Humanitarian OSM Team/Chat Oct 05 2011

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A HOT Chat taking place on October 5th. Postponed due to lack of attendance.

Proposed Topics:

  • Fundraising
  • Activations
  • Internship/Volunteering on Mission
  • Haiti Coordinator Position
  • Skills Roster

IRC log:

<wonderchook> well here is the agenda:
<wonderchook> so let's start with fundraising
<wonderchook> I think we need to do some
<wonderchook> just meaning there isn't really buffer if there are things HOT needs. i.e. hardware, travel expenses to talk about HOT, training, etc
<IknowJoseph> sounds good
<wonderchook> so, I think the best start is to create a 1 page document
<wonderchook> about what HOT does
<wonderchook> most of this is already available
<wonderchook> it is just putting it together
<wonderchook> and I suppose also some discussion of what sorts of thigns we think we need money for
<wonderchook> since if we were to approach foundations we'd need to have an amount in mind
<wonderchook> anyway, I'll start a document and a discussion I suppose:)
<wonderchook> so, I guess that is enough about fundraising unless there are any questions
<wonderchook> hey IknowJoseph, any thoughts on postponing? (Since you seem to be the only other live person in here right now)
<tombuckley> hi kate
<tombuckley> i am also live
<wonderchook> okay
<wonderchook> good to know:)
<tombuckley> but just lurking, sorry
<tombuckley> :)
<IknowJoseph> hey, sorry wonderchook
<wonderchook> well, I guess the reason I was asking is these are supposed to be conversations
<tombuckley> haha
<wonderchook> otherwise I can just email stuff to a list
<tombuckley> right, then maybe postponing makes sense
<IknowJoseph> I'm I'm ixing a pair of dead servers too, so can't really contribute...
<IknowJoseph> and I can't type too good ;)
<IknowJoseph> postponing is ok for me - I like the conversations
<wonderchook> haha, okay yeah. lets postpone until next week
<IknowJoseph> I'll put this up on the wiki?
<IknowJoseph> would be good to show we tried at least
<wonderchook> that would be great if you would wikify it IknowJoseph
<wonderchook> thanks!
<IknowJoseph> cool, no worries
<IknowJoseph> have a good day / night then everyone
<tombuckley> goodnight all
<tombuckley> good day'
<wonderchook> bye