Humanitarian OSM Team/Haiti at SOTM 2010

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This is a planning page for HOT in the run up to State Of The Map 2010 in Girona. The plan was to have 3 longer presentations, and a series of lightning talks. We have since done many other sessions at other SOTMses. See the SOTM page and drill down to old session details.

old plans

On the Ground

how OSM was used on the ground in Haiti, and by whom, with A/V recordings of testimonials


  • Schuyler

OSM in new communities

Grounding the OSM project: the work of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) in Haiti

  • articulation to and capacity building within traditional responder agencies and govts
  • attendance by CIGNS and Haitian civil society reps


  • Nicolas

Sat Imagery

how the sat imagery was prepared for use by the OSM community, and how that could be better done in the future (eg. OAM).


  • Schuyler
  • Chippy

OSM in the future

OSM means to disaster response in the future, based on Haiti and some of the CP Roberts work we'll be doing


  • John Crowley

Improvements to the Toolchain


  • Dane Springmeyer