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The HOT Activation Working Group is tasked with developing and/or proposing procedures, monitoring, tools, and/or other recommendations for management of HOT's distaster mapping program. This aims to make more people participating actively, including local OSM communities, connect with the humanitarian stakeholders and their needs, make the data completely useful and more easy to use.

How to Get Involved

The best way to get involved in the working group is to join the next meeting; this group meets on the #hot IRC channel on OFTC.
Google Calendar Invite

Meeting agenda and minutes/IRC logs

Next Meeting: TBD
AWG Trello Board: HOT Activation WG

Previous Meetings:

Activation Coordination

Another way to get involved is to take the Activation Training courses and volunteer to participate in Disaster Mapping coordination.
The group can also be contacted via email by anyone regarding Disaster Mapping, see the HOT website; however, only 'permanent' members of the group are invited to join the email group to receive and participate in conversations without needing to be copied.
Questions regarding the Activation Working Group can be directed to:
Either the current Activation WG co-leads:Cristiano Giovando and Mhairi O'Hara; or the current HOT Board facilitator: Severin Menard.

Current work

Activation Protocol

Activation Training

Previous Work

  • A specific Hackpad was used during the creation of the working group for everyone to share her/his thoughts on all things this group should address.
  • Early Activation Process development was done at this wiki-page /Template.
  • Further work on HOT activation procedures (including some yet to be used/incorporated processes such as imagery coordination)