Humanitarian OSM Team/Haiti Strategy And Proposal/Mission 3/Gonaive

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  • Consolidate "basic" capacities (surveying & editing)
  • Focus on individual/ group of "advanced" OSMers who can support an OSM community in the North.
  • Expertise will span surveying - editing - and using ready to use cartographic products (WP and OSMatics)
  • Focus : (i) disaster response (eg the main cluster system data pipelines and products with an involvement of both DPC and DINEPA)

Cap Haitien

  • Reach out to Cap Haitien directly of gather in Gonaive most IT/GIS litterate persons
  • inputs for planning:
    • time distance from PAP to reach Gonaives and from Gonaive to reach Cap Haitien.
    • Capacities: IM/GIS staffs, IT equipment & internet access at humanitarian hubs