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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 18:00 UTC Monday 23rd April 2018 using the Mumble server, but IRC monitored.


Blake Girardot, Michael Heißmeier, Ralph Aytoun & Russell Deffner


Trello board for Agenda <>

JOSM Webinar

We decided that the Webinar "JOSM for Beginners" will be held on Monday, May 21st, at 14:00-15:30 UTC using Zoom.

After some discussion about the form of this event Blake came up with the solution that we might use the first half for a presentation whereas the second half would give the participants the opportunity to try it out themselves under our guidance. This was generally accepted. This will require the participants to have Java and JOSM installed while we might guide them to install relevant plugins and choose some useful settings. In order to avoid producing separate handouts we will revise LearnOSM if needed and point to this material.

Michael prepared a draft version of an agenda. The discussion now turned to the question if this agenda is overloaded for 45 minutes. We decided to skip some advanced topics like 45° angles and instead to include some points which are relevant in a humanitarian context. Blake would like to see improving ways covered, Ralph added residential areas to the wish list. Blake suggested that we prepare a list of frequently used keyboard shortcuts and generate a cheat sheet as a reference for the participants. Ralph will provide some ideas for the "common errors" topic.

Blake asked whether we should display the currently pressed keys (a tool for this is available) during the course but Ralph argued that this display is too small and too quick. He considers it preferable to explain what we are doing.

The general guideline should be that we need to teach people to get going, they should leave the webinar with the feeling that they can contribute to the map on their own. Based on the assumption that they will be somewhat familiar with iD and how to use it together with the Tasking Manager we should briefly go through that workflow using JOSM and only explain the main differences to iD (e.g. imagery layers and remote control).

Russell will be the host at the event and care about the logistics. This includes a practice test for all presenters. The list of presenters is still preliminary, currently Blake and Michael volunteered to carry out parts of the presentation.

We will use the aforementioned agenda document as our planning tool. Everyone is encouraged to add ideas or suggest a modification. The current allocation of parts to presenters is definitively not final but we should reach an agreement on the contents of this document by May 7th.

Other Business

Blake proposed to revitalize the idea of issuing regular tweets. He said that his document on West African Mapping Tips could provide enough ideas to get started. Considering that we once tried to collect ideas for tweets in a Google document without much success we will exploit Blake's page and see if we can get any further.

Minutes of previous meeting


Date of Next Meeting

We agreed that we will hold weekly meetings until the JOSM Webinar.

16th April 2018, 18:00 UTC