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Hot chat for Wed July 18th 2012.

IRC logs

<harry-wood> HOT chat in 2 minutes?
<harry-wood> Am I right?
<skorasaurus> or we're both wrong :P
<harry-wood> Just sent a reminder to the list
<harry-wood> I'm on a crappy web interface. Need to set up this laptop properly
<skorasaurus> no prob.
<aude_> hi
<skorasaurus> I was for a few weeks until friday :]
<skorasaurus> hi aude_
*** aude_ is now known as aude
<harry-wood> so what's happening in HOT land?
<harry-wood> I've been a bit pre-occupied with license change stuff recently
<aude> thanks for the reminder
<skorasaurus> speaking of licenses, senegal will lose a bit. :./
<skorasaurus> because of a decliner. :(
<harry-wood> Oh really? That
<harry-wood> ta
<harry-wood> that's annoying
*** mkl [] has joined #hot
<aude> :(
<harry-wood> Guess it'll probably process africa along with rest of the world of the next few days
<harry-wood> U.S. is mostly done I see:
<skorasaurus> I see. thanks again for setting that up.
<skorasaurus> us went pretty quick today.
<mkl> look at it go!
<harry-wood> my map display isn'
<harry-wood> t running so well on firefox I see :-/
<harry-wood> (was developing on safari mostly)
<skorasaurus> harry-wood: I didn't notice any problems on firefox here. (13.0.1, linux)
<harry-wood> not problems as such. it's just sluggish
<harry-wood> anyway we should keep an eye on when the bot has done with Senegal
<harry-wood> and Haiti. It may get onto haiti fairly soon too
<Schuyler> good morning/afternoon/evening
<harry-wood> hi Schuyler
<skorasaurus> evening'
* aude booking flights for SOTM
<aude> wonder who is going?
* harry-wood is not this year sadly
<aude> aww :(
*** pecisk [~peteris@] has joined #hot
<harry-wood> guess mkl and Schuyler will make it along to Japan hey?
<harry-wood> how about you skorasaurus
<harry-wood> ?
<skorasaurus> unfortunately, doesn't look it as of now.
<skorasaurus> if there's a SOTM-US (in portland right?), I may make it out there.
<harry-wood> you in the u.s?
<aude> portland is a tad too far for me
<aude> don't know if there is SOTM-EU this year?
<mkl> i'm not sure i can make it to tokyo actually
<skorasaurus> yep, in the us, about 3,000 miles (5,500km~) from portland.
<harry-wood> no. seems not. But the guy who's organising FOSS4G in the UK next year...   was suggesting a double-whammy with SOTM again. I thought that sounded like quite a good idea :-)
<aude> good idea
* aude just missed foss4g-na
<skorasaurus> sorry if its OT, but is there a mapnik layer in WMS ?
<skorasaurus> reason, I mention it, I was beginning to validate
<harry-wood> you can view mapnik output as a WMS in various ways
<aude> also OT, but i'm trying to use josm on a mac now
<aude> is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for mac?
* aude feels like a newbie again
<harry-wood> mostly the same as for windows/linux, apart from the ctrl key is all screwed up on a mac
<harry-wood> because they have four different ctrl keys
<harry-wood> the slightly weird non-native feeling java on mac causes it to push some things onto the ctrl key, whilst others manage to be on the apple key
<harry-wood> (if that makes any sense)
<aude> a list on the wiki would be nice
* aude might make one if none exists, soon as i figure things out
<harry-wood> skorasaurus. So you'd do validation via WMS somehow?
<skorasaurus> harry-wood: well, there's now bing imagery available for a portion of #34 area.
<harry-wood> or you just want to see standard mapnik tiles as a background in JOSM?
<skorasaurus> and I want to see an overlay of standard tiles, with say, 50% opacity, with the digitaleye imagery and bing
<skorasaurus> to see what extent paths are mapped or not.
<harry-wood> yeah that should be doable as a TMS setting
<skorasaurus> I'm taking a look at a couple of the tiles to be validated, and the consistency isn't great.
<harry-wood> in fact if it's not already on your imagery menu, I think you can just enable it from the preset imagery layers
<skorasaurus> perhaps i'm overthinking it.
<skorasaurus> the opacity ?
<harry-wood> no the opacity is a layer option for any layer
* skorasaurus just figured out that you can figure a layer's opacity in josm
<skorasaurus> oh cool.
<skorasaurus> configure*
<harry-wood> ensure you can see the layers panel in the top right (have it enabled using toggles in the bottom left) and then there's a grey gradient slider thingy
<skorasaurus> aha.
<skorasaurus> this will be easier than trying to do that in qgis.
<harry-wood> But I dont usually use the standard mapnik tiles in JOSM
<harry-wood> you can get a rough idea of how things will render  in various other ways. Then I find myself using the download dialog when I want to flip to a mapnik view
<harry-wood> 'various ways' includes doing a tag search.  e.g. 'highway=path'   causing josm to select all elements tagged like that
<skorasaurus> ah.
<aude> mkl: is there anyone you want to connect with from wikimania?
<harry-wood> there's various track versus path consistency issues still in these refugee camps hey?
<aude> erica was interested in the kenyans but i didn't get a chance to make introduction
*** maning [] has joined #hot
<skorasaurus> harry-wood: at least in the one that I'm validating at the moment, yes.
<skorasaurus> looks like it's 70/30 track over path.
<skorasaurus> i'll change the path to track..
<harry-wood> doesnt look too bad though.  It's annoying when you get a pocket of one approach surrounded by the rest of the map done the other way
<harry-wood> I worked to smooth out the differences on a couple of these jobs
<harry-wood> I wonder if we should declare them "finished" soon
<harry-wood> or at least de-prioritised on the grounds that they are mostly finished
<skorasaurus> anyone hear about the survey results ?
<skorasaurus> yeah, I wonder about that well harry-wood ^
<skorasaurus> but they're aren't any other tasks to prioritize it over, except gao ?
*** jaakkoh [~jaakkoh@] has joined #hot
<harry-wood> yes gao and another one popped up, where I'm not sure who it was who set it up
<harry-wood> this  mentawai island one
<harry-wood> which has a few problems
<harry-wood> some areas covered by bing. some not.
<harry-wood> the boundary includes a shed load of ocean tiles obviously    (which at the moment we dont have a very effective way of eliminating quickly)
<jaakkoh> Hi all. I only now got my irc client open (been busy putting down fires).
<harry-wood> hello jaakkoh
<skorasaurus> hello.
<jaakkoh> Hello World!
<harry-wood> you're in Haiti right jaakkoh?
<harry-wood> (or am I confusing you with someone else?)
<jaakkoh> Stuck here like a bad cough ;)
<jaakkoh> Seems that at least for another year (two down coming full this September).
<jaakkoh> harry-wood : Thanks for the worry about the bot sweeping over. Andy did a nice trick for us there.
<harry-wood> yeah I was watching the redaction bot this morning about to sweep over. Didn't realise there was some exclusion logic
<jaakkoh> Have you guys discussed the new Bing imagery, btw? (Just picked up from the mention by harry-wood above...)
<skorasaurus> jaakkoh: not yet.
<harry-wood> we were chatting about it last time
<skorasaurus> ah.
<jaakkoh> It's much better aligned in HT than the nice artsy (fucked-up-aligned) mosaic.
<jaakkoh> ok
<harry-wood> as ever I don't really have a clear idea of where the new imagery has appeared
<harry-wood> the bing imagery analyzer isn't that great at showing it
<jaakkoh> .. but a _lot_ more cloud cov here. .. And a bit dark, to say it nicely.
<skorasaurus> I don't think anyone does.^
<harry-wood> oh really? that's annoying
<jaakkoh> harry-wood : which is why I still like to draw hires boundaries in OSM (albeit some hate all that do it).
<jaakkoh> bot tweak : Actually Andy just bumped the North America minlat to be just above Hispanola.
<jaakkoh> after I raised my worry about DR sinking if we don't get some more time. .. That was kind of him.
<harry-wood> not according to bounds.xml   I think he added haiti exclusion bbox
<skorasaurus> jaakkoh: do you need remapping in DR ?
* jaakkoh sneaks out for dinner to come back to read all your chat and wise-ass comment later :)
<jaakkoh> There's still a _lot_ to do there. So, pls, b my guest!
<harry-wood> either way it excluded Haiti for the moment, but I guess it'll be back to eat all that unclean data fairly soon
<skorasaurus> it's probably just more productive for me to make the small edit [someone forgetting to add a track, for example] and then marking it validated, rather than invalidating it.
<harry-wood> yes
<harry-wood> I would say so. If it feels faster to fix it yourself. Just do it that way
<harry-wood> Not sure what plans are in the pipeline for improvements to the way the validating goes
<harry-wood> needs to be more of a gentle "suggestions for improvement" conversation with the original mapper I think.
<harry-wood>,w... <-- yeah DR is looking quite red
<harry-wood> maybe we should do a hot task manager job to remap it!
<harry-wood> it'll be clearer *after* the bot has done its work though
<skorasaurus> harry-wood: I agree.
<skorasaurus> with the validating and the DR.
<harry-wood> ok. I'm going to have to go. Re-installing ubuntu.  ....the system is going down for a reboot
<harry-wood> Bit of a quiet HOT chat again this time. Unless anyone has urgent topics they're waiting to raise...   I guess we finish off and I'll post the IRC logs
<skorasaurus> same.
<skorasaurus> take care.
<harry-wood> bye then
<skorasaurus> bye.