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Somalia mapping project Main page | Data sources

Actively Collected Datasets

These datasets are being compiled in the response

Common Operational Datasets

UNHCR Refugee Locations

We can import refugee sites

License Statement

  • "All rights reserved. Reproductions and translations are authorized, provided UNHCR is acknowledged as the source."
  • "The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations."

FEWSNET area of crisis shapefiles

can not be altered, so not for OSM directly. can be used to acquire satellite imagery, or define areas of attention

OCHA area of interest shapefiles

In process of being released.

UN-SPIDER Map Products

Collection of map products produced for the response. Would need to look in detail at data sources for each to see if use is allowed.

Archival Data Sets

Previously collected, and maybe more useful right now. Should all be free and clear to import.


Africover ([1]) and DEPHA - have granted us (Development Seed ([2]) - permission to upload their base layers - roads and admin boundaries. Outstanding work includes:

  • Roads - DEPHA
  • Admin Boundaries (need to determine current status of OSM dataset before doing anything here) - Africover

According to Wonderchook, the data from Somalia cannot be found (Humanitarian OSM Team/Chat Aug 10 2011).

U Texas

Mad Mappers

We are in the process of importing roads from the Mad Mappers dataset.

See Somalia/Roads for details.

This import requires (JOSM expert) volunteers help out with checking and merging in data. If you know how to do this kind of thing, join in! (See Somalia/Roads)

The original dataset was a set of files made available by and UN FAO which are downloadable from [3], but see Somalia/Roads for files converted to .osm format.