Humanitarian OSM Team/Haiti Strategy And Proposal/Mission 3/Working

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18-June 2010


  • check functionality of HDM presets

Shelter Cluster

  • get SD cards to Sandra
  • set up Shelter clusters GPS with SD cards loading GPS extracts

Education Cluster

  • look at Education cluster Excel data and Questionnaires (NC)

Support to editing

  • troubleshooting & documentation
  • wms plug in (have checked up to 16)
    • check working imagery resources and edit wiki Project accordingly
    • build data checking (poitions accuracy) workflow using wms imagery
    • documentation
  • Walking paper
    • demo the whole process creation - scan - upload - use in JOSM with WP plugin (use JOSM guide)
    • Attribution


  • confirm the software we will use in the HOT package
  • tie point collector to HDM presets
  • explore tying collector to UNHCR android platform for camp registration

Preparation of 18 -June training

  • afternoon session
    • MNUSTAH (2)
    • Education cluster (2)
    • WFP (3)

Preparation of 19-June training

  • Audience (use xls template created by Sandra gdoc)
    • number of participants (Leonard)
    • languages English & French
    • has computer
    • has gps
  • Preparation
    • Tables
    • Plugs
    • Fans
    • Drink & Food (assign focal point)
    • set up laptops of all IOM community mobilizers
    • GPS set up: make sure gps with sd cards are loaded with OSM garmin esxtracts for Haiti
    • Copies & printing:
      • forms & walking papers (English and French) 50 copies forms
      • introduction to training (English and French) 10 English/ 20 French
      • Guide to JOSM editing and surveying 5 English/ 10 French

Preparation of Jacmel trip

  • Building