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Preparation activities

List of OSM data and map products

  • Accessing OSM data
    • Enhance quality access to OSM data in standard sharing format (wms, kml)
    • Allow OSM data download by selected boundary box and entity-types in shapefile format to address connectivity
  • Map products
    • Haiti Base Map Atlases: 1.25k country-wise MGRS base map atlas series
    • Haiti Gazetteers
      • Gazetteer of Places
      • Gazetteer of Street Names

Humanitarian data model (HDM) related support materials

  • Humanitarian Data Model (HDM) roll out.
  • HDM-based Extract Transform and Load (ETL) services (prototype)
    • To Humanitarian community
    • To CNIGS (Haitian National Mapping Agency)
  • Build HDM-aligned JOSM presets
  • Build HDM-aligned assessment materials:
    • Re-use reference assessment forms in use in Haiti:
      • Transportation: UNSDIT
      • Health: PAHO
      • IDP camps: CCCM & Shelter clusters
      • Post Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNA): UNDP
        • Damaged buildings: (UNDP, UNOPS, UNOSAT/JRC/World Bank)
        • Other themes to clarify
    • Formats: hard/ soft copy (primary need); PDA-smarthpone (secondary need).

Teaching support materials

  • Teaching materials typology:
    • Presentation
    • Handouts
  • Teaching modules
    • Basic module
      • GPS & walking paper - based surveying:
        • survey
        • conversion & upload (GPS Babel and JOSM)
      • Editing OSM in JOSM:
        • geometry
        • thematic (linked to HDM)
      • Using OSM:
        • in GPS
        • in map production using field GIS-er GIS desktop based mapping production environment (SHP, WFS, WMS)
        • in map production using OSM rendering tools
      • Using OSM wiki resource

Technical support materials

  • Hard Disk
    • Minimal contents: back up of all field mission items
  • USB stick
  • OSM kit items: pelican case/laptop(s)/5 GPS units/all-in-one A4 printer-scanner

Communication support materials

  • OSM-HOT communication kit (soft copy):
    • Generic OSM-HOT Haiti Response facts: narrative, A1/A0 poster and presentation materials
    • Specific OSM Haiti Project presentation designed to:
      • UN&NGOS
      • NMA
      • GrassRoot Communities
  • A0 Haiti Wall Map (Office and formal workshop - if any)
  • OSM-HOT Blog
  • OSM-HOT business cards

Community support for the mission

  • Imagery
    • Imagery monitoring
    • Imagery processing and loading on OSM Platform
  • Mapping un-mapped reference data sets tied to map products generation
    • CNIGS Admin datasets
    • Transportation: MINUSTAH, UN LogCluster/ WFP, Militaries
    • Camps
    • Schools
  • Development work tied tied to service set up and tech work
  • Training materials design tied to on-going in-OSM capacity building efforts
  • Communication materials design
  • English and French versions
  • Establish communication mechanisms for 2 ways streams:
    • (i) field to OSM (echoing to wider remote responding community);
    • (ii) OSM (filtering from OSM & remote mapping communities) to Field
    • wiki dedicated section
    • Focal points for OSM support