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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015

People present (lines said)

  • mataharimhairi (116)
  • althio (10)
  • sev_hotosm (126)
  • BlakeGirardot (121)
  • pierzen (21)
  • mkl (21)
  • russdeffner (45)
  • MarkC (46)
  • nicochav (80)

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Meeting summary

  • AGENDA: Coming shortly - See HOT Email Discussion list
  1. Activation Documentation Project
    • Mhairi, is a part time staff member of HOT, helping in the implementation/project management of the Hewlett Grant and HOT's field work as well as other software development projects.
    • Mhairi is responsible for the overall project.
    • Suggestions for Activation Coordinators (ACs) to attend the Activation Documentaion (AD) sprint
    1. AndrewBuck (not available) - Experienced AC
    2. Pierre Beland - Experienced AC
    3. Severin Menard - Experienced AC
    4. Mark Cupitt - Experienced AC
    5. Adityo Dwijananto who is a trainer with HOT in Indonesia. Adityo sits at the Indonesian disaster management agency 1 day a week and is responsible for linking between the government and HOT for our activations.
    6. Blake Girardot - Apprentice AC (has been focused on defining AC role, duties and training as well)
    7. Nicolas - Experienced AC
    8. Mikel - Experienced AC
    9. Fred - Experienced AC
    10. Maning - Experienced AC
    • Activation Working Group (AGW) is to decide how many should attend the sprint based on budget and availablity
    • 220 hours are allocated in the budget for ACs time - AWG should decide how to spend it
    • Would like 2 - 3 ACs to work with the Cirriculum Specialist (CS)
    • ACs would work with the CS over 6 months starting 2 weeks prior to the sprint.
    • It is important to get the ACs interacting with the CS before the sprint.
    • CS will work with the AGW over the whole time as well, but 2 or 3 dedicated ACs will help the process
    • AC time requirements will be large in the start, but decrease over time ending with just reviewing materials created by the CS
    • Severin rasied the issue that the contract should be broken up, 6 months was too long in one stretch.
    • Intermediate steps should be created in the funded work on the CS
    • pierzen points out the budget is flexible and we should have opportunity to re-evaluate over the course of the project.
    • Severin points out a lot to be decided: Cirriculum, media, audience(s), multiple platforms for delivery
    • 3 parts to this
    1. Cirriculum Development - That is why the ACs are there
    2. Creation of training materials and formats - Done by the CS
    3. Actual field training of the cirriculum with the created materials
    • Only hard deadline is the expiration of the Hewlett Grant
    • Most urgent deadline is getting the ACs selected before the sprint
    • ACTION: Mhairi to send email to suggested ACs to determine interest and availablity
    • ACTION: Mhairi to post CS terms of reference tomorrow for 2 weeks.
    • Draft CS ToR:
    • DEADLINE: March 25th for selection of ACs to work with CS
    • Extended discussion of breaking the project up into 1 month to get the basics of the curriculum down then exension. (@ 16:31:13 in log)
    • ACTION: Mhairi start an e-mail for the Activation WG tomorrow, initiating the brainstorming of the curriculum development, AC nominations, deadlines to know
    • ACTION: Identify all the ACs to draw from for those workign with the CS
    • ACTION: Review the CS ToR
    • ACTION: Generate a more detailed timeline for the project.
  2. AGW Meeting Time Change
  4. Activation Reports
    • Pierre Updates Ebola
      • Ebola is still going on but at a different speed
      • Still some mapping to support MSF visists in various areas + Interface with UNMEER mission


Mar 10 14:59:03 russdeffner: good day all, I'll try to follow along with the Activation wg meeting, but mostly lurking :)
Mar 10 14:59:29 BlakeGirardot: Aye
Mar 10 15:09:13 pierzen: Hi all
Mar 10 15:09:45 sev_hotosm: Hello
Mar 10 15:09:50 BlakeGirardot: Hi
Mar 10 15:10:11 MarkC: HI
Mar 10 15:10:54 mataharimhairi: Hello
Mar 10 15:12:17 sev_hotosm: Do we create a hackpad or continue to fill the same one?
Mar 10 15:12:26 nicochav: hi all-
Mar 10 15:12:37 russdeffner: Hello everyone
Mar 10 15:13:17 BlakeGirardot: I do not have the link for the existing hackpad handy sev_hotosm do you?
Mar 10 15:13:48 althio: Hello
Mar 10 15:15:04 sev_hotosm: let me check
Mar 10 15:15:28 BlakeGirardot: I have the one from January, I don't have the one from feb
Mar 10 15:16:01 russdeffner: could just do new one, then link once we figure out where the other one(s) are?
Mar 10 15:16:42 BlakeGirardot: I see the agenda for the feb referenced a wg email for the agenda
Mar 10 15:16:44 sev_hotosm: Sorry I was asking whether if we make one single doc or one for each meeting
Mar 10 15:16:57 sev_hotosm: We can do one for each meeting
Mar 10 15:17:00 BlakeGirardot: One doc actually sounds pretty good
Mar 10 15:17:05 BlakeGirardot: would be interesting to try
Mar 10 15:17:06 nicochav: +1
Mar 10 15:17:06 russdeffner: oh, I'd defer to you
Mar 10 15:17:11 BlakeGirardot: But either way
Mar 10 15:17:12 sev_hotosm: but would be good to create wikipage with the notes afterwards
Mar 10 15:17:20 nicochav: yep
Mar 10 15:17:42 BlakeGirardot: Here are the notes I generated from
Mar 10 15:17:44 BlakeGirardot: the last meeting
Mar 10 15:17:46 BlakeGirardot:
Mar 10 15:20:25 sev_hotosm: Great!
Mar 10 15:22:03 BlakeGirardot: Should we start today with mataharimhairi?
Mar 10 15:22:08 BlakeGirardot: And her topics?
Mar 10 15:22:19 sev_hotosm: You actually put all the details
Mar 10 15:22:42 BlakeGirardot: Oh we lost Mhairi
Mar 10 15:22:49 BlakeGirardot: I am sure she will be back
Mar 10 15:23:01 sev_hotosm: yes we can then I would like us to decide once for all about scheduling (twice a month, every week) then review the Activations
Mar 10 15:23:20 sev_hotosm: nicochav is online for Nigeria
Mar 10 15:23:40 sev_hotosm: and BlakeGirardot you can present for South Sudan
Mar 10 15:23:51 nicochav: true, but I am online and can intervene at a later stage if convenient
Mar 10 15:23:57 sev_hotosm: Any other topic?
Mar 10 15:24:02 sev_hotosm: yes sure
Mar 10 15:24:29 BlakeGirardot: I am going to do our agenda in the January Hackpad as we go along
Mar 10 15:24:41 BlakeGirardot: I like the idea of trying one hackpad for agendas
Mar 10 15:24:47 sev_hotosm: so let us start with mataharimhairi, as it is late for her in Indonesia
Mar 10 15:24:59 BlakeGirardot: I believe she just got knocked off line
Mar 10 15:25:05 nicochav: Reading from Blake's notes - which are swell, thanks for these - we are set for the agenda
Mar 10 15:25:06 sev_hotosm: Ah
Mar 10 15:25:18 sev_hotosm: mataharimhairi is back!
Mar 10 15:25:30 nicochav: Blake, let's try and see how this works in the end
Mar 10 15:25:37 mataharimhairi: sorry, having some connection issues
Mar 10 15:25:47 pierzen: Ebola is still going on but at a different speed- still some mapping to support MSF visists in various areas + Interface with UNMEER mission Coordination rom (many staff in the field)
Mar 10 15:26:02 pierzen: room
Mar 10 15:26:05 nicochav: no worries mataharimhairi, all ears for ID news
Mar 10 15:26:14 mataharimhairi: but yes, is it alright if we start off talking about nominations for the activation coordinators that will be working alongside the curriculum specialist
Mar 10 15:27:17 mataharimhairi: not sure, if all of you have had a chance to read the e-mail that has been going around, but several of you have been kindly nominated blake and mark
Mar 10 15:27:41 mataharimhairi: so far we have andrew, pierre, severin, blake, mark and adityo
Mar 10 15:28:17 mataharimhairi: of course we would like more, because I'm sure some of you will not be able to take the position due to other commitments
Mar 10 15:28:53 BlakeGirardot: Are you looking for 3 AC's to attend?
Mar 10 15:29:09 mataharimhairi: there is no set number
Mar 10 15:29:24 mataharimhairi: it is really for the activation WG to decide
Mar 10 15:30:06 mataharimhairi: so perhaps it can be based on the allocated budget and time commitments from potential AC's
Mar 10 15:30:14 sev_hotosm: Did not see this email yet
Mar 10 15:30:18 BlakeGirardot: Let me find it.
Mar 10 15:30:27 BlakeGirardot: Unless you have it handy mataharimhairi
Mar 10 15:30:29 nicochav: likewise
Mar 10 15:30:33 BlakeGirardot: One moment
Mar 10 15:30:46 mataharimhairi: I do
Mar 10 15:31:07 BlakeGirardot: Ok, you should all be in the Activations WG google group
Mar 10 15:31:13 BlakeGirardot: Here is the full thread:!topic/activation/OgxCr1Mavg0
Mar 10 15:31:23 BlakeGirardot: So you shold be able to read that thread
Mar 10 15:31:32 mataharimhairi: Thanks Blake!
Mar 10 15:31:46 BlakeGirardot: nicochav: you are not in the activations wg google group
Mar 10 15:31:58 BlakeGirardot: can i get your emaiil address and i'll add you right now?
Mar 10 15:32:01 mataharimhairi: Please give it a read now if possible
Mar 10 15:32:55 BlakeGirardot: I have your gmail address nicochav
Mar 10 15:33:11 sev_hotosm: Am I in?
Mar 10 15:33:41 nicochav: BlakeGirardot, I am not sure about this
Mar 10 15:33:44 BlakeGirardot: yes you are
Mar 10 15:33:49 sev_hotosm: Seems I am no with my personal email
Mar 10 15:33:49 nicochav:
Mar 10 15:34:07 nicochav: Note that I will not activate any G+ profil to join groups
Mar 10 15:34:12 BlakeGirardot: I sent a couple of join requests to you over the last couple of weeks nico, not sure where they disappear to
Mar 10 15:34:28 nicochav: Ah
Mar 10 15:34:41 BlakeGirardot: I don't think you have to.
Mar 10 15:34:46 BlakeGirardot: So one sec
Mar 10 15:34:48 nicochav: I'll digg for this and we can fix this the 2 of us after the meeting
Mar 10 15:35:00 nicochav: let's not be a blocker right now
Mar 10 15:35:01 BlakeGirardot: yes, i am going to cut/paste
Mar 10 15:35:18 mataharimhairi: Thanks guys.
Mar 10 15:35:34 sev_hotosm: OK it is under my hotosm account
Mar 10 15:35:43 mataharimhairi: Yeah, so basically it would be nice and probably easier for 2 or 3 to work with the curriculum specialist, as more might make things a little more confusing but if 2 or 3 cannot commit the necessary time than it will have to be split between more peopl
Mar 10 15:36:24 sev_hotosm: you mean during the in person meeting or after?
Mar 10 15:36:28 pierzen: also missing pierzenh at yahoo dot fr
Mar 10 15:37:23 mataharimhairi: The time spent with the curriculum specialist will be spent over 6 months, depending on when they are needed which will be decided by the activation WG
Mar 10 15:38:19 mataharimhairi: This will start 2 weeks prior to the Activation Sprint
Mar 10 15:38:24 nicochav: mataharimhairi, I think that it would be good to allow for more than 3
Mar 10 15:38:31 nicochav: gives more diversity and experience
Mar 10 15:38:44 mataharimhairi: And run until the end of the pilot workshops
Mar 10 15:38:47 nicochav: also allows to span likely availability
Mar 10 15:39:02 nicochav: of people
Mar 10 15:39:16 mataharimhairi: How many were you thinking nicochav?
Mar 10 15:39:24 nicochav: over those 6 months
Mar 10 15:39:43 nicochav: I have no magic figures,
Mar 10 15:40:05 nicochav: but it would be good to be first driven by willingness of the ACs to be part of this process
Mar 10 15:40:32 nicochav: it's likely that over time the initial number may diminish
Mar 10 15:41:20 nicochav: And if a large number is too big to make progresses, all ACs will be aware of it and we can change directions
Mar 10 15:41:29 mataharimhairi: The curriculum specialist will interact and gain feedback from the whole activation WG, but I feel there needs to be a couple of dedicated AC's to the curriculum development from the start to the end
Mar 10 15:41:32 mataharimhairi: to ensure its success
Mar 10 15:41:36 mkl: it's good to be open to many voices. it's also good to have a specific group, identified people responsible for maintaining communications and follow ups with the key person
Mar 10 15:41:47 mkl: mataharimhairi +1
Mar 10 15:42:08 mataharimhairi: exactly mkl, that's what we are looking for in these selected AC
Mar 10 15:42:44 nicochav: I am not proposing the whole AWG though
Mar 10 15:43:01 mataharimhairi: everyone from the activation WG will have input into the development of the curriculum material, but we need nominated and select AC's that will be responsible and work closely with the curriculum specialist
Mar 10 15:43:29 nicochav: but to consider a wider group than 3 folks over 6 months to ensure continuity + diversity of experiences
Mar 10 15:44:56 mataharimhairi: Please take a look at some rough points I put together for selecting the AC's:
Mar 10 15:45:19 sev_hotosm: Would be good to have an idea of what we exactaly want to do through this to be able to state what should be processed. Why 6 months? Realted to waht to budget allows?
Mar 10 15:46:00 sev_hotosm: It is not because we have quite a decent a lot of money that we need to spend it
Mar 10 15:46:35 mkl: i believe the budget was set to meet a specific goal
Mar 10 15:46:43 sev_hotosm: This is why I suggested to start first with a short run from the ACs meting
Mar 10 15:47:25 nicochav: +1 on this
Mar 10 15:47:28 sev_hotosm: we get a first draft then we review
Mar 10 15:47:30 mataharimhairi: A short run? Sorry sev_hotosm, I'm not sure I understand what you suggested
Mar 10 15:47:45 sev_hotosm: and then we can didecide what we do for step 2
Mar 10 15:47:49 BlakeGirardot: I know I am repeating what is said, but yes, we were planning on having as many AC invovled via online contributions as possible, but 2 or 3 at the sprint was funding to launch the project.
Mar 10 15:48:04 mataharimhairi: Oh you mean, have the outline from the activation sprint, then decide the next step?
Mar 10 15:49:06 sev_hotosm: I mean something like a one month hiring first
Mar 10 15:49:08 mataharimhairi: we really want input from the 2/3 AC's with the curriculum specialist prior to the activation sprint so that they can create a rough layout
Mar 10 15:49:17 mkl: sev_hotosm: do you have a link to the board minutes where the activation sprint was approved?
Mar 10 15:49:23 sev_hotosm: From someone working full time one month, I would expect more than just an outline
Mar 10 15:49:31 BlakeGirardot: oh I see mataharimhairi, sorry I missed that part
Mar 10 15:49:56 mataharimhairi: which will be subject to change, during the sprint based on the input
Mar 10 15:50:23 pierzen: Budget is a projection. Working on this, we should re-orient if necessary, allocate the budget differently if necessary.
Mar 10 15:50:55 mataharimhairi: exactly pierzen, everything is subject to change as we go along and see where things should be adjusted
Mar 10 15:51:29 sev_hotosm: mkl I do not say the activation sprint should not be done, on the contrary, but that we should not spend a lot of money without any intermediary steps
Mar 10 15:51:34 mataharimhairi: we just really need to kick things off and that is why we are starting with the selection of core AC's for the development of the curriculum material
Mar 10 15:52:49 mkl: great sev_hotosm
Mar 10 15:53:45 mataharimhairi: a lot of good suggestions and comments have been made in regards to the curriculum material development and I think it would be a good idea to start brainstorming around them and putting them on paper so to say
Mar 10 15:54:25 mataharimhairi: so that when the curriculum specialist comes on board, the activation WG have put forward their ideas
Mar 10 15:54:53 mataharimhairi: as it is them that have all the knowledge and will know better how things should be approached
Mar 10 15:55:29 nicochav: One line to support Sev's points on this and to use at best the flex in budget consumption to optimize the use of this money.
Mar 10 15:56:05 sev_hotosm: Would be great to take the opportunity to discuss what we exactly want to get
Mar 10 15:56:14 nicochav: Rightly
Mar 10 15:56:21 sev_hotosm: for which kind of readers
Mar 10 15:56:29 sev_hotosm: wchch kind of medias
Mar 10 15:56:42 nicochav: and yes for prep work up-stream of any curriculum specialist work
Mar 10 15:56:48 sev_hotosm: IMO both potential Activators + partners
Mar 10 15:57:32 sev_hotosm: What would look like a bit what OCHA did for the Digital Humanitrain Netwoork (2 guides for 2 kind of readers)
Mar 10 15:57:34 BlakeGirardot: I think all of that is exactly why we are really trying to invove this group
Mar 10 15:57:59 BlakeGirardot: We can't do this successfully if we don't have these discussions
Mar 10 15:58:06 sev_hotosm: text sure, but I guess we may need something like a Mooc, technical videos, etc
Mar 10 15:58:13 BlakeGirardot: like you and nicochav have pointed out.
Mar 10 15:58:38 nicochav: We also need to think well the supporting editing/publishing plateform for any media
Mar 10 15:58:41 BlakeGirardot: I am not sure if there are two different parts here sev_hotosm
Mar 10 15:58:46 mataharimhairi: sev_hotosm, these are all important aspects and need to be managed by dedicated AC's basically
Mar 10 15:59:00 BlakeGirardot: mataharimhairi: correct me if I misunderstand
Mar 10 15:59:06 nicochav: as well as its maintenance, governance etc..
Mar 10 15:59:10 BlakeGirardot: 1. Cirriculum development
Mar 10 15:59:14 BlakeGirardot: vs.
Mar 10 15:59:16 sev_hotosm: it wold not be effective to meet without having thought bout this previously and starting brainstorming when the C Secialist would join
Mar 10 15:59:22 BlakeGirardot: 2. Creation of the materials and formats
Mar 10 16:00:02 mataharimhairi: Yes, the AC's will focus on 1. Curriculum development
Mar 10 16:00:31 mataharimhairi: While 2. Creation of the materials and formats will be done by the specialist
Mar 10 16:00:54 BlakeGirardot: And 3 actually, there is budget to go out in the field and do the teaching
Mar 10 16:01:08 BlakeGirardot: So it is a big project
Mar 10 16:01:47 mataharimhairi: That's correct
Mar 10 16:02:29 BlakeGirardot: mataharimhairi: are there time line issues or just self imposed deadlines?
Mar 10 16:03:00 nicochav: One question : who is this curriculum specialist and/or the required expertise ?
Mar 10 16:03:22 nicochav: Tks BlakeGirardot 4 the recap of points 1-3
Mar 10 16:03:34 mataharimhairi: Self imposed mostly, but before the end of the grant date
Mar 10 16:04:13 mataharimhairi: Which is sometime at the end of the year if I am correct - will have to double check with Kate
Mar 10 16:04:55 mataharimhairi: The only time line that needs to be considered now is having the CS and AC's two weeks prior to the sprint on the 13th April
Mar 10 16:05:30 BlakeGirardot: Yes, and I think
Mar 10 16:05:37 mataharimhairi: But brainstorming the Activation Curriculum can start now from the activation WG
Mar 10 16:05:40 BlakeGirardot: maybe it is too early for the CS at that sprint
Mar 10 16:05:59 BlakeGirardot: what I am hearing here is we really need a bit more planning before we can do that
Mar 10 16:05:59 BlakeGirardot: and
Mar 10 16:06:02 BlakeGirardot: we might be able to
Mar 10 16:06:08 BlakeGirardot: accomplish that before the sprint
Mar 10 16:06:12 BlakeGirardot: on line
Mar 10 16:06:19 BlakeGirardot: but it will take real effort
Mar 10 16:06:55 mataharimhairi: what is the best way to start the planning
Mar 10 16:07:03 nicochav: right BlakeGirardot: that's a good recap-
Mar 10 16:07:06 mataharimhairi: and document it
Mar 10 16:07:32 mataharimhairi: perhaps nominating someone to monitor it as well?
Mar 10 16:08:08 mataharimhairi: i would offer, and can but i can't contribute much to the actual planning having never been part of an activation
Mar 10 16:08:29 mataharimhairi: so again, this comes back to the nominations of core AC's for this curriculum effort
Mar 10 16:09:09 BlakeGirardot: mataharimhairi: +1
Mar 10 16:09:39 mataharimhairi: i'm going to throw it out there, but does anyone want to nominate or be nominated?
Mar 10 16:10:05 BlakeGirardot: It needs expert ACs
Mar 10 16:10:14 BlakeGirardot: And people with the time to dedicate tot he process
Mar 10 16:10:19 BlakeGirardot: which are difficult to have both :)
Mar 10 16:10:21 althio: Sorry to intrude: Is it really 1 month full-time
Mar 10 16:11:12 BlakeGirardot: I made my suggestions in the email andrewbuck, severin, pierzen, markc
Mar 10 16:11:31 BlakeGirardot: But only because I have worked with all of them closely and know them best
Mar 10 16:11:41 BlakeGirardot: Kate has added her suggestion
Mar 10 16:11:53 BlakeGirardot: Adityo
Mar 10 16:12:10 nicochav: Right Blake it would be also good to have a discussions between ACs and see from this group who emerge
Mar 10 16:12:12 BlakeGirardot: AndrewBuck is not available and he asked me to pass that on to this group
Mar 10 16:12:49 nicochav: Not all are there, and not all are aware of the road/details for this project
Mar 10 16:12:57 sev_hotosm: Who are the other people who have been active during activations?
Mar 10 16:12:58 althio: I thought it was part-time, which is easier to manage for more AC I guess
Mar 10 16:13:34 sev_hotosm: Nicolas, Mikel, Fred for sure
Mar 10 16:13:43 mataharimhairi: althio, it states that there is 220 hrs in the budget for AC's and this can be decided how to be spread by the activation WG
Mar 10 16:14:09 BlakeGirardot: nicochav: We have been trying to get a good list of AC's mataharimhairi has asked them to step forward and identify themselves a month ago, it is just hard to get everyone's attention :)
Mar 10 16:14:25 mkl: Maning has been incredibly active and has a unique perspectice
Mar 10 16:14:52 mataharimhairi: This is great, thanks for the nominations
Mar 10 16:14:57 mkl: Being mostly on the ground in the Philippines
Mar 10 16:15:54 althio: Let not scare our expert ACs with too high demand of availability
Mar 10 16:16:11 sev_hotosm: Oops wh should have put the link of the budget document first:
Mar 10 16:16:20 sev_hotosm: that has been commented in the past
Mar 10 16:16:31 mataharimhairi: I'm collecting all the names and will send an e-mail around asking if they are happy to be up for nomination
Mar 10 16:16:32 mkl: althio: i think that's the whole point, ultimately :)
Mar 10 16:16:47 mataharimhairi: I don't think they will have to dedicate too much of their time to be honest
Mar 10 16:16:51 sev_hotosm: mkl Oh yes Maning, definitely
Mar 10 16:16:55 mkl: what happens next with the nominations?
Mar 10 16:17:11 nicochav: yep +1 on maning if we shall make names
Mar 10 16:17:16 mataharimhairi: It will be spread out over 6 months
Mar 10 16:18:23 mataharimhairi: I will send round an e-mail to the nominees, detailing the loose responsibilities and ask if they are happy to be up for nomination
Mar 10 16:19:06 BlakeGirardot: I have to disagree about the time commitment. There is a lot of planning for the over all project, in addition to the "brain dump" on how to run an activation.
Mar 10 16:19:29 BlakeGirardot: I think it will be somewhat significant in the begining at least.
Mar 10 16:19:42 mataharimhairi: and then once the nominees are confirmed - go to voting?
Mar 10 16:20:33 mataharimhairi: yes Blake - definitely more time contributed at the start, but less and more spread out during the period that the CS actually creates the materials
Mar 10 16:21:08 mataharimhairi: they will just need to be contributing time to review materials and provide feedback during this time
Mar 10 16:21:50 BlakeGirardot: my thinking exactly
Mar 10 16:22:00 nicochav: Rather than such a nomination and vote/designation process, I'd rater see a discussion amongst ACs, not unlikely that the numbers and names will come from this easily
Mar 10 16:22:25 BlakeGirardot: I agree nicochav, but we will need to set a deadline for decision
Mar 10 16:22:35 althio: It is important to present the expected planning to the selected ACs
Mar 10 16:22:40 nicochav: agree on a likely high timeload at the onset and something more easy to manage once on track
Mar 10 16:22:56 mataharimhairi: I agree as well nicochav
Mar 10 16:23:05 nicochav: BlakeGirardot, yes for a deadline
Mar 10 16:23:19 mataharimhairi: And yes Blake, a deadline for sure.
Mar 10 16:23:36 nicochav: althio right for the planing
Mar 10 16:23:38 mataharimhairi: The CS terms of reference is going live tomorrow and will be up for 2 weeks
Mar 10 16:24:01 sev_hotosm: A question I had is Are we sure we can find soemone that can fill all the required skills? Excellent writer, tech and medias (if MOOC, etc.)? I have no experience on this
Mar 10 16:24:18 mataharimhairi: Would the deadline of the 25th March work, or is that too soon?
Mar 10 16:24:38 nicochav: right, hence why I was asking about the CS expertise and if anyone was already identified for this
Mar 10 16:24:42 russdeffner: I wouldn't be too stict on the required skills - find the one who has the most/best chance of understanding
Mar 10 16:25:00 sev_hotosm: CS TOR would propose which duration?
Mar 10 16:25:05 mataharimhairi: +1 russdeffner
Mar 10 16:25:15 nicochav: is that spectific to the extent that a specialist is needed
Mar 10 16:25:37 nicochav: or that an AC with editing skills in the identified media can run the job
Mar 10 16:26:09 mkl: one note on attendees for the sprint. if folks are coming from countries that require a visa, they may need more time to make arrangements
Mar 10 16:26:17 sev_hotosm: yes for the first draft I would not care about required skills, but if we aim to have a single person for all the project, she/he would necessarily need to have all of them
Mar 10 16:26:46 nicochav: mkl, right on, specifically for folks from Africa
Mar 10 16:27:05 mataharimhairi: Have you had a look at the CS TOR?
Mar 10 16:27:06 russdeffner: that's why I think it should be a CS - this person shouldn't be invloved in all projects, just getting all the pieces together
Mar 10 16:27:36 russdeffner: so the many ACs can suceed
Mar 10 16:28:10 mataharimhairi: out of curiosity, who would be available and willing to attend the Activation Sprint 27th to 29th April
Mar 10 16:28:22 sev_hotosm: yes if I am not wrong the budget encompass only thi s Curriculum position
Mar 10 16:28:22 MarkC: Me
Mar 10 16:28:32 russdeffner: me (with financial support)
Mar 10 16:28:40 russdeffner: *travel
Mar 10 16:29:00 mataharimhairi: Okay, great. I'm taking note of all of this :)
Mar 10 16:29:55 mataharimhairi: Anyone else?
Mar 10 16:30:20 BlakeGirardot: I am sorry I missed the question
Mar 10 16:30:54 mataharimhairi: Blake:who would be available and willing to attend the Activation Sprint 27th to 29th April
Mar 10 16:31:13 sev_hotosm: Read it, but I already gave my opinion about the duration. 6 months without any review, evaluation and possibility to decide after the first coutcome from the AC meeting is IMHO not effective
Mar 10 16:31:50 mataharimhairi: 6 months without any review ..... I'm not sure I understand
Mar 10 16:31:51 sev_hotosm: I would put one month as a test. with a first deliverable, review and maybe an extension
Mar 10 16:32:10 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm: +1
Mar 10 16:32:14 mataharimhairi: There will be constant review, feedback and testing throughout the 6 months
Mar 10 16:32:25 sev_hotosm: due it may be more complciated to find someone with short term contract but we are talking of one sixth of the Hewlett Grant
Mar 10 16:32:42 BlakeGirardot: The difference is the emphasis mataharimhairi, sev is suggesting the extention is not automatic
Mar 10 16:33:12 BlakeGirardot: We might need time to deal with the first deliverable, re-adjust, re-assess
Mar 10 16:33:25 BlakeGirardot: instead of time ticking away for the CS
Mar 10 16:33:38 mataharimhairi: Yes, for sure. That will definitely happen.
Mar 10 16:33:40 sev_hotosm: As a consultant I signed many times short term contract including a potential extension, taht may occur or not
Mar 10 16:33:51 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm: +1
Mar 10 16:34:06 mkl: I don't think HOT ever just continues working with people doing a crappy job
Mar 10 16:34:07 nicochav: yep
Mar 10 16:34:24 nicochav: what do you mean by this mkl ?
Mar 10 16:34:42 nicochav: and what kind of crappy job are u refering to ?
Mar 10 16:34:47 BlakeGirardot: I still think it would be better broken up from the start, that removes the accidental "inertia" keeping it going.
Mar 10 16:34:57 mkl: basically what Blake is saying
Mar 10 16:35:05 mataharimhairi: And this process of managing delieverables, re-adjusting and re-assessing will be decided by the Activation WG - managed by the selected AC's
Mar 10 16:35:09 MarkC: THis i sprobaly a good idea, how long for a review
Mar 10 16:35:10 sev_hotosm: it is really more complicated to break a contract afterwards
Mar 10 16:35:27 MarkC: of the first deliverable?
Mar 10 16:35:32 MarkC: 2 weeks?
Mar 10 16:36:07 pierzen: Is the Activation sprint 27-29 april realist to your point of view? In this project, dont we place the cart before the horse?
Mar 10 16:36:08 sev_hotosm: soth like this
Mar 10 16:36:15 sev_hotosm: *something
Mar 10 16:36:34 mataharimhairi: The hiring process should ensure we can get someone who is reliable and capable
Mar 10 16:37:24 mataharimhairi: Plus working closely with the CS and constant reviewing, will ensure that things are going the way the activation WG agrees and is happy with
Mar 10 16:37:27 BlakeGirardot: I have the same sense pierzen, but only because I am not sure how much we can do before the timee.
Mar 10 16:37:56 BlakeGirardot: That is why I am almost thinking the CS doesn't get hired until after the sprint, but it has always been planned for them to be hired before I think.
Mar 10 16:38:18 nicochav: any plan can be changed
Mar 10 16:38:22 mkl: this is 2 months from now, I think that's plenty of time to hire someone and prepare
Mar 10 16:38:22 MarkC: The CS should be at the sprint, I would think ..
Mar 10 16:38:25 BlakeGirardot: Unless we can make some amazing progress before
Mar 10 16:38:27 nicochav: if changes make sense
Mar 10 16:38:34 mataharimhairi: +1 Mark
Mar 10 16:38:55 mkl: the point of the sprint is to really get to work
Mar 10 16:38:57 mataharimhairi: He will have skills that we or the Activation WG do not and can advise us on
Mar 10 16:39:03 BlakeGirardot: that is true mkl, I hope we can do that.
Mar 10 16:39:20 mkl: facilitated meetings by Gunner are really incredible and productive
Mar 10 16:39:26 mataharimhairi: +1 mkl
Mar 10 16:39:27 mkl: sev_hotosm and I have experienced that
Mar 10 16:39:30 BlakeGirardot: I think we can, but we need to keep it in mind then as a hard deadline because there will be a sprint with the CS
Mar 10 16:39:34 mataharimhairi: the sprint is the real kick off
Mar 10 16:39:57 mataharimhairi: and the two prior, or even this is all leading up to it
Mar 10 16:40:16 mataharimhairi: *two weeks
Mar 10 16:41:21 mataharimhairi: I am going to start an e-mail for the Activation WG tomorrow, initiating the brainstorming of the curriculum development
Mar 10 16:41:47 mataharimhairi: Alongside the nominations for dedicated AC's
Mar 10 16:42:21 BlakeGirardot: So do we have a couple of action items here?
Mar 10 16:42:33 BlakeGirardot: Collect the ACs, all of them :)
Mar 10 16:42:38 mataharimhairi: And some dates to be aware of
Mar 10 16:43:03 BlakeGirardot: And get them all communicating on finding the ACs who can be the key managers/contributors of this project
Mar 10 16:43:29 nicochav: + focus on contents/prep for the sprint
Mar 10 16:43:30 mataharimhairi: Yes, that sounds great Blake. Let's make the action items please.
Mar 10 16:43:41 mataharimhairi: +1 nicochav
Mar 10 16:43:41 BlakeGirardot: nicochav: +1
Mar 10 16:43:54 BlakeGirardot: And review the CS ToR
Mar 10 16:43:57 BlakeGirardot: which goes up tomorrow
Mar 10 16:44:01 nicochav: yep
Mar 10 16:44:02 mataharimhairi: And deadlines
Mar 10 16:44:11 mataharimhairi: +1 Blake
Mar 10 16:44:30 nicochav: a timeline for the project
Mar 10 16:44:46 nicochav: and also some thoughts on the breakable components of the budget
Mar 10 16:44:51 sev_hotosm: review the CS that goes up tomorrow? Short for a review
Mar 10 16:45:09 nicochav: so that ideally more of the budget can get into field training
Mar 10 16:45:28 mataharimhairi: I sent round the e-mail weeks ago, and several times to the Activation WG e-mail
Mar 10 16:45:30 nicochav: Be also clear on the time of the position : w/w/o rvw
Mar 10 16:45:36 mataharimhairi: I wonder if it is not going through?
Mar 10 16:45:49 mataharimhairi: +1 nicochav
Mar 10 16:46:06 mkl: I've been seeing them mataharimhairi
Mar 10 16:46:20 sev_hotosm: nicochav w/w/o ?
Mar 10 16:46:29 BlakeGirardot: and rvw ? :)
Mar 10 16:46:42 sev_hotosm: rvw = review
Mar 10 16:46:48 BlakeGirardot: ah, ok.
Mar 10 16:46:49 nicochav: sorry : a one month contract renewable after review
Mar 10 16:46:52 sev_hotosm: with/without I got it
Mar 10 16:47:04 nicochav: apologies folks
Mar 10 16:47:10 althio: With or without?
Mar 10 16:47:10 mataharimhairi: :)
Mar 10 16:47:33 nicochav: I need to go, but those seems to be the action items we surfaces trhoug in the chat
Mar 10 16:48:00 nicochav: I'll read the notes and with Rafael on Nigeria, we will be sending an update over email
Mar 10 16:48:05 nicochav: ++
Mar 10 16:48:16 mataharimhairi: I also need to go actually. It's almost 1am here :/
Mar 10 16:49:02 russdeffner: nicochav - don't forget the communications group can help review/edit if you'd like
Mar 10 16:49:06 mataharimhairi: But great chat. Thank you so much for everyones input. I feel we made some great action items here and can really start getting this into gear!
Mar 10 16:49:39 mataharimhairi: I'll send round an e-mail tomorrow following up what we discussed to continue things.
Mar 10 16:49:58 mataharimhairi: Is there anything else before I sign out?
Mar 10 16:50:07 nicochav: russdeffner : thanks for the reminder, we will think about it
Mar 10 16:50:17 mataharimhairi: Oh, and sorry for hogging the meeting if there were other things you wanted to discuss.
Mar 10 16:50:47 mataharimhairi MarkC maijin marc1909 martind MatthewH12 Mar 10 16:50:48 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much mataharimhairi
Mar 10 16:50:50 nicochav: not all all, this project is really important
Mar 10 16:51:01 nicochav: and needs to be well addressed
Mar 10 16:51:21 nicochav: huge impact remotely and if nicely done at fiel level too
Mar 10 16:51:21 sev_hotosm: any tech topic related to Activation you would like to inform us, mataharimhairi ?
Mar 10 16:53:09 mataharimhairi: Not at the moment sev_hotosm :)
Mar 10 16:53:37 sev_hotosm: Have a good night then!
Mar 10 16:53:52 mataharimhairi: Okay, good night folks. I'm out of here! Speak soon.
Mar 10 16:54:37 pierzen: good nigth mataharimhairi
Mar 10 16:55:18 sev_hotosm: So, next point, what about modifying the schedule? Once a month is clearly not enough for Activations, other WG does it twice a month
Mar 10 16:55:43 sev_hotosm: and with the Documentaion sprint to come we have a lot in your plate, would be great to have more frequet talks
Mar 10 16:55:44 MarkC: Good Suggestion
Mar 10 16:56:33 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm: +1
Mar 10 16:56:43 MarkC: Yep +1 Sev
Mar 10 16:57:01 BlakeGirardot: How is this time, 14:00 UTC for people?
Mar 10 16:57:03 sev_hotosm: Ideally it should be once a week, potentially alternating between specific topics (like Documentation) and crisis topics
Mar 10 16:57:23 MarkC: Thisis a goo dtime for me.
Mar 10 16:57:39 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I think we could use once a week for the next .... month or two
Mar 10 16:57:40 BlakeGirardot: at least
Mar 10 16:57:52 MarkC: +1 Blake, hey Im getting it
Mar 10 16:57:59 BlakeGirardot: This AC project is vital, a lot of money, we need to make sure it goes well.
Mar 10 16:58:04 sev_hotosm: It is super nice for people close to UTC, not for those with big + or -
Mar 10 16:58:18 BlakeGirardot: And mhairi is glad to have us help
Mar 10 16:58:28 sev_hotosm: eg for you Markc
Mar 10 16:58:46 sev_hotosm: eg Andrew is - 7 or smth I think
Mar 10 16:58:55 BlakeGirardot: as is russ
Mar 10 16:58:56 MarkC: 10pm for me, thats great most aare at 1am or 5am, thats not nice
Mar 10 16:59:17 pierzen: Early for Russell, late for mataharimairi, would be for them the more problematic
Mar 10 16:59:24 pierzen: + Mark
Mar 10 16:59:45 BlakeGirardot: It is going to be tough as the AC group is very spread around the globe
Mar 10 16:59:47 sev_hotosm: Should we have two sessions the days we have the meeting?
Mar 10 17:00:10 MarkC: Probably a good idea to keep the discussions focused
Mar 10 17:00:19 pierzen: We should not forget that we have the mailing list too.
Mar 10 17:00:35 sev_hotosm: or alternate the time?
Mar 10 17:01:11 MarkC: to be fair to others, a;lternating the time miget be good, what other time would be suggested?
Mar 10 17:02:18 sev_hotosm: decent morning for - 7 or 8 would make something like 5PM UTC?
Mar 10 17:02:39 BlakeGirardot: Ya, we really need to get the mailing list as a resource +1 pierzen
Mar 10 17:02:51 BlakeGirardot: We are going to need it
Mar 10 17:03:14 sev_hotosm: pierzen sure, do you feel we should use it differently from what we currently do?
Mar 10 17:04:01 MarkC: SO 1am my time, what ever is best for all is fine with me, this is important enought I wil stay up
Mar 10 17:04:09 MarkC: if alternating
Mar 10 17:04:15 russdeffner: alternating time +1 - but also via mailing list for things we don't necessarily need to 'discuss' before doing
Mar 10 17:04:28 MarkC: +1 russ
Mar 10 17:04:55 MarkC: like checking documnetation for review, etc
Mar 10 17:05:04 MarkC: discuss afterwards
Mar 10 17:05:43 BlakeGirardot: I pretty much good with anything.
Mar 10 17:05:48 BlakeGirardot: I am*
Mar 10 17:07:02 sev_hotosm: I feel these quick, open decisions are really interesting
Mar 10 17:07:16 pierzen: sev_hotosm: mailing-list is often a more structured way to react to some subjects while irc is more for brainstorming
Mar 10 17:07:33 sev_hotosm: Eg we progressed much today
Mar 10 17:07:41 sev_hotosm: yes peirzen definitely
Mar 10 17:08:01 sev_hotosm: and we need not to forget we are not many to discuss on IRC
Mar 10 17:08:03 MarkC: Activation people are doers, make things happen .. get the job done :)
Mar 10 17:08:39 sev_hotosm: and we need to to share afterwards or thoughts and may ask the membership to decide if it is an important topic
Mar 10 17:09:24 sev_hotosm: so we agree on two different times? But how do they combine?
Mar 10 17:09:44 MarkC: The Sprint an dDocumentation process will be of huge interest to tehmemmbership and partners, we need ot share progress on a regular basis
Mar 10 17:09:48 sev_hotosm: one weel one, the next week the other one?
Mar 10 17:10:15 BlakeGirardot: That is good with me,
Mar 10 17:11:22 MarkC: SO what are the times agains?
Mar 10 17:11:26 nicochav: good to me as well
Mar 10 17:11:34 MarkC: MY brain is too tired to do tyhe maths
Mar 10 17:11:48 sev_hotosm: that at least double the number of meeting (current time) and creates a new space for Westerners
Mar 10 17:12:26 sev_hotosm: 2PM as usual for one
Mar 10 17:12:36 MarkC: 17:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC? is that right?
Mar 10 17:12:45 sev_hotosm: pierzen wht would you suggest that would fit fot UTC-
Mar 10 17:12:53 sev_hotosm: 4, 5, 6PM?
Mar 10 17:13:34 MarkC: 4pm is better for me, but not good for the staes I think
Mar 10 17:13:38 sev_hotosm: MarkC I said 5PM but it just popped out of my mind, I prefer te people involved to decide
Mar 10 17:13:53 MarkC: russ?
Mar 10 17:14:58 sev_hotosm: Maybe we should think about people from West Coast?
Mar 10 17:15:28 russdeffner: I think we need them more like 8 hours different, 1400 and 2200 maybe?
Mar 10 17:16:10 russdeffner: but I'll defer to you all
Mar 10 17:16:39 russdeffner: but can help prevent overlap with other groups once it is set
Mar 10 17:16:54 MarkC: Good point russ
Mar 10 17:17:05 BlakeGirardot: Day is the main issue there
Mar 10 17:17:19 BlakeGirardot: Monday, Tues, Friday I think are the current WG meeting days
Mar 10 17:17:26 BlakeGirardot: Thrus is OAM meeting
Mar 10 17:17:50 BlakeGirardot: But we are the Tuesday meeting
Mar 10 17:18:39 MarkC: How many people stateside woudl be likely to attend? Africa is close to utc?
Mar 10 17:18:57 russdeffner: So, I think it should be mostly based on Sev's schedule (and/or someone he approves to chair the meetings)
Mar 10 17:19:24 russdeffner: of course taking into account the participants ideal time slots
Mar 10 17:20:00 sev_hotosm: only Wester Africa. I am in Dkar and it is UTC time
Mar 10 17:20:17 russdeffner: MarkC - also have our Indonesia and Asia (your time frame) folks who might be interested
Mar 10 17:20:22 sev_hotosm: I may not attend all of them!
Mar 10 17:20:50 russdeffner: sev_hotosm - yes, but as 'facilitator' you do need to retain some control
Mar 10 17:20:53 sev_hotosm: but I would say 10PM would be basically almost for Americas
Mar 10 17:21:11 sev_hotosm: WOuld it be possibile to make it a bit earlier to have a bit of Africa and Europe in it? What is SF time?
Mar 10 17:21:19 russdeffner: of course others have and can 'chair' on your behalf
Mar 10 17:21:46 russdeffner: SF is Pacific Time (and the states just did daylight savings)
Mar 10 17:21:50 sev_hotosm: russdeffner there can be other facilitators
Mar 10 17:21:51 pierzen: if 14h00 is good for russdeffner then 14h00 to later is good for america
Mar 10 17:21:56 MarkC: *am there now russ?
Mar 10 17:22:00 MarkC: 8am?
Mar 10 17:22:13 russdeffner: oh 1400 not good for me, so I'd do the other time
Mar 10 17:22:17 russdeffner: I'm MDT
Mar 10 17:22:18 MarkC: +1 pierzen
Mar 10 17:23:17 MarkC: The probelm is that the continuity is split if people cannot attend both, obviously
Mar 10 17:23:32 MarkC: Where is nico based now
Mar 10 17:23:42 russdeffner:
Mar 10 17:23:47 russdeffner: that might help
Mar 10 17:23:54 BlakeGirardot: If they are irc meetings, the logs will be available
Mar 10 17:23:55 sev_hotosm2: Nico is in France UTC+1
Mar 10 17:24:11 BlakeGirardot: to catch up people on the exact content of the earlier/later meeting?
Mar 10 17:24:19 russdeffner: oh yes as actually I see that 1400 isn't so bad for me
Mar 10 17:25:09 MarkC: So do we just stay at 14:00?
Mar 10 17:27:26 russdeffner: I would say 1400 UTC looks about as good as it gets
Mar 10 17:28:45 MarkC: Fine by me
Mar 10 17:29:58 sev_hotosm2: this is the current time! :)
Mar 10 17:30:03 sev_hotosm2: I mean for this meeting
Mar 10 17:30:26 MarkC: Yep. eems ot be the most workable fo rthe people involved
Mar 10 17:30:52 sev_hotosm2: nothing later to allow Pacific time people to particpate once every two weeks?
Mar 10 17:31:55 sev_hotosm2: really it is up to you People from Americas :)
Mar 10 17:32:04 MarkC: Up to oyu Sev, I wil attend as best I can .. depends on what time I get to sleep :)
Mar 10 17:32:30 russdeffner: I would suggest if you do something later, maybe like 2200 UTC for our asia community, but I know that's late for you
Mar 10 17:32:53 russdeffner: that would be afternoon/evening for americas
Mar 10 17:32:54 MarkC: speaking of which, I wil catch oyu later
Mar 10 17:33:30 BlakeGirardot: Good night MarkC
Mar 10 17:33:30 russdeffner: thanks MarkC talk more soon
Mar 10 17:34:42 russdeffner: and 2200 would still be pretty early for say like Mongolia
Mar 10 17:37:11 sev_hotosm2: but it is a time that can fit more or less the three continents, while 5 or 6PM is a killer for Asia
Mar 10 17:37:47 sev_hotosm2: and would allow Europeans not available during working hours to join
Mar 10 17:38:45 sev_hotosm2: Mongolia can join the 2PM, was just chatting with Khulan russdeffner :)
Mar 10 17:43:29 russdeffner: great Sev!
Mar 10 17:43:33 russdeffner: how is she?
Mar 10 17:44:39 russdeffner: but again - defering to you for scheduling - mainly I think 1400 is fine for americas, other time should try to catch others
Mar 10 17:47:42 sev_hotosm2: OK maybe we should send a doodle then, to see who owuld be interredtes and get their preferences
Mar 10 17:47:47 sev_hotosm2: opps
Mar 10 17:47:50 sev_hotosm2: interested
Mar 10 17:48:33 sev_hotosm2: russdeffner she is good, I will internview one Englisgh fluent student from MUST she recommends to join the pool of interns
Mar 10 17:49:25 russdeffner: ok, you saw the email from Enkhe?
Mar 10 17:49:37 sev_hotosm2: OK so already 2:50 hours this meeting has started, is there someone interested for Activations update?
Mar 10 17:50:26 russdeffner: oh, sorry to hi-jack - thought the meeting had concluded, will follow up with you directly
Mar 10 17:51:17 sev_hotosm2: yes, and there is now one from Dr Erka
Mar 10 17:51:35 sev_hotosm2: Sorry folks russ and I are talking about HOT Internship in Mongolia
Mar 10 17:51:48 sev_hotosm2: not really related to Activation but for sure to OSM
Mar 10 17:52:42 sev_hotosm2: OK so do we leave the Activations update for next meeting NEXT WEEK?
Mar 10 17:53:01 BlakeGirardot: I think we do :)
Mar 10 17:53:09 sev_hotosm2: Good
Mar 10 17:53:17 BlakeGirardot: I'll take care of the log/notes
Mar 10 17:53:22 BlakeGirardot: probably by tomorrow
Mar 10 17:53:24 russdeffner: yes, maybe give everyone time to look over everything
Mar 10 17:53:36 sev_hotosm2: Are you up to do the notes writing Blake or do you want us to alternate?
Mar 10 17:53:42 sev_hotosm2: Ah OK
Mar 10 17:53:48 sev_hotosm2: you replied my question
Mar 10 17:54:00 BlakeGirardot: I'm on it, it helps me to re-read anyway, I always find things I missed in real time.
Mar 10 17:54:08 sev_hotosm2: OK
Mar 10 17:54:44 BlakeGirardot: "Mouth open, brain closed" as my Grandfather was happy to tell me :)
Mar 10 17:55:28 sev_hotosm2: so bye everyone who participate or only read! Again and again, everyone can join the discussion, do not feel shy or illegitimate
Mar 10 17:55:29 sev_hotosm2: haha
Mar 10 17:55:47 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much everyone!
Mar 10 17:55:56 sev_hotosm2: My mouth is OK but my brain is pretty closed right now I must admit
Mar 10 17:56:07 sev_hotosm2: Thanks!
Mar 10 17:57:00 russdeffner: Sorry I was hit and miss today, thanks for letting me jump in
Mar 10 17:57:12 russdeffner: and huge thanks to all