Humanitarian OSM Team/SOTM2010 planning session

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H.O.T. meetup at State Of The Map 2010 in Girona, Spain Saturday July 10th

notes: Dane Springmeyer


  • (by Nicolas Chavent, just back from third deployment to Haiti)
  • So much has been happening and has happened (since haiti).
  • The challenge is to stay on the same page
  • This meeting about reinforcing importance of strengthening momentum, grow community
  • We have proved that HOT is strong, has ability to penetrate emergency/relief situaiton, given access to imagery and actors
  • We are now working on how to best "ground" knowledge and skills for the longer term in haiti.
  • Trying to bridge the disaster scenarios & non-disaster, the relief -> response phases.

Big Questions for Meeting

  • What are the next activites?
  • How can we make next moves that are?
  1. actionable
  2. concrete
  3. viable
  4. sustainable
  • What can do do to get ahead of next emergency?
  • And if we can't get ahead of the next emergency, how can we better also learn from lessions and organize

Brainstorm of Ideas

Kate Chapman):

Need to incorporate, a way to accept money, because there is good potential to fundraise
Imperitive we give a way for entities to reach in from outside
Could do duel org, registered in US (kate leads) and France (nicolas leads)

John Crowley:

We do need an org founded/chapter
But we also need to get clear on a *process* to reach H.O.T. peronsal and the wider OSM community needs and questions
ticket/task matcher, mailing list, ?
Gov't contracts are slow, slow, slow - how to have an open contract that can be activated the minute a disaster happens?
Role of OSM in technical stack
Basically, OSM is desired in all sorts of new places and institutions.
Are we going to sit back and let it get consumed or actively persure implementing integration ourselves?
E.g. - PEAK - disaster kit - us mil initiative of southcom
Provides power, water, sms, situational awareness (gis)
H.O.T. members could play active role in putting the OSM piece together/ provide services
HOT could bid or act as broker to get OSM-enbabled geodata


Really disinct opportunity to organize osm community around much needed tools:
OAM, tasking server, studying editing patterns in haiti to learn how to work better together
Deploying - we have a lot to learn from map action
Distinct focus places to work on now, to get-ahead of problems
nepal (high chance of earth quake, roads collapse), guatemala (world bank interested)
Be able to translate culture of sharing --> institutional links to imagery providers
Do H.O.T. need to become a Distaster Charter member - can we attach to an existing?

Group Discussion:

Better communication - we've got blog (, but we need more (website)
Need for simulation exercises - what would it be like to respond on the ground
UNDAC - could participate with mapaction
Huge, compelling idea:
Coordinate those who have been through a crisis to travel to help train for the next (e.g haitians deployed to nepal)

Okay, so what are the action items?

Incorporate in both us and france - asap after checking with lawyer on international charities issues
Consider seriously becoming a "thematic" local chapter - leadership needs to be democratically elected
Good plan to check with osgeo about their setup - level of international status, how helps, how does not help
OSGEO model of membership by nomination also a good idea.
Provide support directly to haiti continuing work
At least two more deployments by Nicolos and crew before end of hurricane season


  1. Thea/kate - incorporate
  2. Next haiti deployments - july and sept with nicolas
  3. One-pager on H.O.T. needed
  4. Get home, pick something to do, don't ask permission, keep apprised of happenings, post to HOT mailing list
  5. Seek to get out a lot of writing, briefs, plans, what WE want to do
  6. Let more people know about resource from Haiti work - nice workshop materials and guides
  7. Hold a disaster exercise (collaborate with map action)