Humanitarian OSM Team/Haiti Strategy And Proposal/Mission 3

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14-29 June


HOT is grateful to

  • World Bank for the funding this cycle of 2 HOT missions (May-June 2010).
  • Open Geo for acting as the institutional vehicle of HOT in these deploys.
  • Esri for contributing hardware and software
  • CNIGS, IOM, OCHA and WFP for support in-country.


Primary scope: support current relief work and disaster preparedness activities as organized in the overall contingency plan for Haiti.

  • Continue OSM-based training and surveying programs with international, national and civil society actors.
  • Consolidate the Haitian instance of the "HOT SDI" articulating OSM to geodata management solutions in place in Haiti (UN clusters & CNIGS/DPC/DINEPA)
    • Populate OSM with baselines and humanitarian data
    • Stabilize the HOT OSM Kit
      • New version of the Humanitarian Data Model (HDM) associated to questionnaires and presets
      • New version of the HOT Humanitarian Field Guide series
  • Consolidate existing capacities in Port Au Prince (PAP), Jacmel & Leogane into functional Haitian OSM nodes:
    • autonomous in surveying and editing with OSM techniques
    • autonomous in using OSM resources in GIS map production environment (ESRI and OSGeo stack)
    • animated by internationals, nationals and civil society
    • furnished with an OSM kit (GPS units, workstation and printers) accessible to OSM Haiti mappers in a secured office space with internet access
    • active pursuing training and surveying work initiated during the mission based on the model of the OSM-based baseline surveys in Port Au Prince lead by IOM.
  • Start building capacities in Haitian secondary hubs
    • North: Gonaive and Cap Haitien
    • Centre: Petit and Grand Goave, Gressier
    • South West: Les Cayes, Jeremie
  • Support the building of OSM-based rapid mapping capacities in CNIGS and in UN clusters

Longer term secondary scope.

  • Enrich the HOT OSM kit with google android-based field asssessment and editing packages
  • Run feasibility study for community mapping projects ala MapKibera in precarious neighborhoods
  • Support institutionalizing OSM Haiti
  • Support establishing an Haitian OSM academic ecosystem
  • Support establishing an Haitian OSM economic ecosystem

Detailed activities

See scope and activities from the Missions Commonalities page for details and presentations on

  • overall scope of this cycle of missions
  • training
  • surveying
  • outreach

Support documents

The HOT Package is comprehensive of inter alia

  • Humanitarian Data Model (HDM)
  • HDM-aligned questionnaires to conduct field surveys
  • HDM-aligned JOSM presets to guide editing sessions
  • Humanitarian field guide series to surveying, editing and using osm in GIS.

Planning documents

Planning outline

Preparation work