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The HOT Training WG met beginning at the pre-announced time of 0800 UTC (0400 EDT). The participants were Steve Bower and Tom Taylor, acting as Chair. The IRC log of the meeting follows these minutes. The proposed agenda was at, but was not followed given the lack of other participants.

Minutes of May 11 Meeting

The minutes of the May 11 meeting were reviewed briefly. Steve was present for part of the meeting, and agreed with the minutes for that part. The minutes had been checked over with participants before being generally posted.

Actions Out of the May 11 minutes

The following actions were noted:

  • Tom to E-mail Claire Halleux and Chair of Activation WG to determine status of collaborative hackpad document defining validation standards. CLOSED (achieved through dissemination of minutes)
  • Blake to write standard text to add to task descriptions, showing where to get help on various topics. OPEN
  • Training WG Chairs to coordinate with other WGs (Activation, Communications, Technical) to add the capability to present this information to the Task Manager. OPEN
  • Tom and Ralph to review E-mails on the list and extract training-related ideas. Their respective contributions are attached at the end of these minutes. (Ralph's was provided subsequent to the May 25 meeting). CLOSED
  • Heather to connect Althio with MapGive regarding translation of subtitles of MapGive videos for remote contributors. CLOSED
  • Ralph to coordinate with Nick Allen regarding the work of the new intern. CLOSED, overtaken by events
  • Heather to put Althio into contact with Transifex and Ushahidi. CLOSED
  • Althio to set up collaboration with Transifex and Ushahidi on development of a translation workflow. CLOSED
  • Heather to head development of statement of objectives and terms of reference for mapper survey. CLOSED. See [1].

Training-Related Ideas From The E-Mail List

There was a brief discussion of the ideas that Tom had pulled out of the E-mail list and sent out to the HOT Training list. Some ideas simply need location at the appropriate point in documentation, while others need to be dealt with at a higher level of content organization.

Action Tom undertook to create a map of existing materials by next meeting. Steve will also be working on this.

File:Ralph Digest extracts.odt Training Ideas From HOT List May 10-24.pdf


(4:03:34 AM) TomT5454: Training WG meeting?
(4:03:58 AM) csyogi left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
(4:06:14 AM) SteveBower: Yes - Training WG meeting?
(4:07:16 AM) SteveBower: althio posted an agenda,
(4:07:30 AM) TomT5454: I'm prepared to run it, if people are here to participate. Agenda is at
(4:07:57 AM) TomT5454: Minutes of previous meeting are at
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(4:11:05 AM) TomT5454: Althio provided most of the agenda, but says he is too busy to talk about it this morning. I had hoped to see the new intern, Anwar Abdul-Azim, on the chat, but apparently he is being "shown the ropes" elsewhere.
(4:13:21 AM) TomT5454: Let's start with the previous meeting minutes, first item on the agenda. Again,
(4:16:08 AM) SteveBower: No comments from me. I was on the chat but joined late.
(4:16:14 AM) TomT5454: First action item: I was supposed to E-mail Claire and the chair of the Activation WG to see what is happening with the collaborative hackpad on validation standards. I didn't do that because both Claire and Russell got the minutes, but I've had no information from them.
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(4:19:06 AM) PuyoDead [] entered the room.
(4:19:11 AM) TomT5454: Next action item: Blake to provide standard text for "extra instructions" in task text. Blake??
(4:21:05 AM) TomT5454: Next action: I and Ralph Aytoun to review the E-mails since the Nepal activation on the HOT list and pick out the training-related ideas.
(4:22:08 AM) TomT5454: I sent around my material to the Training list last night. I can attach it to the current meeting minutes to make it available on the Wiki.
(4:22:49 AM) TomT5454: Did you get it, Steve?
(4:23:13 AM) SteveBower: Yes, I reviewed it - looks good
(4:24:48 AM) TomT5454: Seems to be a couple of levels here. Some of it is small items, and the real question is: how do we capture these and locate them appropriately in our documentation? Example: the advice on dealing with low-contrast images.
(4:25:41 AM) TomT5454: Second level is more extensive: example: rapid assembly and tagging of photos of relevant objects for a particular activation.
(4:26:16 AM) SteveBower: Yes, I agree. Having the training material organized or indexed in such a way as to allow someone to find both introductory and detailed info is important.
(4:28:37 AM) TomT5454: I guess that's where it's critical to get good coordination. I had a few ideas on that, but then I got access to the training@hot E-mail list and found people have been working on this for a while.
(4:29:37 AM) SteveBower: Yes, me too - having joined the group just a few weeks ago, for Nepal response.
(4:29:41 AM) TomT5454: I'll just have to see where I fit in, but if this meeting attendance is any indication, we'll do more work by E-mail than by chat
(4:29:55 AM) SteveBower: Yep
(4:30:32 AM) TomT5454: We did better with the daytime meeting time, from my point of view. I had to set my alarm for this one.
(4:31:06 AM) SteveBower: I'm not clear yet on the universe of existing training material. Emphasis is on LearnOSM (tutorials), but "user guide" material (Wiki, videos, etc.) are also key.
(4:31:27 AM) SteveBower: Yes - 4am U.S. Eastern...
(4:32:49 AM) SteveBower: My main interest, at least initially, is helping with organization of training materials. Bring the perspective of a new user.
(4:33:19 AM) TomT5454: On the scope of the learning materials: I think I'll take on an action to get some sort of map by next meeting. I know they have been enumerated in the past on the Training Wiki site, but I don't know if that is up to date.
(4:34:01 AM) TomT5454: That doesn't mean I'll do all the exploring myself -- more nag other people, maybe.
(4:34:37 AM) SteveBower: I could help with a map - review mode, whatever. I think althio said the intern will be working on a site map.
(4:35:06 AM) TomT5454: You, Suzan, our new intern, can't think who else at the moment.
(4:35:22 AM) SteveBower: Yes - that's in the agenda, the "Outreachy - LearnOSM content"
(4:36:13 AM) TomT5454: OK, agreed: our key action item for the next two weeks until the next meeting.
(4:38:48 AM) TomT5454: Continuing on the last meeting action items: Heather has reported that she has E-mailed Mapgive as requested. She has contacted Ushahidi and that is in a second round of discussion.
(4:38:53 AM) SteveBower: I haven't checked the Outreachy link in the agenda - doesn't have any detail, just a cover page for May-Aug internships
(4:39:09 AM) SteveBower: I meant: I *just* checked...
(4:39:51 AM) SteveBower: I need to review MapGive's tutorial - will do that
(4:40:21 AM) TomT5454: Iève had no report back from Ralph on touching bases with Nick Allen.
(4:41:17 AM) TomT5454: My keyboard slips into Canadian multilingual standard every once in a while and I have to set it back to US
(4:42:35 AM) SteveBower: pas de problème
(4:42:35 AM) TomT5454: The survey is definitely being worked on -- can't remember if Heather said she had defined the terms of reference as promised -- have to check her E-mail.
(4:43:10 AM) SteveBower: ok
(4:44:17 AM) TomT5454: OK, to the agenda. I'm not sure there is much point in going forward with it without others here. Comments, any other business?
(4:45:52 AM) csyogi [~yogi_ks@] entered the room.
(4:46:37 AM) TomT5454: OK, let's close the meeting. Look forward to working with you over the coming couple of weeks.
(4:47:18 AM) SteveBower: @Tom - I agree, thanks. I have new material to review, would like to contribute on the organization, including references to material outside OSM. Till next.