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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 17:30 UTC Monday 24th June 2019 using the Mumble server.


Geoffrey Kateregga, Jess Beutler, Michael Heißmeier, Nick Allen & Russell Deffner


Trello board for Agenda:


The next webinar will be "JOSM for Beginners" and it will be held in the second half of August or early in September. The exact date will be agreed upon at our meeting on 2019-07-22.


Nick currently works on the HOT Tips section, mainly preparing animated GIFs with the new iD interface. He regularly shares updates on the staging site and asks for review.

Michael prepared an updated TM3 User Guide on the staging site and currently calls for review. He will transfer it to the production site next weekend incorporating any suggestions he receives by then. Further work on TM topics is postponed as a new version is about to be released later this year. There will be a stakeholder meeting in Heidelberg prior to the HOT Summit in September.

Work on the mobile mapping section will be coordinated with Jess as these tools are heavily used by HOT for field work. We will find out which kind of documentation should go into LearnOSM and which one into HOT's internal documentation for field work.

Other business

Our new form for people who want to obtain validator status is definitively used. So far we can still cope with the backlog but evaluating the performance of the candidates takes some time. Russ would like to do some onboarding if anybody else would like to join the review committee. This is to make sure that we keep a common understanding how to evaluate candidates and how to document the process.

Most recent previous minutes


older minutes are accessible from our working group page

Date of Next Meeting

8th July 2019, 17:30 UTC (Michael will not be present)