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Meeting started by Tallguy-Nick at 18:01:13 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Preliminary Greetings


All welcome!

Actions - None

18:01:13 <Tallguy-Nick> #startmeeting HOT Training WG
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18:02:47 <Tallguy-Nick> I hope everyone's fit & well - can I check who we've got here for the meeting please
18:03:19 <BlakeGirardot_> hi all, im listen only for now
18:04:40 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay, looks like only a few of us here
18:04:43 <SteveBower> Steve here. FYI I've been out of commission for a week, hurt my arm in an accident. On the mend but typing will be slow for another week or two.
18:04:45 <SuzanReed> Nick, I invited Jim Smith, blarney, to join us today as we are helping with editing modules.
18:05:11 <blarney> Hi all.
18:05:27 <Tallguy-Nick> SteveBower - get well soon, you have my sympathy
18:05:38 <Tallguy-Nick> Welcome Jim
18:05:38 <SuzanReed> Same from me, Steve.
18:05:52 <SteveBower> Nothing broken, thankfully
18:06:11 <SuzanReed> That’s good. But those tissue injuries can be difficult.
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Approval of Agenda


Agenda approved.

Actions - None
18:06:51 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic Approval of Agenda
18:07:14 <SuzanReed> I read and approved the agenda.
18:07:34 <Tallguy-Nick> #link
18:07:42 <SuzanReed> Sorry. I just got out of the hospital and my brain is not working with my fingers yet!
18:08:18 <SteveBower> looks good
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Approval of August 19 minutes


Minutes approved, but see subsequent correction #amend minutes

Action - Tallguy-Nick

See #amend minutes for discussion on amendment needed - Tallguy-Nick accepted as action.
18:08:57 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic Approval of August 19 minutes.
18:09:21 <Tallguy-Nick> #link
18:10:04 <Tallguy-Nick> just a comment on that - the two French items relates to two versions of French on Transifex - not sure what the differencs are
18:10:14 <SteveBower> minutes look fine, though I was absent
18:10:45 <SuzanReed> Minutes look good.
18:11:04 <Tallguy-Nick> Does anyone need more time on the minutes?
18:11:34 <RAytoun> Not me. they look fine
18:11:44 <Tallguy-Nick> okay, moving on
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LearnOSM updates


Thanks to ErikaKristie & Mikel Maron for the Field Papers translation to Spanish through GitHub.Couple of amendments by Blake Girardot including a note concerning making deletes in the iD section. Tasking Manager has been updated by Tallguy-Nick, and is now with Suzan & Jim for a further review before adding to Transifex for translation.

Actions - Suzan & Jim,Tallguy-Nick,

Suzan & Jim - Update to Tasking Manager module.

Tallguy-Nick - New screenshots for TM module when buttons have changed. Amend text or discuss with Suzan & Jim. E-mail .odt's of modules of beginners section to Suzan & Jim for update.

Blake Girardot - completed the creation of an issue for alteration of text buttons (

18:11:50 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic LearnOSM updates
18:12:03 <Tallguy-Nick> My notes read as follows
18:12:19 <Tallguy-Nick> Many thanks to ErikaKristie & Mikel Maron for the Field Papers translation to Spanish through GitHub.
18:12:19 <Tallguy-Nick> Couple of amendments by Blake Girardot including a note concerning making deletes in the iD section.
18:12:19 <Tallguy-Nick> Tasking Manager has been updated by me, and is now with Suzan & Jim for a further review before adding to Transifex for translation.
18:13:41 <SuzanReed> We will be editing Tasking Manager this week.
18:14:21 <Tallguy-Nick> Looking at the discussions on email, I'm getting ready to change some screenshots of 'start' and stop mapping
18:16:15 <SuzanReed> Start Mapping, Stop Mapping, and Submit for Review are good improvements IMHO
18:16:52 <Tallguy-Nick> I agree, much better terms
18:17:17 <BlakeGirardot_> I am not a fan of submit for review
18:17:34 <SuzanReed> What do you suggest, Blake?
18:17:44 <BlakeGirardot_> I think we should stick with "mapping completed"
18:17:48 <BlakeGirardot_> submit for review
18:17:51 <BlakeGirardot_> could be done anytime
18:18:02 <BlakeGirardot_> even if the task square is not done
18:18:04 <BlakeGirardot_> is my main concern
18:18:11 <BlakeGirardot_> and i did agree with
18:18:14 <BlakeGirardot_> the person on the list
18:18:22 <BlakeGirardot_> who said it does sort of set up
18:18:24 <BlakeGirardot_> expectations
18:18:32 <BlakeGirardot_> and people might not map til they hear back
18:18:37 <BlakeGirardot_> sorry, phone again, back in afew
18:18:47 <SuzanReed> Jim, do you have any suggestions for words?
18:19:02 <SteveBower> how abt "mapping complete, submit for review"?
18:19:34 <SuzanReed> Mapping Complete might work.
18:19:57 <SteveBower> or "mapping complete, submit tile for review" - good to be explicit
18:20:16 <SuzanReed> Is there enough room for all those words?
18:20:17 <Tallguy-Nick> I don't know how it should be done, but I'd prefer it if even new people submitted the square for review
18:21:02 <blarney> Maybe too wordy. But I like the clarity of Mapping Complete - Submit for Review. Covers everything.
18:21:26 <RAytoun> Mapping Complete puts us back to the beginning where they are not sure if it is complete or not. Submit for review gives the idea someone else is going to look over it and they will feel more confident
18:21:26 <SuzanReed> Might be a stacked button.
18:21:53 <SuzanReed> Easy enough to use a condensed type face.
18:22:11 <Tallguy-Nick> Could be text above "When you think the mapping is complete, click on" __ "Submit for review"
18:22:12 <SuzanReed> Use a condensed face on Start Mapping and Stop Mapping, too
18:23:01 <SuzanReed> I’m not a fan of “you” “us” “we”. How else can that be said>
18:23:36 <RAytoun> I still favour Unlock.. I have been asked at quite a few Mapathons about other mapping on the tile they are working on and they feel happier knowing that the tile is "locked"
18:24:40 <SuzanReed> I didn’t understand Lock and Unlock intuitively.
18:26:10 <RAytoun> Then we need to look at the explanation more closely so that it is clear to others what that means
18:26:49 <RAytoun> Once they understand that they feel a lot happier that no one else can work on the tile that they are on
18:26:57 <SuzanReed> I thought they were backwards. That I would be unlocking to map then locking it again when I was done.
18:27:26 <BlakeGirardot_> lock/unlock is confusing
18:27:43 <SuzanReed> I agree. It is very confusing.
18:28:06 <SuzanReed> Jim, you are a wordsmith. What do you think?
18:28:54 <SteveBower> To further complicate: I believe the tile is not actually locked, just displayed as "Cur. worked on". Does TM prevent others from loading the same tile? In any case, the underlying data are not locked - correct?
18:29:08 <blarney> I think we should use Mapping Complete - Submit for Review if possible
18:29:08 <SuzanReed> BTW, John Whelan introduced us. We map together. Jim is on the East Coast, I’m on the West Coast.
18:30:20 <SteveBower> As Nick noted, we could add clarifying text next to the button, e.g., "Others will see this tile is in use when you Start Mapping"
18:30:32 <SuzanReed> Javascript rollovers with further explanations?
18:30:47 <blarney> Even if partially defined in a "tip" as SteveB indicated.
18:31:04 <blarney> JS rollovers may not work for some
18:31:48 <SuzanReed> Yet JS has to be working as the TM uses javascripts.
18:33:04 <blarney> Good point. Rollover might be best then. Button is "Submit for Review" and rollover popup is "Mapping is complete".
18:33:15 <RAytoun> I am comfortable with whatever words you put on the button, I teach the concept of their use and if that is understood then the words are just indicators where to click.
18:34:01 <BlakeGirardot_> So now, we start mapping with a click to "Start Mapping" so "Stop Mapping" would make it consistent and I think is clear
18:34:32 <SuzanReed> Stop and Start and Mapping all translate into other languages well.
18:34:54 <SuzanReed> Does Submit translate? Or Review?
18:35:31 <Tallguy-Nick> I think we need to leave that up to the translators skills
18:36:02 <SuzanReed> Check In and Check Out were nixed because they don’t translate well at all.
18:36:18 <Tallguy-Nick> They don't work for my UK english either
18:37:08 <SuzanReed> I’m comfortable with Mapping Complete: submit for review.
18:38:12 <Tallguy-Nick> Could someone take an action to forward that to the Tech team please?
18:39:21 <BlakeGirardot_> I can
18:39:59 <Tallguy-Nick> #action BlakeGirardot to update conclusion of discussion on TM buttons to Tech team
18:40:06 <Tallguy-Nick> Thanks for that Black
18:40:12 <Tallguy-Nick> Blake!
18:40:21 <SteveBower> (FYI, based on a quick test: TM "start mapping" does lock a tile from being opened by others in TM. But the underlying data are not locked.)
18:40:55 <Tallguy-Nick> We can't do anything about the underlying data or someone mapping out of their square
18:41:10 <SteveBower> Nope
18:41:20 <blarney> To clarify, at the top it says, " Locked by you. Unlock". Would that be changed to "Locked by you. Stop mapping"? or?
18:41:57 <SuzanReed> I think we want to lose the “Locked by you” text.
18:42:33 <blarney> So that entire phrase should just be a link to "Stop mapping", right?
18:42:35 <SuzanReed> That would change to Start Mapping and Stop Mapping.
18:43:03 <blarney> Clear and clean. I like that.
18:43:55 <SteveBower> The current rollover tip for "Unlock" is "Stop working on this task and unlock it. You may resume work on it again later."
18:44:31 <SuzanReed> “Stop Mapping. You may resume mapping later” ??
18:44:32 <SteveBower> The current rollover tip for "Mark task as done" is "Mark this task as done if you have completed all items in the instructions."
18:44:55 <SuzanReed> Too long. I don’t think people read that.
18:45:13 <blarney> Suzan, I like yours.
18:45:22 <BlakeGirardot_> I think the roll over text can include the the unlock comment
18:45:46 <BlakeGirardot_> but making the UI clearer by remove the unlock is beneficial.
18:45:48 <SteveBower> I think those current rollovers work, and aren't too long.
18:45:48 <SuzanReed> Mapping Complete: rollover “submit for review” ?
18:45:59 <Tallguy-Nick> Will 'Stop Mapping' lead to two buttons?
18:46:18 <BlakeGirardot_> No, just the current unlock will change to 'stop mapping'
18:46:26 <SuzanReed> Stop Mapping replaces Lock and UnLock, and is one button.
18:46:59 <SteveBower> I think you mean, "Stop Mapping" replaces "Unlock"
18:47:09 <SuzanReed> Sorry. Start Mapping replaces Lock. Stop Mapping replaces Unlock. Correct?
18:47:11 <BlakeGirardot_> I have submitted this for review and would suggest fine details on how to implement it could be put on the issue in GitHub
18:47:19 <BlakeGirardot_>
18:47:34 <BlakeGirardot_> That will directly address all the interested parties and people who can actually make the change.
18:47:36 <SteveBower> Sounds good
18:48:04 <Tallguy-Nick> Are done on that now?
18:48:15 <SuzanReed> Done. Yes.
18:48:16 <RAytoun> Visually the Mark task as done is the same colour as the Start Mapping which is misleading.
18:48:46 <SuzanReed> Are those graphics? Or text?
18:49:03 <SteveBower> Green button, white text "Mark task as done"
18:49:21 <SteveBower> The "Unlock" button is white, black text
18:49:23 <SuzanReed> If graphics, I can make them into buttons and correct the color so it is intuitive which is which.
18:50:37 <SuzanReed> Or someone else can make the buttons.
18:50:42 <SteveBower> I don't think it's confusing - they don't appear at the same time
18:51:35 <SteveBower> that is, "Stop Mapping" will only appear after one clicks "Start mapping"
18:51:47 <SteveBower> same for "Mark task as done"
18:52:34 <SteveBower> but "Stop mapping" and "Mark task as done" (or "Submit...") will appear together
18:52:45 <Tallguy-Nick> I'd like to see them different as when the timer expires I'd like to see clearly that I need to lock my square again
18:54:39 <SteveBower> maybe make "Mark task as done" (or its successor") yellow, the same color used to show a tile as done
18:55:13 <SuzanReed> I like that color consistency, Steve.
18:55:17 <blarney> When the timer has 5 minutes left, can we pop-over a dialog box that says, "Your session is about to end. Click to renew" or something like that?
18:55:53 <Tallguy-Nick> blarney - not all web browsers seem to refresh - safari doesn't always for someone I help to map
18:55:54 <blarney> Much like my bank does when I forget to log off
18:56:08 <blarney> ok
18:56:27 <SuzanReed> I have never seen a notice that my time has run out.
18:56:52 <SuzanReed> Would be good to have one that works in all browsers.
18:58:10 <Tallguy-Nick> It may need something adding in to JOSM, iD & potlatch2, as that's where we're looking & concentrating
18:58:14 <blarney> Banks must have a way around that. Is there someone with more smarts than I have who could come up with a way to make that work?
18:59:10 <SuzanReed> Steve has submitted this to GitHub. It looks to me as if we should do a wireframe and describe each button and task in detail. How do we proceed with that work outside of the meeting?
18:59:13 <blarney> The box usually pops over anything, not just the browser so it should work with JOSM and others
19:01:48 <SteveBower> @Suzan : I haven't submitted that to GitHub. Did you mean another Steve?
19:01:56 <SuzanReed> Would it be appropriate to discuss this outside of the meeting?
19:02:35 <Tallguy-Nick> SuzanReed I think you would have to make contact on GitHub
19:02:40 <Tallguy-Nick> #link
19:03:59 <SuzanReed> Sorry. I was confused. I can see this has been submitted.
19:04:20 <SuzanReed> Blake submitted it.
19:05:14 <SuzanReed> Nick and all. I would like to report on website consistency. Will there be time?
19:06:02 <Tallguy-Nick> I'm happy to discuss that now, if everyone has finished on the previous subject
19:06:15 <SuzanReed> Would also like to know how the modules are coming along.
19:06:31 <Tallguy-Nick> which modules?
19:06:37 <SuzanReed> Learning.
19:06:46 <SuzanReed> Like the one you sent to me on the TM.
19:07:17 <Tallguy-Nick> The ones you have sent back are now onto LearnOSM and with Tranisfex for translating
19:08:01 <SuzanReed> I haven’t sent anything back. The only one I have is yours on the Tasking Manager.
19:08:28 <Tallguy-Nick> Jim sent me some amendments - sorry, I thought they were from both of you
19:08:54 <SuzanReed> We intended to edit for clarity. He submitted grammar changes.
19:09:20 <SuzanReed> I need to step away for a mintue
19:11:18 <blarney> Nick, sorry for any confusion. The initail one I submitted was a base for Suzan to start with. We're using that to make the content clean and lean.
19:12:40 <Tallguy-Nick> OK, as & when you submit to me I'm ready to put them into LearnOSM
19:15:27 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay.... suggest we move on & return to this subject if needed
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HOT Training Centre


1. SuzanReed outlined a correction required to the minutes of the previous meeting concerning who was working with who on which website. See Action by Tallguy-Nick as a consequence. 2. Discussion on review of LearnOSM modules, & which ones Suzan will amend. Tasking Manager module is with Suzan, and she would like others from the beginners section sent to her.
3. Left blank intentionally to keep Actions and summary in line.
4. Discussion between the team and jarmokivekas concerning amendments to button labels and text within Tasking Manager. Agreement reached & jarmokivekas was submitting these changes as a pull request. 5. Brief disucssion on HOT Training centre, but no further changes at this stage.

Actions - Tallguy-Nick, SuzanReed & blarney

1. Ensure minutes of previous meeting are updated with amendment from SuzanReed.
2. Tallguy-Nick to send LearnOSM modules in .odt format to Suzan & Jim (blarney).
3. Reveiw / amendment by Suzan & Jim of modules sent by Nick

19:16:12 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic HOT Training Centre


<SuzanReed> Reading through the minutes again, I see that I am working with Katja on the main site, and I am not.

19:18:49 <Tallguy-Nick> SuzanReed, could you clarify where in the minutes, and what actually is happening please
19:19:25 <SuzanReed> Under Progress on Master List.
19:20:06 <SuzanReed> Suzan Reed offered the services of herself and her partner, Jim Reed, to improve the presentation of the LearnOSM web site. The overall objective would be to provide a family resemblance amongst all of the OSM related sites, to make it easier for users to navigate from one to another. Customization of elements such as colours could be done for individual sites. She has been working on the main OSM web site with Katja Ulbert.
19:20:09 <SuzanReed> Suzan and her partners will prepare a proposed remake of the beginning page(s) of LearnOSM and provide to the team in PDF format, when she has time. She was warned that the broader community might or might not tolerate changes from the existing content and presentation.
19:21:34 <SuzanReed> Katja is working on the OSM site, and they are in the wireframe phase, detailing what goes on each page. The design is far into the future, and she felt it best the sites don’t have any consistency, or at least that’s how I read what she said.
19:22:12 <SuzanReed> Jim and I will edit the modules for clarity, consistency, and brevity.
19:22:22 <SuzanReed> Before they go to translation.
19:22:58 <SuzanReed> As to the site itself? It could use a bit of tightening up, but that’s really all I feel needs doing at this time.
19:24:05 <SuzanReed> Having one editorial voice across all the LearnOSM modules will make them consistent. We will also look for grammar and tighten up wording for clarity.
19:24:56 <Tallguy-Nick> Not sure how 'tightening up' can be achieved, but the rest sounds reasonable & desireable to me
19:25:20 <SuzanReed> Jim has written several books, and I have been editing for clarity for many years. Together I think we can add value to the LearnOSM area.
19:26:20 <SuzanReed> Not sure if “tightening up” is needed either. We need to get into them first.
19:26:52 <Tallguy-Nick> Suzan, are you waiting on something from me?
19:26:54 <SuzanReed> So I was curious where all the modules are in the process, and when we might review them before they go to translation?
19:27:23 <SuzanReed> We have your Tasking Manager mondule. We just need to get into it.
19:27:42 <Tallguy-Nick> Suzan, when you want another, you only have to ask
19:28:10 <SuzanReed> hahaha! OK! Well, send them. It would be good to have them all at one time.
19:28:55 <Tallguy-Nick> I don't have all 100+ of them as .odt's, indeed there are many I have not even had time to read
19:29:25 <SuzanReed> 100+? I thought we were working on a finite number of say 10?
19:29:53 <Tallguy-Nick> The beginner section would be the best place to start, but it is not the most visited on the site at the moment
19:30:13 <SuzanReed> I would like to work on the beginner section.
19:30:23 <Tallguy-Nick> I'll send them to you
19:30:38 <SuzanReed> Nick, can you sort out what is most important and send them?
19:31:33 <Tallguy-Nick> important.... I'd like the beginners section and a few others done. Some more technical ones are more popular but I think the users are GIS experts and they seem to be coping
19:31:58 <SuzanReed> I agree.
19:32:31 <SuzanReed> I am comfortable leaving this topic now
19:33:16 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay - looks as if we need an amendment to last meetings minutes though
19:33:54 <jarmokivekas> Hey everyboy
19:34:08 <BlakeGirardot_> hi jarmokivekas
19:34:38 <SuzanReed> Hi Jarmokivekas.
19:35:01 <jarmokivekas> I just dropped by irc an notice the meeting going on. I read the backlog about the buttons in tasking manager. I'm implementing those changes now.
19:35:48 <SuzanReed> Nick, how are the minutes revised?
19:35:55 <Tallguy-Nick> #action ~Tallguy-Nick amend last meeting minutes
19:36:14 <Tallguy-Nick> I'll add an update to the wiki
19:36:23 <SuzanReed> Thanks.
19:37:17 <SteveBower> @jarmokivekas: If no disagreement here, could you make the "Mark task as done" button yellow, to match the map color for a tile that is "done" - which we briefly discussed above - thanks
19:39:29 <jarmokivekas> SteveBower: Ok, I'll do that
19:39:30 <BlakeGirardot_> jarmokivekas: Thank you very much. Screenshots would help to, much quicker to review ui changes that way
19:39:58 <jarmokivekas> I'll put some in the pull request very soon
19:41:29 <SuzanReed> jarmokivekas: You are changing the buttons to Start Mapping (lock) and Stop Mapping (unlock)? And Mapping Complete Submt for Review (done)?
19:42:57 <jarmokivekas> SuzanReed: yes right now I've changed them so Start mapping / Stop mapping /Submi for review
19:43:37 <BlakeGirardot_> jarmokivekas: Just a note, the main developer, Pierre giraud, really likes pull requests that are just 1 commit, so if you can squash your commits before the pr, that might save a bit of time.
19:44:23 <jarmokivekas> BlakeGirardot_: I can do that
19:44:51 <jarmokivekas> I'd like to include this change:
19:44:51 <jarmokivekas> donetip = _("Mark this task as done if you have completed all items in the instructions.")
19:44:55 <jarmokivekas> + donetip = _("Mark this task as done once all items in the instructions are completed.")
19:44:55 <SuzanReed> jarmokivekas: I think it’s “Mapping Complete — Submit for Review.
19:45:27 <SuzanReed> Suggestion:
19:46:23 <blarney> Submit for review when all items in the instructions have been completed.
19:46:27 <SuzanReed> When Mapping is Complete and all items in the instructions are done…
19:46:42 <SuzanReed> What Blarney said.
19:46:59 <jarmokivekas> I like blarney's too
19:47:18 <Tallguy-Nick> blarney's works for m
19:47:20 <Tallguy-Nick> me
19:49:01 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay, pending an update on TM, any updates on
19:49:06 <RAytoun> me
19:50:04 <BlakeGirardot_> I think everything is open and ready for business as a beta test at this stage basically.
19:50:27 <BlakeGirardot_> Russ is out doing training related to it, but has limited connectivity
19:50:40 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay, do we need to do more at this meeting, or shall we leave that for next meeting?
19:50:42 <BlakeGirardot_> so I think he is hoping to get feedback on it while he is gone.
19:51:07 <Tallguy-Nick> OK, I've been trying to look through & will keep doing that
19:51:25 <SuzanReed> BlakeGirardot_: We discussed the Activation module. It needs to be edited and content added.
19:51:34 <BlakeGirardot_> Ya, I don't think there is much related to the existing content, other than feedback welcome and Russ knows it needs some expansion in areas and eventually a final review/edit.
19:52:13 <SuzanReed> The Activation module is the only one I’ve seen on the site. Are there others?
19:52:16 <BlakeGirardot_> SuzanReed: I passed that on to Russ as well and he agrees
19:52:37 <BlakeGirardot_> So there are about 9 or 10 "courses" at the moment
19:52:53 <BlakeGirardot_> they are all part of the Activation Coordinator Lead
19:53:02 <BlakeGirardot_> curriculum
19:53:11 <Tallguy-Nick> I'd like to look at making some modules for newbies - would that be welcome yet?
19:53:20 <BlakeGirardot_> So they all are on the AC role and parts of what you do in activation coordination
19:53:52 <BlakeGirardot_> I think so Nick, Russ's courses are Russ's courses, they fit the program he developed
19:54:02 <BlakeGirardot_> But the moodle platform is open to any courses
19:54:13 <BlakeGirardot_> so I think there should be general mapping courses as well.
19:54:27 <BlakeGirardot_> Somewhere around here I proposed 3 for "intermediate" mappers.
19:54:43 <Tallguy-Nick> OK - I'm still trying to find time to read up on making them
19:55:28 <BlakeGirardot_>
19:55:54 <Tallguy-Nick> If LearnOSM is not HOT targeted, then the Training centre should be our target for HOT specifics
19:56:07 <jarmokivekas> sorry if I'm interrupting all the time but: << Mind if the lable is just "Submit for review" and the part about mapping being comlete is in (blarney's version of) the tooltip ? The buttons don't quite fit otherwise.
19:56:33 <BlakeGirardot_> Ya, Mapping Complete is needed in the button
19:56:46 <SuzanReed> Could be
19:56:52 <SuzanReed> Map Complete?
19:56:52 <BlakeGirardot_> Submit for review is not clear that we intend you to hit it when the square is done
19:57:18 <SuzanReed> Map Completed?
19:57:23 <BlakeGirardot_> Tallguy-Nick: Found this old document too and added your imagery style to it:
19:58:34 <SteveBower> @jarmokivekas, could you wrap text in the 2nd button?
20:00:46 <RAytoun> Map Complete? Or should we stick to the terminology Tile complete or square complete?
20:01:41 <SuzanReed> Tile Complete makes more sense.
20:01:50 <BlakeGirardot_> I think start mapping, stop mapping, mapping complete makes a lot of sense
20:02:23 <BlakeGirardot_> Tile is a confusing term in the sense that it already has a meaning in our area and tasking manager tasks are not always squares, just most of them.
20:02:56 <SuzanReed> And “tile” can mean many different things.
20:03:34 <jarmokivekas> In the interface the areas are reffered to as Tasks
20:03:37 <BlakeGirardot_> Yes, I would prefer to stick to the consistency, of start mapping, stop mapping, mapping complte
20:04:00 <SuzanReed> I agree with Blake.
20:04:01 <SteveBower> +1, "Mapping complete"
20:04:12 <jarmokivekas> Mapping comlete it is
20:04:13 <blarney> Having buttons with the optioions "Stop Mapping" and "Map Completed" side-by-side should be clear on/off. Add the tool-tip and I think it should be fine.
20:04:47 <BlakeGirardot_> mapping
20:05:00 <BlakeGirardot_> The mapping is what we are doing and is what gets complete
20:05:43 <SuzanReed> Keep the word “mapping” throughout = good.
20:05:45 <blarney> "Stop Mapping" button of course being "Start Mapping" which changes to "Stop Mapping" when clicked
20:05:47 <RAytoun> I can see the logic there and it is consistent
20:06:22 <SteveBower> The rollover tooltip should be updated. Currently "Mark this task as done if you have completed all items in the instructions."
20:06:24 <SuzanReed> FYI Jim developes website.
20:06:44 <SteveBower> ... change to "Submit for review if you have completed all items in the instructions."
20:07:31 <SuzanReed> Submit for review if all items in the instructions are completed. Shorter.
20:08:16 <SuzanReed> Submit for review WHEN all items in the instructions are completed.
20:08:30 <jarmokivekas> SuzanReed: i was just thinking the same
20:08:41 <blarney> Perfect
20:08:46 <SteveBower> sounds good
20:08:49 <SuzanReed> Submit for review when all instructions are completed.
20:09:08 <SteveBower> @jarmokivekas, you got that?
20:09:37 <SuzanReed> You all like: Submit for review when all instructions are completed.?
20:09:50 <SuzanReed> Shorter, easier to read and understand.
20:10:10 <jarmokivekas> I like it
20:11:23 <SteveBower> yes
20:11:54 <SuzanReed> Or…complete?
20:12:12 <SuzanReed> Submit for review when all instructions are complete.
20:13:20 <SuzanReed> I could go with Completed or Complete.
20:14:00 <Tallguy-Nick> The instructions are complete when the project is published. We want them completed
20:14:34 <SuzanReed> Exactly, Nick.
20:14:45 <jarmokivekas> Tallguy-Nick: So true
20:15:28 <SteveBower> yep - "completed"
20:15:52 <SuzanReed> Completed.
20:18:53 <Tallguy-Nick> sorry, dragging the meeting back - are we done with HOT Training centre for this meeting?
20:19:29 <SteveBower> yep
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New Business

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20:19:52 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic New Business
20:20:01 <Tallguy-Nick> Any New business?
20:21:21 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay... moving quickly on
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Next Meeting


Next Meeting agreed as 1800UTC Monday 14th September

Jim Smith (blarney), welcomed as a new member of the Training Working Group.

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20:21:31 <Tallguy-Nick> #topic Next meeting
20:22:10 <Tallguy-Nick> 1800UTC Mon 14th Sep - is that okay with all?
20:22:23 <SteveBower> good for me
20:23:44 <RAytoun> Good for me
20:23:46 <SuzanReed> Good for me.
20:24:01 <Tallguy-Nick> Do you want me to end the meeting, and we can wait for any updates on the TM in our own time, or would you rather keep this going - personally I need to leave the computer soon - having problems seeing!
20:24:05 <SuzanReed> May Jim Smith blarney join the WG?
20:24:23 <SuzanReed> I need to leave, too.
20:24:45 <Tallguy-Nick> #action - Jim Smith, blarney, now member of WG (I hope that's with his approval!
20:24:59 <blarney> I'll try to behave :)
20:25:42 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay, winding up. Thank you all for your time, and input both in & out of the meeting!
20:25:59 <RAytoun> Thanks for the meeting Nick, you need to look after that eye and let it heal.
20:26:07 <Tallguy-Nick> eye know
20:26:14 <SuzanReed> I highly recommed having a mapping partner when new. Helps with motivation and learning.
20:26:48 <SuzanReed> Thank you everyone.
20:26:55 <Tallguy-Nick> Thank you &
20:26:58 <Tallguy-Nick> #endmeeting
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  • New Business (Tallguy-Nick, 20:19:52)
  • Next meeting (Tallguy-Nick, 20:21:31)
 * ACTION: - Jim Smith, blarney, now member of WG (I hope that's with
   his approval!  (Tallguy-Nick, 20:24:45)

Meeting ended at 20:26:58 UTC.

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  • blarney
 * - Jim Smith, blarney, now member of WG (I hope that's with his
  • Tallguy-Nick
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