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This page was previously used by the HOT contributors to propose contents for Activation procedures, see HOT activation.

These questions are intended to form a common basis for describing and assessing possible HOT activations. When describing a response, please cut and paste these questions into the wiki page for that activation type. Please answer only those questions which are relevant to the activation that you are describing. Finally, please link to the activation page at the bottom of this page.


  1. What is the possible HOT response or activation, in 20 words or less?
  2. How does this type of response fit into HOT's mission? (or is it better handled by X partner)
  3. What are the triggers for this response?
  4. What are the intended outcomes of the response or activation?
  5. Within HOT, who decides to initiate the response, and when?
  6. What are the volunteer resources needed by HOT to provide this response?
  7. What are the material resources, including funds, needed by HOT to provide this response?
  8. What, if any, coordination is needed with other organizations?
  9. How long will the response last? At what point is the response declared complete?
  10. How many times per month or per year can HOT sustainably provide this response?
  11. Describe a historical precedent for this response *or* a hypothetical future response of this kind.

Activation catalog

  • Response qualification (researching whether activation is needed)
  • Creating an OSM wiki page
  • Field deployment
  • Imagery requests
  • Tasking server task setup
  • Remote imagery tracing
  • Activating the OSM community
  • Activating and supporting local volunteers
  • External support requests
  • Data import in crisis zone (import specific data for this crisis, revised administrative boundaries, localities, major infratrucutures)
  • Rotating volunteer teams (synced with the roster information?)
  • ...
  • ...

Activation Steps

  1. Incident
  2. Response qualification is completed
  3. Activation Team determines if official activation is appropriate
  4. Activation is announced through channels
  5. Response qualification is re-evaluated to see if it should continue
  6. Activation Team determines if the response should continue
  7. etc

Support document

  • Crisis activation workflow. It has been started in Nov 2011 and used in Haiti during the Hurricane season 2012 at any major hurricane forecast. Hosted here temporarily and meant to feed HOT Activation template. [Nico]