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Data import in crisis zones

Revise administrative boundaries, localities, major infratrucutures. Identify and import data relevant for this crisis.

See OSM Bulk Import Polycy .

Groups to be advised when bulk import is made -->

Revision of administrative boundaries, localities, major infrastructures

LINKTO Import Data Guidelines (ie. ressources and scripts available, usual tasks, persons to consult).

Various Data Registries (ie. UNOCHA-COD, GISNames) may be examined to collect information and revise OSM Database when needed. But some do not respect OSM ODbl license. To assure coordination, guidelines are given on how to add/remove/revise nodes, particular variables to add (for example, OCHA attributes).

This task should be taken by experience mappers that well know OSM Bulk import policy. They should let others know they are doing it, to allow coordination of effort. A short post to the mailing list would suffice.

Identify and import data relevant for this crisis

What data is needed by other humanitarian groups

LINKTO HOT Coordination with other Humanitarian groups Guidelines.

Either, other humanitarian groups may ask to import relevant data for Humanitarian Response, or one or more HOT volunteers contact humanitarian groups for their needs.