State about imagery. I have some follow up to do with NGA post Camp Roberts, I'll tackle that thsi evening also
(00:45:29) IknowJoseph: get data in and see if it's used?
(00:45:32) IknowJoseph: anything more?
(00:45:44) wonderchook: not sure what else we can do IknowJoseph
(00:45:52) wonderchook: Schuyler: could you cc me on your communications
(00:45:54) wonderchook: or someone
(00:46:03) wonderchook: we are trying to have more than one person on emails
(00:46:04) IknowJoseph: just taking it back to thinking about the website - on a "what we do section"
(00:46:06) Schuyler: IknowJoseph: Good question! Assuming we can add decent data, do we want to engage in some kind of promotional activity
(00:46:06) wonderchook: just so things don't get lost
(00:46:11) IknowJoseph: how todescribe this
(00:46:21) Schuyler: wonderchook: that makes perfect sense to me. I was going to cc Crowley on everything, but I'm happy to add you as well.
(00:46:36) wonderchook: yeah, but just good to have someone else from HOT
(00:46:42) wonderchook: I know those guys anyway as well:)
(00:46:44) Schuyler: agreed.
(00:46:57) Schuyler: so, do we want to engage in any data *creation* activities?
(00:47:12) Schuyler: try to get, say, Geeks Without Bounds to organize mapping parties? or...
(00:47:34) wonderchook: well, so we don't have much imagery right now
(00:47:39) wonderchook: if we get some, then yes we should do that
(00:48:26) Schuyler: Bing has ... some
(00:48:37) Schuyler: our coverage of Mogadishu is abysmal
(00:48:37) wonderchook: okay then it would be good to outline where it is
(00:48:41) Schuyler: okay
(00:48:54) wonderchook: yeah, I emailed Jason from ARC who was just in Mogadishu
(00:48:57) wonderchook: fishing for data
(00:49:11) harry-wood: I took a look at what bing had, last nights mapping demo
(00:49:36) Schuyler: ACTUALLY
(00:49:45) Schuyler: Bing has some *really* good imagery of the center of Mogadishu
(00:50:00) Schuyler:
(00:50:09) harry-wood: yep. Only there basically
(00:50:29) harry-wood: coverage map:
(00:50:59) Schuyler: 2M of the 9M people in Somalia live in Mogadishu FWIW.
(00:51:08) Schuyler: harry-wood: yeah that's what it looks like.
(00:52:12) harry-wood: unless there's any other little green specks falling between the unanalysed gaps in the grid... mogadishu is the only bing coverage in Somalia
(00:52:56) Schuyler: well, they have decent low res coverage
(00:53:01) Schuyler: we might be able to trace roads off that
(00:53:05) Schuyler: I mean, highways
(00:53:23) Schuyler: anyway, just marshalling people to map Mogadishu streets might be valuable?
(00:53:28) wonderchook: yeah, I think so
(00:53:39) wonderchook: if someone wants to do a blog post and doesn't have an account on let me know
(00:54:02) Schuyler: IknowJoseph's question is a good one, though, who are we serving?
(00:54:07) Schuyler: or might we be serving with this data?
(00:54:11) springmeyer left the room (quit: Quit: springmeyer).
(00:54:15) Schuyler: NGO / agency-wise I mean
(00:54:30) wonderchook: well, so at the moment since the data isn't good it is a bit hard to predict
(00:54:49) Schuyler: right
(00:54:54) wonderchook: the requests I've seen are mostly from individuals who have worked in other countries and used OSM there
(00:55:21) Schuyler: it will help to promote engagement if we can say "and the International Organization of Agencies Office will use the data if we produce it"
(00:55:42) Schuyler: bit of a chicken-and-egg it sounds like.
(00:55:47) Schuyler: something to consider.
(00:56:18) wonderchook: yeah, I would suggest we leave who will use the data out
(00:56:26) wonderchook: it is hard to get that info even after the fact
(00:56:38) wonderchook: this week was the first time we had proof of anyone using the Ivory Coast data even
(00:56:48) wonderchook: and we have been working there for 8 or 9 months
(00:58:05) wonderchook: okay, so i think we give the data scramble until the weekend
(00:58:08) wonderchook: see what we have to import
(00:58:14) wonderchook: and then next week do a digitizing drive
(00:58:22) IknowJoseph: i think if we're taking publicly available data sets and putting them in our map, we need to be able to explain the value we add
(00:58:37) IknowJoseph: because anyone can just download the data that we can download...
(00:58:56) wonderchook: well, the value wouldn't be in just the public datasets
(00:59:00) wonderchook: we would start with them
(00:59:06) wonderchook: and then work on digitizing
(00:59:22) IknowJoseph: yes, I understand - jus tthinking about things that might be good on a website
(00:59:27) wonderchook: ah okay:)
(00:59:38) IknowJoseph: these are questions people have asked me when I've chatted HOT :)
(00:59:47) harry-wood: We add value with the (easily available to all & embeddable) map rendering, and the downstream availability through garmin downloads etc.
(01:00:23) harry-wood: But yes, we add a lot *more* value if we can create new data
(01:02:08) wonderchook: true!
(01:02:31) wonderchook: yeah, so I can do a blog post for a digitizing drive Monday next week
(01:02:40) wonderchook: I'm in texas then and don't have an agenda
(01:02:46) wonderchook: well other than work on HOT stuff for the week
(01:02:57) wonderchook: no running around to meetings or workshops though
(01:02:59) harry-wood: digitizing from bing you mean?
(01:03:44) FM74 left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(01:03:54) Schuyler: that sounds good to me.
(01:04:14) harry-wood: I was just idly browsing the low res bing. My understanding was that low-res bing is just a colour-tweaked version of landsat
(01:04:24) Schuyler: good to know
(01:04:27) harry-wood: but I could be wrong. It looks pretty stunning
(01:04:35) wonderchook: harry-wood yeah that is normally what it is

(Update on this: bing and yahoo low-res imagery)

(01:04:51) Schuyler: we might have a look and see if digitizing highways might be viable
(01:05:07) Schuyler: if we import settlement locations, we could probably refine those with it also
(01:05:09) harry-wood: you can certainly see rivers (or river valleys) in Somalia
(01:06:04) wonderchook: yeah, I think having settlement locations could help with all that
(01:06:43) wonderchook: anyway, so I think we'll see what happens in asking for data and (maybe import settlements( and then see about organizing
(01:07:13) wonderchook: so the next topic is the inperson meeting at SotM
(01:07:24) harry-wood: while we're on the topic of africa...
(01:07:25) wonderchook: which we are trying to schedule, but the HOT workshop just got moved to the same time as it was scheduled
(01:07:35) harry-wood: I did a presentation last night
(01:07:44) harry-wood: to some people at Article25
(01:07:49) harry-wood: UK charity
(01:08:11) harry-wood: who send architects to do development volunteer work
(01:08:12) wonderchook: yeah, lets return to africa, since the in person meeting didn't have any more substance than that:)
(01:08:40) harry-wood: They're embarking on a big project in Nigeria
(01:08:51) harry-wood: and part of it is producing maps
(01:09:15) harry-wood: but they didn't know how to go about it, so found the whole Haiti/Kibera talk very interesting
(01:09:28) harry-wood: I think we can do some work with them
(01:09:51) harry-wood: They said they'd contact me to arrange another meeting (in London) to discuss this some more
(01:10:03) harry-wood: so I shall keep you posted on that one
(01:10:24) wonderchook: cool:)
(01:11:07) harry-wood: The project's based in Port Harcourt
(01:11:40) harry-wood: Got a good start in place already
(01:12:01) Schuyler: nice.
(01:12:24) Schuyler: wonderchook: what about the in-person meeting at SotM?
(01:12:29) Schuyler: I have a t-shirt design.
(01:12:34) wonderchook: just we are trying tos chedule one:)
(01:12:35) Schuyler: Unfortunately it's in my head.
(01:12:43) wonderchook: but not it is the same time as the "Introduction to HOT" workshop
(01:12:46) wonderchook: so it needs to move
(01:12:57) Schuyler: ok, let's move it :-)
(01:13:03) wonderchook: yes get the t-shirt design out of your head:)
(01:13:26) harry-wood: SOTM schedule:
(01:14:35) harry-wood: oooh. don't want to miss any of that :-)
(01:15:03) wonderchook: haha, yeah we discussed doing it the end of lunch
(01:15:11) Schuyler: like last year
(01:15:16) wonderchook: but I'm tied up Friday and Saturday during lunch
(01:15:35) wonderchook: not that I have to attend, but there is a lot of HOT stuff in my head;)
(01:15:59) harry-wood: That leaves ...sunday
(01:16:11) wonderchook: yeah, the other thought is end of the day as happy hour starts
(01:16:24) wonderchook: like on Friday maybe:
(01:17:50) harry-wood: Wonder what 'mappy hour' is
(01:18:26) wonderchook: you don't have mappy hours in the UK?
(01:18:36) harry-wood: I thought it was a SteveC name for a pub meet-up
(01:18:47) wonderchook: yeah, it at least started with the cloudmade people
(01:18:54) wonderchook: the ambassadors used to have them
(01:19:14) wonderchook: i guess we can wait until the schedule gets a little more filled in and then figure it out
(01:20:50) harry-wood: Friday afternoon looks a bit more missable that the other days though yes
(01:21:53) wonderchook: yeah, my thought as well
(01:22:53) wonderchook: cool, well maybe we can wrap things up, unless anyone has anything else to bring up
(01:22:59) wonderchook: I'm wrapping up this trip to Indo tomorrow
(01:23:12) wonderchook: so I'll not be waking up at 6am for these things for a month or so
(01:23:28) harry-wood: bye bye indonesia
(01:23:37) Tim999: Hey harry how are things in London?
(01:24:06) harry-wood: I yeah. forgot to say. I did a little crisis response here past couple of days :-)
(01:24:27) Tim999: Are you located close to any of the hot spots
(01:24:33) IknowJoseph: London was a good place for your meet ;)
(01:24:42) harry-wood: It's all been massively over-egged in the media though. Not much happening in reality.
(01:25:12) harry-wood: But I did throw together a map mashup... mainly so that I had a slide on it for my presentation
(01:25:40) Tim999: ok glad to hear it's calmer
(01:25:44) harry-wood:
(01:26:22) harry-wood: many other map mashups sprung up of course... all using boring old google maps of course
(01:26:32) Tim999: cool
(01:27:17) CGI095 [] entered the room.
(01:27:52) harry-wood: But actually my other crisis response contribution was to try educate all the twittering masses on the concept of a "wiki page" for crisis management
(01:28:11) harry-wood: some HOT experience coming into play :-)
(01:28:14) wonderchook: haha, good luck with that
(01:28:15) wonderchook: ;)
(01:29:34) CGI095 is now known as Severin
(01:29:37) Schuyler: I'm going to go dig into the Somalia data now, while I have some time.
(01:30:15) harry-wood: ok
(01:30:51) harry-wood: Have a good last few days in Indonesia kate
(01:31:41) wonderchook: thanks, yeah I need to take a nap before work
(01:31:44) wonderchook: :)
(01:31:51) harry-wood: see you all next time
(01:32:01) wonderchook: bye!
(01:32:11) Tim999 left the room.
(01:32:15) harry-wood: bye
(01:32:24) IknowJoseph: bye all

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