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The HOT Training WG met on IRC for two hours, from 1800 to 2000 UTC, on Monday May 11. Participants: Ralph Aytoun, Pierre Béland, Russell Deffner, Althio Forum, Blake Girardot, Heather Leson, and Tom Taylor. Claire Halleux was unable to attend due to a power outage. In her absence, Tom Taylor volunteered to be co-chair. The meeting agenda is on Hackpad at [1]. The IRC log follows this summary. As can be seen from that log, some reordering of agenda items occurred, but this summary follows the order presented by the agenda.

The agenda for the previous meeting is at [2]. Location of minutes for that meeting TBD.

Update on the hackpad started in collaboration with the Activation WG on a validation standard

Althio raised this issue. He wanted to know the status of the work. No one else had any information (possibly Russell, but he was away from the chat for the moment).

Action: Tom Taylor to E-mail Claire and the chair of the Activation WG to see what they know about this work. Access to training material from Tasking Manager.

The agenda has suggestions for introductory material to be added to the Task Manager

Pierre proposed that the right-hand panel of the HOT Tasking Manager page provide links to the following categories of content:
-- Learning material
-- Material specific to Nepal
-- Communication channels
-- Live help from IRC #hot
Russell stated that this seemed to go beyond training and touch on the responsibilities of other Working groups. The Training WG should focus attention on LearnOSM; make a plan; collaborate with all the people offering to help with guides, videos, etc. and manage that 'final product', a one-stop learning center. We should come up with "Clear Asks" of the Tech WG, Communications WG, and others for what needs are not currently being met, what should priorities be for the LearnOSM site, how to integrate/complement the TM, etc.

Regarding Pierre's proposal, Blake noted that the panel is no longer visible once one has selected a task. For this reason and because it would be faster, we should develop some standard text to go into "extra instructions" for each task.

Pierre opened an issue on Github, see [3]. He suggested that the text should be in a table where it can be easily edited, not written into the script itself. Blake volunteered to write the text.

Action: Blake to write the text. WG chairs to alert the other WGs involved to Pierre's proposal.

Tom asked if anyone had been tracking the many suggestions that were put forward on the HOT list. Althio provided a link to a document from Mhairi O'Hara that seemed to do this (from an Activation point of view: about our processes). See [4]. Tom and Ralph had already volunteered to review the E-mails. They will report back anything that seems to have been missed.

Action: Tom and Ralph to review the HOT list E-mails and report back to the next meeting.

Heather later provided a link to a Hackpad document she had started, also containing ideas gathered during the activation (from a Training point of view, about documentation, orientation for beginners): [5].

Translation of subtitles of MapGive videos for remote contributors

Althio spoke to this issue. They have been translated into Italian, so it is possible to do it again. He has sent an E-mail to Mapgive to get further information on how to contribute. The basic idea would be to use universal subtitles (now known as Amara). Heather agreed to add her voice to Althio's in an attempt to speed things up.

Action: Heather to E-mail Mapgive.

Discussion with Geomantic (TeachOSM)

Not covered in the absence of the proponent.

Outreachy internship: LearnOSM content

We have an intern coming soon. Official mentors will be Althio, Nick Allen, and Mhairi O'Hara. The terms of reference for this person's work are at [6]. Althio indicated that they would also be looking at any new issues in and anything we come up with from the HOT list review. Ralph offered to contact Nick Allen to coordinate our efforts.

Action: Ralph to contact Nick Allen as he proposed.

Update on LearnOSM and Transifex

Althio has organized a project with Transifex for translation of training materials. His key action item was to set up a shared Hackpad document where interested parties could contribute their ideas on workflow and testing. Althio would definitely be involved, as well as Adityo in Indonesia. Heather offered to put them in contact with Ushahidi. She set Ushahidi up with Transifex and they are still using it. Heather also mentioned an API that Ushahidi is using to pull in translations. Althio asks that anyone interested in translation get in touch with him.

Action: Althio to set up Hackpad document.

Action: Althio to give Heather the contacts for introduction to Ushahidi. Heather to perform said introduction.

Activation curriculum

Russell reported that he was selected to be HOT's Activation Curriculum Specialist, on a four-month contract. The outcome will be documentation describing what activation and humanitarian mapping project coordinators need to know to manage an activation like the Nepal response. The Training WG will not have much direct involvement, but we can expect to be asked to review the document in the June time frame. If we do have ideas on coordinator curriculum type matter, please let him know. He can be reached at

Survey for new mappers from Nepal Activation

Heather has been talking to Suzan Reed about the survey. Suzan had acquired some details from Pierre. The Activation and Communications WGs are also interested. Blake raised the issue of how to distribute the survey. Some possibilities were discussed, as well as the limitations on those possibilities. Ralph suggested some sort of welcome when the Task Manager is opened. There was a view that the specifics of distribution were up to the Communications WG, although the survey content itself was Training WG's concern. Heather and Russell both have contacts to help with survey development. Tom called for clear terms of reference and a clearly defined objective for the survey. Heather agreed to provide these.

Action: Heather to provide a statement of the survey objective and terms of reference.

There was no other business.


May 11 19:56:14 russdeffner: :) Agenda:
May 11 20:04:04 russdeffner: I hear from Claire she is going to be late
May 11 20:04:32 russdeffner: so, just to inform; the training wg is meeting in a separate channel /join #hot-twg
May 11 20:04:45 russdeffner: sorry technical
May 11 20:05:08 russdeffner: the training group is here, anyone else here for the Training WG meeting?
May 11 20:06:33 RAytoun: Hi Russ
May 11 20:06:43 russdeffner: Hi Ralph
May 11 20:07:06 russdeffner: I think the Tech meeting is keeping most of the attention right now :)
May 11 20:07:48 russdeffner: which might work for Claire to have time to arrive; but she says there is power shortage, so we'll see
May 11 20:08:00 RAytoun: They certainly have and are going to have a lot on their plate after Nepal
May 11 20:09:25 dodobas: Tech Working group is the best, no one cares about training :D
May 11 20:09:28 russdeffner: If there was something you wanted to report/ask, please do, we'll log/take notes even if we can't resolve much today
May 11 20:09:33 russdeffner: :)
May 11 20:09:48 RAytoun: Nick is right in thinking that more funding needs to go to the Tech guys to catch up with the volume of work going their way
May 11 20:11:03 russdeffner: Actually dodobas - Governance WG is the best :P
May 11 20:11:33 dodobas: russdeffner: OMG, yes ... we need more Governance
May 11 20:12:18 RAytoun: A lot of splinter groups are very busy with trying to reform the system because of Nepal newbies. How to try and monitor their progress and what they are doing?
May 11 20:13:01 russdeffner: So, this is an extremely common thing in the disaster/emergency world
May 11 20:13:34 russdeffner: during 'blue sky' days (i.e. no major events happening) things tend to be hashed-out much more slowly
May 11 20:13:54 russdeffner: 'grey sky' comes along and all of the sudden, everything is an emergency
May 11 20:14:15 RAytoun: It is during blue sky days that we should be the most productive
May 11 20:14:29 russdeffner: we need to make sure we take some breaths, triage, and make sure we give ample time to the non-emergent thing
May 11 20:14:41 russdeffner: s
May 11 20:15:17 russdeffner: RAytoun - except, now we have more attention, more hands on deck, and more opportunity to create
May 11 20:16:36 RAytoun: Some kind ot Trg spreadsheet where we can give out tasks to WG members to action or develop in between meetings with a report back before the meeting may move some things along and avoid duplication.
May 11 20:16:59 russdeffner: Regarding what the Training WG can do, is focus attention on LearnOSM; make a plan; collaborate with all the people offering to help with guides, videos, etc. and manage that 'final product', one-stop learninig center
May 11 20:17:37 RAytoun: One stop learning centre...I like that
May 11 20:18:50 russdeffner: Come up with "Clear Asks" of the Tech WG, Communications WG, and others for what needs are not currently being met, what should priorities be for the LeanOSM site, how to integrate/compliment the TM, etc.
May 11 20:19:41 russdeffner: And maybe, most of all - who can help lead this group?
May 11 20:19:46 russdeffner: RAytoun ?
May 11 20:19:58 russdeffner: althio ?
May 11 20:20:03 althio: hi all
May 11 20:20:29 russdeffner: Maybe a grand entrance :)
May 11 20:20:46 russdeffner: I was just asking who might be willing to help co-lead the Training WG
May 11 20:21:15 TomT5454: I'm thinking about it
May 11 20:21:36 althio: haha, let me catch up on the log
May 11 20:21:45 russdeffner: Oh, hello TomT5454 - should I recognize the nickname? sorry
May 11 20:22:33 RAytoun: I would be happy to do it but my tech savvy leaves a lot to be desired. I understand what needs to be but not necessary know where or how to do it
May 11 20:22:57 TomT5454: Tom Taylor. I mentioned an interest in working on LearnOSM a couple of weeks back, but haven't gotten onto these meetings until now\
May 11 20:23:02 russdeffner: Yes, really we need to start at the 'top', someone to help Claire organize these meetings
May 11 20:23:22 russdeffner: She is based in DRC and often has connectivity issues
May 11 20:23:38 TomT5454: I can imagine
May 11 20:23:52 pierzen: Hi all, Hi tom.
May 11 20:23:57 russdeffner: So, I'm justing filling time, hopefully she can make it soon
May 11 20:24:07 TomT5454: Hi. We worked together in Mail
May 11 20:24:11 TomT5454: Mali
May 11 20:24:25 russdeffner: I really am not sure all what/who had agenda stuff, but it is here:
May 11 20:24:51 RAytoun: Hi Tom, welcome to the group
May 11 20:25:10 RAytoun: Hi Pierre
May 11 20:25:47 BlakeGirardot_: Sorry I am late
May 11 20:26:14 russdeffner: :) It's great to have you though althio - if I'm not mistaken, a lot of agenda was from you?
May 11 20:26:15 pierzen: One short request for the Training group ** Address Thousand of new contributors for Nepal problem** Could you prepare a short page to show in the right Panel of the Task Manager
May 11 20:26:28 russdeffner: Do you want to start in case you must go?
May 11 20:26:28 pierzen: - First steps
May 11 20:26:55 russdeffner: oh, hi pierzen - we can start with that for agenda item 1
May 11 20:27:07 althio: on the contrary start without me, I may join more easily with kids to bed later
May 11 20:27:15 russdeffner: welcome Blake - just waisting time since it was just Ralph and me for a bit
May 11 20:27:23 pierzen: Learning material
May 11 20:27:24 pierzen: Material specific to Nepal
May 11 20:27:24 pierzen: Communication channels
May 11 20:27:24 pierzen:
May 11 20:27:24 pierzen: LIve help from irc $hot
May 11 20:27:48 russdeffner: Oh, is all that Training WG TOR?
May 11 20:28:05 russdeffner: sounds some Communication, Community even maybe?
May 11 20:28:24 pierzen: more training to know the contents
May 11 20:28:26 russdeffner: I think this group can definitely help
May 11 20:29:12 russdeffner: especially if we can focus maybe on one or two things like content for LearnOSM, and potentially how to integrate 'modules' with the TM?
May 11 20:29:29 russdeffner: but then that may be more Tech WG...
May 11 20:29:35 BlakeGirardot_: let me see what is there now
May 11 20:29:47 russdeffner: hmmm, back to who will help co-lead with Claire? :)
May 11 20:29:56 RAytoun: Try to get the training material under one umbrella so only updated material is available online
May 11 20:30:09 BlakeGirardot_: Also, if we created some standard text I think a lot of that should go in the "extra instructions" so it shows up where they checkout a task
May 11 20:30:18 BlakeGirardot_: you dont' see the right panel when a task is checkedout
May 11 20:31:48 BlakeGirardot_: and could be tailored to the mapping type, meaning nepal specific examples or instructions.
May 11 20:32:20 russdeffner: BlakeGirardo_ - are you facilitator? just asking because we're currently sort of without someone leading this group/taking notes/etc
May 11 20:32:44 russdeffner: Claire emailed me that she is currently experiencing power shortage
May 11 20:32:58 russdeffner: but willing to still co-lead as able
May 11 20:33:24 pierzen: Was refering to TM main page - This is where the newbie enter- We should have a simple message directing to the appropriate learning material to start
May 11 20:34:08 BlakeGirardot_: I understand pierre, but I am saying it would be good to also have that in extra instructions, and extra instructions do not need to wait 2 weeks for a release cycle of the TM
May 11 20:34:17 RAytoun: Yes, see the Agenda for my suggestion of a home page to start before entering the Tasking Manager
May 11 20:34:18 BlakeGirardot_: I can write the text
May 11 20:34:26 russdeffner: yes peirzen - I imagine a link to a LearnOSM 'mini-module' on tracing buildings as exmaple
May 11 20:35:07 pierzen: yes, we should not integrate in the script themselves. Content should be placed in a table where this is easy to edit. But next step...
May 11 20:36:06 BlakeGirardot_: thats a great idea pierzen
May 11 20:36:36 BlakeGirardot_: that should go in github as an issue so it doesn't get lost
May 11 20:36:45 BlakeGirardot_: which i can do
May 11 20:36:46 pierzen: will open it
May 11 20:36:49 BlakeGirardot_: oh ok
May 11 20:37:41 russdeffner: so, don't think we're getting Claire today; I think it is really essential that we get her help today - or all this may be as good as another lost email
May 11 20:38:28 russdeffner: can someone temporarily (at least) volunteer to lead us through the agenda today and then get with Claire via email later?
May 11 20:38:37 TomT5454: Yes, I will
May 11 20:38:42 russdeffner: Thanks Tom!
May 11 20:38:50 russdeffner: You have hackpad link?
May 11 20:39:10 pierzen: issue for TM panel
May 11 20:39:18 TomT5454: I have it. I haven't joined because that would take a few minutes
May 11 20:39:52 russdeffner: Sure, if you want to edit something one of us can do it - or this log is captured and you can summarize later
May 11 20:40:17 russdeffner: We typically post both the full log and minutes on the wiki
May 11 20:40:27 TomT5454: I'll work from the log. Obvipously I'll summarize as the meeting goes, too.
May 11 20:40:43 RAytoun: I have copied and pasted this discussion so far.
May 11 20:41:21 TomT5454: So, have we gone far enough on item 2? So far, Blake providing text.
May 11 20:41:56 TomT5454: Who has gone through all the comments weève gotten on the listÉ
May 11 20:43:10 russdeffner: the mailing list?
May 11 20:43:14 TomT5454: Yes
May 11 20:43:31 russdeffner: I actually have them all stored and sorted, but... let me look
May 11 20:43:51 russdeffner: 1256 emails related to the activation
May 11 20:44:10 TomT5454: Yes, it has been pretty prolific
May 11 20:44:12 russdeffner: shall I forward them to you :)
May 11 20:44:41 TomT5454: I have the E-mails. The question was whether anyone had summarized the content?
May 11 20:45:09 TomT5454: Blake, most likely, but I see he is on the other chat at the moment
May 11 20:45:13 russdeffner: Not yet, but as part of the activation curriculum I'll loosely get around to something like that
May 11 20:45:18 BlakeGirardot_: I can summarize them: "someone should do something."
May 11 20:45:40 russdeffner: haha, yes - I think I'll have something a bit more tangible
May 11 20:45:47 althio: I would say M'hairi and russdeffner
May 11 20:45:57 BlakeGirardot_: Sorry, I have seen a lot of what others should do and not a lot of "how can I help"
May 11 20:45:59 TomT5454: I notice Suzan isn't at this meeting. She has volunteered to help with LearnOSM
May 11 20:46:21 althio: you both did try to capture actions items and constructive feedback
May 11 20:46:28 russdeffner: but realistically, even if I did nothing else it'll be the end of the week before I could summarize everything into 'actionable items'
May 11 20:46:38 RAytoun: That is a manual job that I can help with, you guys have got a lot on your plate.
May 11 20:47:11 TomT5454: This seems like something I should work on too. Wanted to avoid duplication of effort
May 11 20:47:58 TomT5454: My E-mail is
May 11 20:48:20 TomT5454: Oops:
May 11 20:49:05 RAytoun: Mine is Let me know how I can help you
May 11 20:49:08 TomT5454: @RAytoun: maybe we can get in touch later
May 11 20:49:39 RAytoun: Great, will do
May 11 20:50:07 TomT5454: So: on to item 3? Backtrack when Althio is available
May 11 20:50:31 althio: feedback on Activation: doc from M'hairi at:
May 11 20:50:38 TomT5454: Item 3: translation of MapGive video subtitles
May 11 20:50:53 althio: feedback on Training: need to be done ;)
May 11 20:51:49 russdeffner: sorry, being pulled away by work (Mhairi), will read back as soon as able, I think I had some agenda items, skip or whatever :)
May 11 20:51:56 TomT5454: That's basically item 2?
May 11 20:52:59 TomT5454: Althio?
May 11 20:53:16 althio: on item 3, mapgive subtitles?
May 11 20:54:22 althio: it has been translated in italian, so it is possible to do it again
May 11 20:54:35 heatherleson: HI!
May 11 20:54:48 TomT5454: OK, I've seen requests for help on the HOT list. Is there anything further we can do here?
May 11 20:54:55 althio: I talked with someone at Mapgive and try to get information on how to get started and how anyone can contribute
May 11 20:54:56 TomT5454: Hi, Heather
May 11 20:55:23 althio: email sent over the weekend, waiting for an answer
May 11 20:55:24 heatherleson: here for meetings night.
May 11 20:55:31 althio: hi heatherleson
May 11 20:55:36 heatherleson: althio - waiting for an answer from Mapgive?
May 11 20:55:45 althio: yes
May 11 20:56:00 heatherleson: ok, we’ve all be a wash of action and response.
May 11 20:56:24 heatherleson: i am sure that they are equally overwhelmed. did you send it on list or off?
May 11 20:56:51 althio: off, to one specific person I met at HOT Summit and discussed the video subtitles already
May 11 20:57:28 heatherleson: ok, so to understand - you want to use universal subtitles to translate mapgive videos? that is awesome
May 11 20:57:46 heatherleson: ok, if you want send to me and I can ask with you : )
May 11 20:57:57 althio: basically the idea ;)
May 11 20:58:09 althio: ok forwarding the request
May 11 20:59:03 heatherleson: I heart universal subtiltles. They changed their name to Amara = . Think of it, videos in many local languages :)
May 11 20:59:06 heatherleson: spirit of HOT indeed.
May 11 21:00:07 TomT5454: OK, guess that's item 3. I don't see Geomantic/TeachOSM among the attendees, so I guess we defer item 4.
May 11 21:00:34 TomT5454: I'm referring to the hackpad agenda at
May 11 21:00:44 heatherleson: thanks TomT5454
May 11 21:00:51 TomT5454: Internship: item 5. Blake?
May 11 21:01:05 russdeffner: Hi heatherleson - TomT5454 volunteered to lead the wg today, Claire emailed me - local power shortages
May 11 21:01:29 BlakeGirardot_: That is not me
May 11 21:01:41 BlakeGirardot_: Who is listed as the mentor for that one?
May 11 21:02:04 TomT5454: OK, saw your post on the other channel, and thought you'd have something to say
May 11 21:02:10 heatherleson: hey russ, blake. sorry that i was late
May 11 21:02:38 BlakeGirardot_: No problem TomT5454,
May 11 21:02:44 BlakeGirardot_: I think maybe Nick Allen?
May 11 21:02:59 BlakeGirardot_: I dont' know if it is official mentored which is kind of an issue.
May 11 21:03:07 althio: official mentor: me + co-mentor Nick+MHairi
May 11 21:03:52 TomT5454: OK, are we talking code development, text developm,ent, or whaT?
May 11 21:04:20 althio: Improve LearnOSM Content and Organization
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Summary:
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Review content and improve organisation on the website (guides, sections).
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Mark outdated content (vs. software and other projects upgrades)
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Compare current content (website) with previous content (googledocs)
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Identify gaps (missing content and sections, available as googledocs or not written yet)
May 11 21:04:45 althio: Review and propose hierarchy/organisation for logical progress between and within chapters
May 11 21:04:47 althio: Identify links or labels to be improved
May 11 21:04:49 althio: Propose design for front page
May 11 21:04:51 althio: Build a roadmap for corrective actions
May 11 21:04:53 althio: Skills Required: Documentation writing, curriculum development, knowledge of OSM basic mapping and HOT activities desirable, web design
May 11 21:06:34 TomT5454: So obviously RAytoun and I should interact with the intern, or maybe the intern should be summarizing the HOT list suggestions?
May 11 21:06:58 heatherleson: *added the participant list to the agenda
May 11 21:07:18 althio: internship not started
May 11 21:07:40 althio: any head start from the community would be beneficial?
May 11 21:07:41 TomT5454: Ah. So we would be helping to prepare the ground.
May 11 21:08:21 TomT5454: Ok. Any further ideas that people want to bring out now?
May 11 21:09:53 TomT5454: Item 6. LearnOSM and Transifex
May 11 21:10:07 althio: + new issues in + any ideas in the 1200 messages ;)
May 11 21:10:28 TomT5454: Ralph and I will be working to dig that out
May 11 21:11:03 althio: Item 6: we have the account, we can try whenever we can
May 11 21:11:08 RAytoun: I will liaise with Nick Allen, he has made some inroads into redoing LearnOSM already. See what help he needs
May 11 21:11:20 althio: just too much on our plate right now :)
May 11 21:11:32 russdeffner: Oh, I'm just in time? item 7?
May 11 21:12:10 TomT5454: OK, we have, as I mentioned before, some volunteers on the list. Suzan for sure, maybe draft Springfiled so he sounds less negative :)
May 11 21:12:43 TomT5454: What's Item 6c about?
May 11 21:12:54 althio: Quite a few people gave feedback on the MissingMaps videos 1-min doc
May 11 21:13:03 russdeffner: oh, I see you're on item 6 :)
May 11 21:13:29 althio: 6c are the concerns raised by Kate on Transifex
May 11 21:13:33 TomT5454: Sorry, should make progress more clear
May 11 21:14:37 RAytoun: A lot of support for "bite size" training items
May 11 21:14:39 heatherleson: do you have direct Transifex contacts? I worked with them when I was at ushahidi
May 11 21:15:02 althio: 6d: we should open a shared doc to start actions on Transifex/staging/translation
May 11 21:15:25 althio: @heatherleson: one call with Transifex staff
May 11 21:15:27 TomT5454: Who all would be involved\?
May 11 21:15:27 russdeffner: I think althio can speak to this? Also Adityo in our Indonesia team helped me create a little translation workflow doc
May 11 21:15:51 russdeffner: let me make sure the view setting is all good and I'll post, maybe will help
May 11 21:16:28 BlakeGirardot_: Staff? The COO who is providing us the fully paid for version of transifex for free :)
May 11 21:16:33 althio: not really much I want to discuss right now, action 6d is we should create a shared doc and involve interested people
May 11 21:16:47 BlakeGirardot_: He likes HOT
May 11 21:16:54 althio: tes hi-profile staff :p
May 11 21:17:06 heatherleson: nice-
May 11 21:17:20 heatherleson: we are a good use case for Transifex giving back.
May 11 21:17:24 russdeffner:
May 11 21:17:33 heatherleson: :)
May 11 21:17:48 TomT5454: I should ask at this point whether we run on a fixed duration or until the end of the agenda?
May 11 21:17:51 BlakeGirardot_: We need to follow through on it, but we did explain that as all volunteer things can move a bit slow. Althio arraigned it all, he gets all the credit.
May 11 21:17:58 russdeffner: up to you Tom
May 11 21:18:09 russdeffner: and generally as people start dropping out
May 11 21:18:35 TomT5454: Right. I'll wait until that starts to happen/.
May 11 21:18:57 russdeffner: so that link is a Transifex specific workflow...
May 11 21:19:25 russdeffner: so proud to start releasing some of the great work the group did at the Activation Curriculum Sprint
May 11 21:20:05 heatherleson: on the workflow for translation - Ushahidi’s team set up the api to pull translations. Would it help to talk wtih someone about that?
May 11 21:20:15 heatherleson: less manual work
May 11 21:20:33 althio: thanks BlakeGirardot_ you nailed it with your sweet words ;)
May 11 21:20:51 BlakeGirardot_: Does Ushahidi still use Transifex?
May 11 21:20:58 heatherleson: blake - yes
May 11 21:21:13 heatherleson: i set them up with transifex
May 11 21:21:23 althio: @heatherleson API sounds interesting, would maybe help indeed
May 11 21:21:38 heatherleson: who wants the intro to followup?
May 11 21:21:39 russdeffner: heatherleson - I believe Adityo is heading up most of the translation stuff for the Indonesia team, let me know if you want me to loop him in
May 11 21:21:56 heatherleson: I defer to you guys. I am here to match make and help
May 11 21:21:57 heatherleson: :)
May 11 21:22:05 russdeffner: also he is the website lead for them - dang, forgot to mention that in the Tech wg
May 11 21:22:21 heatherleson: can’t lead much right now because i have a full plate, but want to hook you up
May 11 21:22:40 heatherleson: full plate - hot actions on other topics.
May 11 21:22:55 russdeffner: maybe a HOT plate?
May 11 21:23:03 heatherleson: but if you send me a note with Adityo and whoever, I will share with the ushafolks
May 11 21:23:27 heatherleson: yea, the board is a HOT plate, but i am honoured
May 11 21:23:58 TomT5454: Shall we move on to the survey, item 8?
May 11 21:24:00 althio: (sorry my 2-year old kid keeps me away)
May 11 21:24:02 russdeffner: ok, enough babble from me; if we're on toward item 7, I can make quick
May 11 21:24:15 TomT5454: Oh, sorry
May 11 21:24:42 russdeffner: :) you were going to skip me? I know I did say to do so, but I'm here, so real quick...
May 11 21:25:29 russdeffner: I've recently (think this is week 3 already) been selected for the Activation Curriculum Specialist
May 11 21:25:49 russdeffner: It's a four month contract, so it's going to go quick
May 11 21:26:16 TomT5454: What is the Activation Curriculum?
May 11 21:26:31 russdeffner: This will be the 'higher level' stuff that our activation/HMP coordinators do/need to know to manage an activation like the Nepal Response
May 11 21:26:40 heatherleson: *HMP
May 11 21:26:48 heatherleson: ?
May 11 21:27:01 russdeffner: Humanitarian Mapping Project - i.e. the 'day to day' remote mapping projects
May 11 21:27:27 russdeffner: some of that terminology still may change/needs discussed via the AWG
May 11 21:28:18 russdeffner: but in general the Training WG won't have much 'direct' involvement (i.e. not much coordinator curriculum workload)
May 11 21:28:54 russdeffner: however, I already envision some 'asks' related to basic mapping training -> advanced
May 11 21:28:56 heatherleson: will you publish a draft that the TWG could iterate on
May 11 21:29:18 russdeffner: yes, lots of stuff coming in the near future
May 11 21:29:23 heatherleson: rock!
May 11 21:29:49 russdeffner: and some of those here were at the spring, so they know - currently its about 25 pages of 'raw material'
May 11 21:30:30 russdeffner: so, I need some time to organize and present it in a way that isn't just an overload 'dump'
May 11 21:31:10 russdeffner: plus, need to really spend some time with the AWG and our current coordinator rock-stars to solidify some thoughts/vision
May 11 21:31:50 TomT5454: As you said on the hackpadd -- we can see something maybe by June?
May 11 21:31:53 russdeffner: anyway, to conclude - let me know if there is 'coordinator curriculum' stuff identified by this WG or yourselves
May 11 21:32:28 russdeffner: Oh, yes - there definitely will be some announced 'review periods', tentatively shooting for one next week
May 11 21:33:01 russdeffner: probably best to email me: Russell.Deffner @
May 11 21:34:20 TomT5454: Thanks, Russell. Item 8 survey?
May 11 21:34:35 heatherleson: Hey this is exactly why i joined today
May 11 21:34:36 heatherleson: Heather is talking with Suzen about this. Suzan collected details from Pierre. we should coordinate with activation and communications
May 11 21:35:09 heatherleson: So we have multiple people who are keen to survey. There are some thoughts about outreach etc.
May 11 21:35:15 TomT5454: This is a survey of one-day mappers to see why they haven't come back
May 11 21:35:42 BlakeGirardot_: Can we talk about how this survey will be distributed?
May 11 21:35:51 heatherleson: I wanted to ask you if you thought it would be ok, to start the draft with them, send it to the community for input, then publish it to the blog and social media
May 11 21:36:03 heatherleson: I think it is worth it to just expand the net and ask.
May 11 21:36:19 heatherleson: 1. user id, 2. location, then all the main questions
May 11 21:36:31 russdeffner: I have a contact, made at the Summit, can't remember the university, but he reached out to me directly about wanting to put feelers out for surveying our community
May 11 21:36:41 heatherleson: it might get us some great data to improve, plus reach some of the 4000 who are not on the lists
May 11 21:36:51 russdeffner: was planning on talking about this at the communications wg, sorry not prepared
May 11 21:36:54 heatherleson: I would prefer that we drive this one.
May 11 21:37:23 russdeffner: ok heatherleson - can I put you in contact? when I dig up the email chain
May 11 21:37:24 heatherleson: researchers should be consulted, but they may want to do a long form - which is not condusive to the community.
May 11 21:37:36 heatherleson: no more than 10 questions. 5 minutes.
May 11 21:37:59 RAytoun: We also had quite a lot of new mappers who have been on OSM for some time but new to HOT. Will they be included?
May 11 21:38:16 russdeffner: in general we need to be very careful about surveys
May 11 21:38:30 heatherleson: what do you think about that? I’ve done a stack of community surveys in my career. so I can ask Jen Chan for help - researcher who has done stuff with HOT before
May 11 21:38:45 BlakeGirardot_: So am I hearing the survey will distributed via email list and social media?
May 11 21:38:49 heatherleson: But yes, Russell, we have to be very careful - social capital
May 11 21:38:55 russdeffner: there is lots of threads in the history of the talk list that makes the community very sensitive
May 11 21:39:07 heatherleson: I think it shoudl be blog, social media and lists.
May 11 21:39:14 althio: I sent my word of caution to people interested in this survey, with links to the talk list
May 11 21:39:15 BlakeGirardot_: Perfect
May 11 21:39:16 heatherleson: and we should ask for OSM to blog it
May 11 21:39:19 TomT5454: We need clear terms of reference, clearly defined objective for a specific survey
May 11 21:39:36 heatherleson: ok, i am happy to write this and share back with you
May 11 21:39:43 TomT5454: Can we develop that now?
May 11 21:39:51 TomT5454: Oh, OK
May 11 21:39:54 althio: if heatherleson leads this, I am a bit more confident than only newcomers in the community :))
May 11 21:39:57 heatherleson: i just want to see the various working groups collaborate
May 11 21:39:59 BlakeGirardot_: One other item related to this
May 11 21:40:04 russdeffner: Maybe, potentially, after consulting the Tech WG - an opt-in to further communication on the Tasking Manager
May 11 21:40:09 heatherleson: i will ask for tyler’s help too
May 11 21:40:37 heatherleson: We need to do this right, and be very respectful, but it would be a huge loss if we did not get their input
May 11 21:40:44 BlakeGirardot_: Is this something that can be ongoing? So each new person to the TM will get an TM message welcoming them, pointers to learning materials, and if you could, please fill out this short survey?
May 11 21:40:52 heatherleson: Blake - I think so
May 11 21:41:02 heatherleson: Frontline SMS does that and I love it
May 11 21:41:15 heatherleson: but, can we separate the two items into stages?
May 11 21:41:22 althio: TM message welcoming, BlakeGirardot_? ;)
May 11 21:41:31 RAytoun: +1
May 11 21:41:34 russdeffner: I'm totally sold on your leadership on this Heather, just let me know how I can help (and when I can pass this Brian guy to you)
May 11 21:41:50 althio: you naughty boy :p
May 11 21:41:53 TomT5454: I'm thinking that would be necessary -- it's the leavers we want for this particular survey
May 11 21:41:56 heatherleson: Blake, you really caught my eye when you mentioned welcome messages a few months ago
May 11 21:42:00 BlakeGirardot_: That will help us get the total drive bys in the future.
May 11 21:42:03 heatherleson: tom - agreed
May 11 21:42:09 heatherleson: thus the wide net
May 11 21:42:34 BlakeGirardot_: We have one, it just a sticking point that we don't send emails via the TM, but we can start using the TM messages, those are basically non-intrusive.
May 11 21:42:42 althio: reminder of this 'draft':
May 11 21:42:59 BlakeGirardot_: (the French version is better ;)
May 11 21:43:11 althio: It is ;)
May 11 21:43:26 russdeffner: Just a note, some of this is more communications; just make sure we're passing to them the pieces that is more their arena
May 11 21:43:56 russdeffner: I think this group really needs a focus on training materials
May 11 21:44:01 RAytoun: Designed around the basics to get them started
May 11 21:44:05 russdeffner: and LearnOSM stewardship
May 11 21:44:09 BlakeGirardot_: Ya the survey thing is sort of cross WG
May 11 21:44:13 althio: OSM message system is better than TM2 system, in my opinion
May 11 21:44:26 heatherleson: ok, my ask of you - if anyone mentions survey on the list - send them to me. I will try to watch for them
May 11 21:44:40 russdeffner: perfect
May 11 21:44:45 BlakeGirardot_: OSM sends emails and is not intended for anything other than one mapper contacting another mapper
May 11 21:45:10 heatherleson: this is just for the nepal response, but I will be sure to consult with you - the team who guides
May 11 21:45:11 BlakeGirardot_: as soon as you start doing something systematic with it to contact mass mappers it runs into conflict.
May 11 21:45:24 russdeffner: yes, HOT definitely cannot abuse the OSM messaging system - that's most of the complaints regarding surveys
May 11 21:45:28 heatherleson: blake - this is CANSPAM rules too (legal on messaging)
May 11 21:45:36 heatherleson: people have to legally opt into mass emails.
May 11 21:46:09 RAytoun: What about some welcome when they open the Tasking Manager?
May 11 21:46:10 heatherleson: so, I heart OSM messaging for caretaking it. However, it is hard for HOT because we have to count on mailing lists, blogs, and social media to reach folks
May 11 21:46:18 TomT5454: Seems to me this is definitely Comms QWG job to decide, we ask
May 11 21:47:04 RAytoun: The Tasking Manager started kit?
May 11 21:47:22 BlakeGirardot_: RAytoun: If they get a message via the TM that is almost better than a page they might just glance over.
May 11 21:47:46 BlakeGirardot_: And we can get everyone via the TM messages, not just people who enter the TM via one path.
May 11 21:47:48 TomT5454: Of course, OSM could set up a general mass mailing list, like the ietf-announce list
May 11 21:48:05 russdeffner: I'm sorry, have to step away for a bit again; may no catch the end of meeting - don't have any other items, etc. thank you
May 11 21:48:16 heatherleson: well, this would split the community by adding a new message
May 11 21:48:17 althio: I like message in Tasking Manager + TM homepage + lists + blog + tw + fb...
May 11 21:48:27 heatherleson: I love how Blake setup HOT Announce - maybe use that?
May 11 21:48:34 althio: but +1 for CommsWG to handle the specifics
May 11 21:49:11 BlakeGirardot_: I think we can advertise our survey on all our mailing lists, fb, twitter, blog, TM message system no problem, those are all essentially opt-in.
May 11 21:49:31 TomT5454: We can probably close at this point. I should summarize action items. We haven't covered Item 1. Althio, did you want to report on that?
May 11 21:50:02 althio: not mine, nothing to report :)
May 11 21:50:16 althio: more like asking the status myself
May 11 21:50:30 TomT5454: Maybe that's part of Russell's stuff
May 11 21:50:35 heatherleson: blake -sounds good
May 11 21:50:36 TomT5454: (Item 7)
May 11 21:51:24 heatherleson: note - I added the ‘training’ notes that were collected during the activation via a separate hackpad. There are some interesting thoughts on it. I think that this group is the right home for it
May 11 21:51:29 heatherleson: added my action item : )
May 11 21:52:34 althio: heatherleson: share with TrainingWG especially TomT5454 and RAytoun
May 11 21:52:53 althio: your hackpad on training notes please
May 11 21:53:19 heatherleson: i added the link into the agenda . scroll to bottom
May 11 21:53:20 RAytoun: @Tom5454 Heather's hackpad will be a great help
May 11 21:53:35 heatherleson: here is the link -
May 11 21:53:48 heatherleson: it was a very quick thing I started to redirect energy
May 11 21:53:53 TomT5454: Thanks, Heather. Item 2 and 5 are tied together. Immediate actions:
May 11 21:54:07 heatherleson: but I Think it points to how working groups could help during activations
May 11 21:54:24 heatherleson: we need to source all the ideas. feedback and filter back to the working groups from the mailing lists
May 11 21:54:25 althio: got it :) i know this one ;)
May 11 21:54:27 TomT5454: Blake is writing some introductory text. Tom anbd Ralph are summarizing E-mail suggestions
May 11 21:54:28 heatherleson: kk
May 11 21:55:16 heatherleson: this way there is continuity from activation heat on the mailing lists flowing to actions within the working groups. I can’t keep up with all the emails and ideas.
May 11 21:55:41 TomT5454: Heather is making contacts for translation
May 11 21:55:45 heatherleson: Dream - be able to hire a community manager for HOT to work on this to support staff and working groups. - literally source all the content and flow it
May 11 21:56:10 heatherleson: who am I connecting. Can you email me that action. I have the other email ask from althio : )
May 11 21:56:34 TomT5454: Will do when I summarize the IRC log.
May 11 21:56:34 heatherleson: super happy to chat with you. So much training learning this month.
May 11 21:56:46 heatherleson: kk
May 11 21:56:52 TomT5454: Meeting closed??
May 11 21:57:00 althio: last point ?
May 11 21:57:04 heatherleson: it is 11pm ast. going to write up the survey bits.
May 11 21:57:08 heatherleson: thank you all
May 11 21:57:23 TomT5454: Althio?
May 11 21:57:26 BlakeGirardot_: Good night heatherleson
May 11 21:57:37 althio: we skip 6e: anyone interested in translation, get in touch
May 11 21:57:56 RAytoun: Good night all and thaks to Tom for taking the Lead
May 11 21:58:02 althio: good night all
May 11 21:58:15 BlakeGirardot_: I will post the log to the wiki
May 11 21:58:56 TomT5454: Good night and thanks everyone. Thanks Blake. Coffee time for me.
May 11 22:01:53 heatherleson: thanks tom
May 11 22:01:56 heatherleson: night all.