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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

russdeffner (104), BlakeGirardot (49), enock4seth (7)

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Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review last meeting minutes [1]
    • Vanuatu conclusion is underway (russdeffner, 14:04:46)
    • Ebola Activation is still under discussion (russdeffner, 14:06:20)
    • Board still discussing/drafting meeting minutes, so no update on Protocol (russdeffner, 14:09:34)
    • Activation 101 course is now available for 'alpha-testing' (russdeffner, 14:09:56)
  • Any Pressing Needs
    • Blake and Severin discussing possible new projects for the South Sudan Activation
    • Blake working on prioritizing a large task for under-mapped area in Nepal
    • ACTION: Blake to email AWG about project prioritization (russdeffner, 14:31:24)
  • Alpha-launch of HOT Training Center
    • Alpha testing of Activation 101 course to end this week (russdeffner, 14:37:51)
    • Beta launch once site maintenance has been discussed with Tech WG (summary)
  • Quick look at Export Issue
    • ACTION: Blake to follow-up via email (russdeffner, 15:03:44)


14:02:26 <russdeffner> #startmeeting 4 August Activation Working Group
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14:02:35 <russdeffner> hi everyone, welcome to the AWG meeting
14:02:50 <russdeffner> again, the agenda is here...
14:02:52 <russdeffner>
14:03:02 <russdeffner> #topic Review Last Week
14:03:36 <russdeffner> please take a moment to review last week...
14:03:37 <russdeffner>
14:04:15 <russdeffner> oops, just saw and changed "agenda" to "summary" there
14:04:46 <russdeffner> #info Vanuatu conclusion is underway
14:05:12 <russdeffner> basically Mhairi and I have just barely begun to 'strategize' on concluded that Activation
14:05:38 <russdeffner> starting with trying to identify local OSM contributors/community
14:06:07 <russdeffner> I know Tyler could not make it today, so I'll just post...
14:06:20 <russdeffner> #info Ebola Activation is still under discussion
14:07:03 <BlakeGirardot> Hi Russ, I am here.
14:07:33 <enock4seth> Am here too.
14:07:53 <russdeffner> Hi Blake, did you want to say anything from Board about Protocol, or is that still being worked out via meeting minutes, etc?
14:08:00 <russdeffner> Hi Enock
14:08:50 <BlakeGirardot> I haven't seen the last board meeting minutes yet, but we did discuss it in general.
14:09:10 <russdeffner> ok, so...
14:09:12 <BlakeGirardot> And I personally just looked at it and was blow away by how good it looks.
14:09:30 <BlakeGirardot> Just looked at it yesterday I meant to say.
14:09:34 <russdeffner> #info Board still discussing/drafting meeting minutes, so no update on Protocol
14:09:36 <russdeffner> thanks
14:09:56 <russdeffner> #info Activation 101 course is now available for 'alpha-testing'
14:10:51 <russdeffner> anything else from last week/unfinished business?
14:11:44 <russdeffner>
14:11:48 <russdeffner> ok, moving on...
14:11:56 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Needs
14:12:14 <russdeffner> anyone here working a current Activation/Project that has pressing needs?
14:12:42 <BlakeGirardot> I think Severin and I are going to make some South Sudan projects in the TM
14:13:01 <BlakeGirardot> and I have one Nepal project I'd like to bump up to top of the TM list
14:13:07 <BlakeGirardot> for a little while.
14:13:33 <BlakeGirardot> I think we need to be more flexible about changing the priorities of projects on the TM until we get the TM updated somewhat to better display the spread of on going projects
14:13:46 <russdeffner> ok, I guess first: is the South Sudan projects related to the existing Activation/Ongoing Project there?
14:14:04 <russdeffner> or is this something new?
14:14:06 <BlakeGirardot> lets say yes. I mean we have a SSD project.
14:14:25 <BlakeGirardot> and we were contacted by a new NGO(s) as a result of the work we have done there.
14:14:37 <russdeffner> ok, sounds good
14:14:51 <BlakeGirardot> It is not a big area, I think about 3 or 4 some what smaller areas to map in advance of NGO ground activities
14:15:17 <BlakeGirardot> But I think we will need to bump them up to the top of the TM list and ask for help on the hot list
14:15:33 <BlakeGirardot> to get the mapped as best we can since it is not a "cnn crisis" as we say.
14:16:19 <russdeffner> I would just suggest thinking about, that since you and Severin are both very busy, maybe 'recruit' a volunteer to 'oversee' the task progress, make community asks/communication/etc.
14:17:02 <BlakeGirardot> Really we need help with validation more than ops/orgs
14:17:31 <russdeffner> also agree that we should be able/willing to switch up priorities as needed
14:18:05 <russdeffner> maybe just a quick email to the AWG list asking if there are objections to altering priorities
14:18:58 <russdeffner> once we have better Activation Team/Lead training and process it should be much easier to know who to quickly ask and/or nudge for changing/archiving/etc
14:19:33 <BlakeGirardot> Ya, I think at least notifying the AWG email list what we do is a good idea
14:19:55 <BlakeGirardot> If there are objections they can raise them and we can come to consensus I am sure.
14:19:59 <russdeffner> I would say we are currently doing a 'horrible' job at asking the community for help; if we need validation, where is the ask?
14:20:23 <russdeffner> blog posts/emails/etc...
14:20:44 <BlakeGirardot> It is not just that easy really
14:20:47 <russdeffner> they won't just 'automagically' know we have existing needs
14:21:01 <BlakeGirardot> I have seen a lot of .... less than ideal validation lets say.
14:21:20 <BlakeGirardot> Which is also a failing on our part, don't get me wrong.
14:22:03 <BlakeGirardot> The new Training center will hopefully help with that.
14:22:10 <russdeffner> yes, we maybe also need to ask 'select' folks/AWG to step-up and validate the validators
14:22:43 <BlakeGirardot> So Nepal too, I have one somewhat large Nepal project I'd like to bump up and ask for community mapping on. _Not_ experienced only, just regular old roads and res
14:23:15 <russdeffner> yep, more details next topic, but I have mentioned to Pierre G that maybe a TM enhancement to be able to only allow validation from people who have earned the badge (to be developed)
14:23:18 <BlakeGirardot> It is one of the least OSM mapped areas of Nepal left and would like to get the basemap done for completeness and prep.
14:23:30 <russdeffner> nice
14:24:20 <BlakeGirardot> We did a little partnership with the TomTom company and their folks really did an amazing job mapping, which I guess is not surprising.
14:24:24 <enock4seth> Russ. that will be great. earn a badge in order to validate.
14:24:54 <BlakeGirardot> We need to follow up with them (TOMTOM) to let them know how much of a help they were and how incredible their people were mapping.
14:25:20 <russdeffner> I think it would be cool if you could have a few 'selections', i.e. no validation, validation by anyone, validation by HOT Validators (badged), or whitelist
14:25:42 <BlakeGirardot> Ok, that seemed disconnected. The TM Project I want to bump up has already been worked on by the TomTom folks, but it is a big area there was no way one small group was going to get it done, we need
14:25:49 <BlakeGirardot> the community to help complete it.
14:26:31 <russdeffner> that is a great idea Blake, do you think it is something CWG should be involved with (i.e. blog post or something) or just a personal note from the Activation Team?
14:26:47 <russdeffner> regarding the TomTom thank you
14:27:03 <BlakeGirardot> Blog post for sure. Actually I think we had oen
14:27:04 <BlakeGirardot> one
14:27:23 <russdeffner> don't mind my next couple posts, just marking for meeting bot...
14:27:51 <russdeffner> #Blake and Severin discussing possible new projects for the South Sudan Activation
14:28:26 <BlakeGirardot>
14:28:27 <russdeffner> #Blake working on prioritizing a large task for undermapped area in Nepal
14:29:48 <BlakeGirardot> it seems ridiculous, but a formal letter of thanks, actually printed and mailed would be good. they made a really significant contribution to Nepal with that project
14:30:38 <russdeffner> no, I think that is a good idea; I guess that maybe it would be best coming from Tyler or Heather or 'on behalf of Board/HOT Community/etc'
14:30:50 <BlakeGirardot> Anyway, thats it for me. I'll send an email to awg list and see about adjusting some priorities in the TM to accomidate the SSD and Nepal projects, we can always put things back if anyone strongly objects.
14:31:00 <russdeffner> sounds good
14:31:24 <russdeffner> #Action Blake to email AWG about project prioritization
14:31:38 <russdeffner> any other 'pressing' needs?
14:32:08 <russdeffner> ok...
14:32:20 <russdeffner> #topic Alpha-launch of HOT Training Center
14:32:33 <russdeffner> if you haven't looked, please do...
14:32:35 <russdeffner>
14:33:05 <russdeffner> I hope to get a 'first round' of previewing the Activation 101 course done this week
14:35:01 <russdeffner> then I'll 'hide' the course to build out the exam, etc...
14:35:27 <BlakeGirardot> I saw that one did not allow guest access is that because it is not live?
14:35:52 <russdeffner> one course, or piece of the A101 course?
14:36:21 <russdeffner> all the 'role courses' are just getting started as far as development, so I left guest access off
14:37:09 <russdeffner> once a course is ready for 'beta', i.e. actually be able to enroll, be tested/pass/etc there will not be guest access anymore
14:37:42 <BlakeGirardot> i see. i had not looked at the site in a day so it has changed since last i looked
14:37:51 <russdeffner> #info Alpha testing of Activation 101 course to end this week
14:38:11 <BlakeGirardot> Any idea what "self enrolement" means on the 101 course?
14:38:19 <russdeffner> next week, I'll introduce the site at the Technical Working Group to get ideas for site maintainence, etc.
14:38:42 <russdeffner> yep, you can actually enroll, then you'll see your progress, link to your profile, etc.
14:39:01 <russdeffner> and you'll get a little message saying 'the course is alpha...'
14:40:03 <russdeffner> idea is that the site is pretty much 'self-paced'/automagic and in the future there won't be much manual/teacher interaction
14:41:24 <russdeffner> there is also a bit of a rush to get some badges ready
14:41:52 <russdeffner> I may be wrong on the details, but think "Geobadges" launches at a conference this weekend
14:42:05 <russdeffner> so they are hoping to have an HOT badge or two for example
14:42:27 <BlakeGirardot> I am never a fan of rushing things just because.
14:42:38 <russdeffner>
14:42:52 <russdeffner> yes, me neither, so I told them already that it may not be possible
14:43:21 <russdeffner> however, it does seem that all the mechanics are in place to make it happen as part of the course
14:43:42 <russdeffner> if you look at any of the role modules....
14:43:50 <russdeffner> let me give guest access to Reporting...
14:44:42 <russdeffner> ok, everyone should be able to view as guest...
14:44:43 <russdeffner>
14:45:14 <russdeffner> you'll see there is a 'course exam' and 'peer review' section (bottom 2 things)
14:45:46 <russdeffner> my intention, and understading of possibilities is that we can grant the Badge upon course completion...
14:46:07 <russdeffner> so, once you pass the exam you would get the 'HOT Reporting' badge...
14:46:18 <russdeffner> be placed on the roster as a trainee...
14:46:29 <BlakeGirardot> Ya, you can auto award the badages via moodle.
14:47:04 <russdeffner> but not 'complete' the course and be an endorsed 'Activator' until you complete the 'peer reviewed' assignment
14:47:07 <BlakeGirardot> I'd call it HOT Activation Reporting badge
14:47:16 <russdeffner> assignments I'm still figuring out
14:47:17 <BlakeGirardot> the geobadges site doesnt' look very functional yet
14:47:18 <enock4seth> As soon as the user had the required score.
14:47:29 <russdeffner> yes and yes
14:47:41 <russdeffner> we can further discuss what we actually call things
14:47:46 <enock4seth> lorem everywhere :)
14:47:46 <BlakeGirardot> I thought they were a little further along than that.
14:48:16 <russdeffner> and right now I'm setting the required score to pass at 80%
14:48:37 <russdeffner> I also go back and forth on the 'lesson scores'
14:48:56 <BlakeGirardot> I'd lean more toward multiple tries at the quiz and require 100%
14:49:18 <russdeffner> in the activation 101 course you'll see that the questions at the end of the lessons are 'test/sample' i.e. you can try them a few times
14:49:31 <russdeffner> and the score doesn't tally in the total
14:49:57 <enock4seth> there should be limit on the multiple tries to pass.
14:50:00 <russdeffner> but we could do it were each lesson plus the exam is 'course score' and you need a minimum for the entire course
14:50:27 <russdeffner> moodle is great that it does allow for all of that, mutiple tries, finite or infinite tries, etc.
14:50:45 <enock4seth> nice.
14:50:54 <russdeffner> you can set 'weights' so lessons could only count for a small percent of total vs quiz
14:51:26 <russdeffner> so exactly the stuff it would be great to hear feedback on as we work towards 'beta-launch'
14:52:00 <russdeffner> beta-launch I'd like to see happen for Activation 101 as early as next week; once I've talked with our Tech folks about site stuff
14:52:33 <russdeffner> biggest question is when we move from dev machine to permanent home, will we be able to retain the records, etc
14:53:03 <BlakeGirardot> I could be wrong, but I think there is no real move, just the site config and dns changes
14:53:14 <russdeffner> so it may rely on that answer for when we can actually start asking people to participate
14:53:38 <BlakeGirardot> ping dodobas
14:53:43 <russdeffner> 'beta' stage for everything will last until at least after the first workshop
14:54:20 <russdeffner> @Blake - he was traveling recently, although I do see he is logged-in, we've discussed a bit via email
14:54:47 <BlakeGirardot> Aye
14:55:08 <russdeffner> anyway, I think that is about all for curriculum progress report
14:56:06 <russdeffner> #topic Quick look at Export Issue
14:56:19 <russdeffner> @Blake - take it away
14:56:20 <BlakeGirardot> ping clairedelune
14:56:30 <BlakeGirardot> I can't reproduce the problem.
14:56:46 <BlakeGirardot> <clairedelune> Hi! Since the morning I've been facing issues creating a new job on the HOT export tool at the moment. I can login successfully but when I try to create a new job, it keeps asking me to login again and never creates the new job. Anyone else?
14:57:11 <BlakeGirardot> So unfortunately "it works for me" is all I can contribute.
14:59:40 <russdeffner> ok, yeah I don't seem to have that issue either
14:59:53 <russdeffner> was able to log and start a new job
15:01:00 <russdeffner> didn't go all the way through creating, do you know if that's when the problem occured?
15:01:17 <russdeffner> sounds like it was when she was first starting one
15:01:22 <BlakeGirardot> Ya
15:02:41 <enock4seth> no problem at my end either.
15:02:41 <BlakeGirardot> I'll send an email follow up
15:03:30 <russdeffner> yeah, maybe cc Mhairi and Brian
15:03:44 <russdeffner> #Action Blake to follow-up via email
15:04:00 <russdeffner> ok, any other business for the Activation Working Group?
15:04:45 <russdeffner> going twice...
15:05:31 <russdeffner> #endmeeting