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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

russdeffner (114), mkl (45), Tyler_Radford (21)

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Meeting Agenda

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review Last Week's Summary (russdeffner, 14:01:56)
  • Unfinished Business
    • TM Project Manager List (russdeffner, 14:05:28)
      • ACTION: Mikel follow-up with group doing the contacts/ensure messaging is complete this week (russdeffner, 14:13:37)
      • ACTION: Russell to work on Tasking Role course and build PM on-boarding into assignment (russdeffner, 14:28:09)
    • Co-lead for AWG (russdeffner, 14:32:51)
      • ACTION: Russell to email individuals as well as the mailing list again (russdeffner, 14:33:57)
    • Phase III of Ebola and Vanuatu Activations (russdeffner, 14:38:16)
      • Vanuatu Activation Conclusion underway (russdeffner, 14:47:09)
      • ACTION: Russell to include recruiting statement for Ebola Conclusion (russdeffner, 14:57:21)
    • AWG Member Procedures (russdeffner, 14:59:45)
      • ACTION: Russell to finalize the 'how to join AWG' procedures (russdeffner, 14:59:48)
    • OSM GeoWeek (russdeffner, 15:00:10)
      • ACTION: Russell to include statement regarding GeoWeek (russdeffner, 15:01:14)
    • Refugee Crisis Monitoring (russdeffner, 15:03:37)
      • ACTION: HOT to continue monitoring, please bring news/updates to next AWG meeting (russdeffner, 15:05:15)
    • HOT Training Center (russdeffner, 15:06:34)
      • Tabled Item (russdeffner, 15:08:06)
  • Any Pressing Needs (russdeffner, 15:08:15)
    • ACTION: Tyler to follow-up with Nama and Pierre B. regarding Nepal Activation (russdeffner, 15:27:02)
  • Any New Business for AWG (russdeffner, 15:28:24)
    • Needed updates to the Activation Protocol coming soon (russdeffner, 15:29:44)


14:01:16 <russdeffner> #startmeeting Activation Working Group 20 October
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14:01:56 <russdeffner> #topic Review Last Week's Summary
14:02:08 <russdeffner> last week's summary is here:
14:02:43 <russdeffner> and we have plenty of unfinished business, but in general let me know if there is something that needs edit/clarification from last time
14:04:50 <russdeffner> If no one has any edits for last summary, then let's move to our unfinished business...
14:05:28 <russdeffner> #topic TM Project Manager List and Email
14:06:00 <russdeffner> emails have started going out to the existing PMs and Admins on the HOT Tasking Manager instance
14:06:10 <mkl> excellent
14:06:43 <russdeffner> and personally, I started getting responses before I was done sending my share of the messages...
14:07:06 <mkl> i responded right away ;)
14:07:22 <russdeffner> so it seems those who are heavily involved should have no problem responding by the end-o-month
14:08:07 <mkl> and they can always get in touch after, if they are removed and need access later
14:08:22 <russdeffner> My only concern/recommendation at this point is we should strive to have all the messages sent in the next couple of days
14:08:48 <mkl> how many are left?
14:08:54 <russdeffner> agree mkl, it's not the end-of-world if they don't reply in time
14:09:23 <russdeffner> Last I looked, only Adityo and myself had messaged 'our share'
14:09:48 <russdeffner> so 3/5 :)
14:11:11 <mkl> i'm starting now
14:11:49 <russdeffner> you might want to also touch base with Blake via email to see if he'll have time
14:13:10 <russdeffner> In any case, let's just action this for continuing and get to the discussion part
14:13:37 <russdeffner> #action Mikel follow-up with group doing the contacts/ensure messaging is complete this week
14:13:46 <mkl> cool. so we need an resource/template for onboarding new project managers
14:13:49 <mkl> we had two this week
14:14:02 <russdeffner> perfect, was just gettting to that
14:14:36 <russdeffner> we have the Tasking Role course, which could be used for onboarding as well
14:15:10 <mkl> nice
14:15:14 <russdeffner> I'm just concerned that people who know people will just be allowed to
14:15:21 <russdeffner> skip
14:15:36 <mkl> that's silly
14:15:54 <mkl> if you don't want to follow the process, don't grant access. it's grounds for losing admin privelege
14:16:17 <russdeffner> correct me if wrong, but any PM can add PMs?
14:16:28 <mkl> no
14:16:34 <mkl> there are two roles, admin and PM
14:16:44 <russdeffner> only Admins can add PMs?
14:16:45 <mkl> admin can create PMs
14:16:50 <russdeffner> ok
14:16:58 <mkl> this was added explicitly to help here
14:17:01 <russdeffner> that makes more sense, just wasn't sure
14:17:41 <russdeffner> so maybe we need to start with a strict procedure for Admin privilege?
14:17:56 <mkl> well first, let's define what should happen
14:18:10 <mkl> not only granting privelege, but adding to email list, and onboarding
14:18:25 <russdeffner> I think I want to change the assignment for the Tasking Role a bit...
14:19:01 <russdeffner> to basically say 1) send message to the new PM list asking for access to dev TM and mentor
14:19:28 <russdeffner> 2) create a sample project on dev TM, mentor reviews = access to main TM
14:19:44 <russdeffner> this is basically Sev's workflow for PM vetting
14:20:21 <russdeffner> built into the Tasking Role (or potentially built into)
14:21:24 <mkl> sure sounds decent
14:21:38 <russdeffner> mentor would obviously need to be Admin on both installations and 'owner' of the email/google group
14:22:30 <russdeffner> to do all the adding, etc.
14:22:44 <russdeffner> any other thoughts on this before I give myself an action?
14:23:35 <mkl> just a question on the Tasking Role curriculum
14:23:39 <mkl> I haven't seen it
14:23:46 <mkl> how does it work? how long does it take to complete?
14:24:08 <russdeffner> not very long; Adityo - how long did it take you?
14:24:23 <russdeffner> hard for me to say since I made the course :)
14:24:54 <russdeffner> Tried to keep each role down to several hours...
14:25:25 <russdeffner> but it also varies depending on how 'involved' people get in the training/practice
14:26:06 <mkl> hours, cool
14:26:19 <mkl> that seems like a minimal time to devote
14:26:53 <russdeffner> yes, and people that are familiar with the TM and how we use it for disaster mapping, should be able to fly through it
14:28:09 <russdeffner> #action Russell to work on Tasking Role course and build PM on-boarding into assignment
14:28:19 <russdeffner> sound good?
14:29:06 <russdeffner> Before moving on, I did want to discuss a bit more immediate needs for this topic...
14:29:48 <mkl> i don't know if there's anything else
14:30:14 <russdeffner> mkl - can we just wait and add all the PM/Admins to the new email list at once, or do you want us to add as they reply?
14:30:51 <russdeffner> or... Adityo, what have you been doing - just adding to sheet or to list as well?
14:31:02 <mkl> we can add once we are finished
14:31:24 <russdeffner> ok, that's what I thought would work better, just wasn't sure
14:32:13 <russdeffner> ok, last call for this topic before we move on...
14:32:51 <russdeffner> #topic Co-lead for AWG
14:33:35 <russdeffner> Still haven't had any takers for co-lead here; will email Mhairi and Cristiano as they suggested they might be able to help after September
14:33:57 <russdeffner> #Action Russell to email individuals as well as the mailing list again
14:34:14 <russdeffner> any takers or other suggestions for this topic?
14:34:53 <mkl> shouldn't co-lead be Board member?
14:35:47 <russdeffner> no, the Board Members should be the 'facilitators' as defined in previous resolutions, but last I heard the Board was still working on that
14:36:09 <mkl> ok
14:36:13 <russdeffner> i.e. the facilitator thing hasn't materialized this term...
14:36:19 <mkl> well put my name in that list too
14:36:30 <russdeffner> ok, thanks mkl
14:36:36 <mkl> one of Mhairi, Cristiano, and myself should be able to help
14:37:07 <russdeffner> ideally we probably want to avoid being co-lead for more than one WG, which is the direction I would like to head
14:37:18 <mkl> right that's my concern too
14:37:27 <russdeffner> but keeping the ship afloat is first priority :)
14:37:32 <mkl> ah, just got my first reply "Hey Mikel, thanks for doing this!"
14:37:39 <russdeffner> nice
14:38:16 <russdeffner> #topic Phase III of Ebola and Vanuatu Activations
14:38:27 <russdeffner> I actually have news on this front today :)
14:38:48 <russdeffner> I started concluding the Vanuatu Activation this weekend...
14:39:38 <russdeffner> Would definitely like to capture the UAV stuff, but more importantly, just archiving the TM projects and making sure 'activation' language is removed from wiki, etc.
14:39:47 <mkl> cool
14:41:13 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner and mkl I've been lurking in between a couple other things... russdeffner thanks for your work on that
14:41:13 <russdeffner> I do know that some of the conversation has continued
14:41:42 <russdeffner> I saw some draft UAV code of conduct stuff a month or two back
14:41:50 <russdeffner> thanks Tyler
14:42:17 <russdeffner> just not real sure who/what HOT involvement there is on that front
14:42:28 <Tyler_Radford> yes UAViators leading and Cristiano provided input
14:42:40 <Tyler_Radford> and attended their meeting
14:42:40 <russdeffner> ok, great
14:42:51 <mkl> code of conduct is one thing. there's also the operational coordination. anyway :)
14:43:28 <Tyler_Radford> supposedly, it covers both areas but I haven't had a chance to discuss at length with Cristiano
14:43:45 <russdeffner> so I'm not sure what if anything could be AAR; thinking it's more a long-term thing of its own?
14:46:26 <russdeffner> I think it maybe best to bring up 'Imagery Coordination' process as new business (and maybe/hoping not today)
14:47:09 <russdeffner> #info Vanuatu Activation Conclusion underway
14:47:23 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner speaking of activation conclusions, we are approaching 6 months post Nepal Earthquake
14:47:34 <mkl> Imagery Coordination?
14:48:29 <russdeffner> Tyler - maybe that can be in 'pressing needs' or new business
14:49:08 <russdeffner> mkl - we have the 'skeleton' process on the wiki somewhere, but don't think its up to 'HOT standards'
14:49:29 <mkl> oh cool
14:49:53 <russdeffner> i.e. how exactly do our Activation Lead(s) or Imagery Role person(s) find/request new imagery
14:50:27 <russdeffner> It came up during protocol development, but was outside the scope/my expertise
14:50:52 <Tyler_Radford> Cristiano also hosted the nepal imagery after action meeting and we had feedback from several providers involved
14:50:56 <mkl> you should've asked ;)
14:51:13 <mkl> how can cristiano and i help?
14:51:22 <Tyler_Radford> We have that feedback, the wiki that russ mentioned... also the imagery course. it would be good to consolidate this all into the course
14:53:20 <russdeffner> I think we should add to a future AWG agenda, or let's note it in the new business section; but first let's get through this unfinished business
14:53:37 <mkl> ok
14:53:44 <russdeffner> since our unfinished business seems to be growing beyond one hour's worth :)
14:54:01 <mkl> whats next?
14:54:03 <russdeffner> so, Tyler - Ebola Conclusion?
14:55:06 <russdeffner> last time I think we were just looking for someone to do the Phase III stuff, did you get any takers?
14:56:38 <Tyler_Radford> None - do you want to send another email to the Activation group? If it helps, I can chime in on top of your email and ask for help
14:57:21 <russdeffner> #action Russell to include recruiting statement for Ebola Conclusion
14:57:30 <russdeffner> unless anyone here wants to volunteer?
14:58:11 <russdeffner> the next couple unfinished, I think I can just fly through real quick
14:58:52 <russdeffner> #Action Russell to finalize the 'how to join AWG' procedures
14:59:09 <russdeffner> I have started this and should be able to finish this week
14:59:25 <russdeffner> oops, dang forgot to change topics...
14:59:45 <russdeffner> #topic AWG Member Procedures
14:59:48 <russdeffner> #Action Russell to finalize the 'how to join AWG' procedures
15:00:10 <russdeffner> #topic OSM GeoWeek
15:00:42 <russdeffner> There was no conversation around GeoWeek after last week's summary email
15:01:14 <russdeffner> #action Russell to include statement regarding GeoWeek
15:02:48 <russdeffner> and I won't even topic it, but Activation Curriculum Report is done (just need to add publish date/find permanent home on the Drive)
15:03:37 <russdeffner> #topic Refugee Crisis Monitoring
15:03:53 <russdeffner> Any news/updates on the refugee crisis?
15:05:09 <mkl> BlakeGirardot may have something
15:05:15 <russdeffner> #action HOT to continue monitoring, please bring news/updates to next AWG meeting
15:05:52 <russdeffner> ok, Blake - if you're here, chime in otherwise we can discuss via email and/or next week
15:06:16 <russdeffner> last 'unfinished business' item, wow
15:06:34 <russdeffner> #topic HOT Training Center
15:06:59 <russdeffner> this is going to keep rolling over, so unless there is specific questions or anything; let's table
15:07:20 <mkl> let's maybe start with some of these unfinished business topics next time
15:07:48 <russdeffner> we start with unfinished business evertime - it just keeps growning :)
15:08:06 <russdeffner> #info Tabled Item
15:08:15 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Needs
15:09:14 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner we met with DHN group this week to discuss mapping for the refugee situation in Europe
15:09:24 <mkl> yea, i mean start with more unfinished business
15:09:40 <Tyler_Radford> There are several organizations doing things.. we are working to consolidate efforts around OSM as much as possible
15:09:41 <mkl> rather than the more finished unfinished business
15:10:18 <mkl> I was on that meeting as well. It didn't really come together, they couldn't get voice working, and wouldn't switch to text
15:10:54 <Tyler_Radford> mkl right --- we ended up doing everything in a google document - you may have seen it - and basically there are a couple follow ups that need to happen
15:11:06 <mkl> ok great
15:11:30 <Tyler_Radford> I believe we should continue building out the base layer in OSM - camps, detention centers, processing centers, etc. - Katja has outlined a proposed set of key infrastructure
15:12:30 <mkl> how were concerns about protection with mapping camps addressed?
15:13:16 <Tyler_Radford> It may be easier to get folks involved in mapping if we set up projects for it in specific countries; the challenge is that it's still not clear how the data is being used or by whom
15:14:06 <Tyler_Radford> That came up earlier - what Katja has been mapping is only what is already public info on facebook, social media channels, or etc.
15:14:30 <Tyler_Radford> Also many camps are highly fluid given the movement of people
15:14:51 <Tyler_Radford> So the camps are probably the most challenging piece
15:15:22 <Tyler_Radford> Other infrastructure such as the border control points, detention/;processing facilities is a bit more straightforward
15:17:19 <russdeffner> so, any actions/needs to discuss?
15:18:32 <russdeffner> also regarding the note earlier about Nepal, I do think we should highlight some 'pressing needs'
15:18:54 <russdeffner> those being to have the coordinators look at/begin Phase III
15:19:25 <russdeffner> so we don't have another activation enter the cycle of discussing conclusion for several more months
15:20:55 <Tyler_Radford> Yes, agree Russ
15:21:10 <Tyler_Radford> we should talk with Nama and Pierre and start the process
15:22:42 <russdeffner> great, that would be my suggestion - talk with the existing coordinators; if they don't have time or something then we can recruit for a new lead - maybe Pratik or Megha since they participating in the Jakarta workshop
15:24:18 <russdeffner> Can I assign that to you Tyler?
15:26:41 <Tyler_Radford> OK sure
15:27:02 <russdeffner> #action Tyler to follow-up with Nama and Pierre B. regarding Nepal Activation
15:27:34 <russdeffner> Any other 'pressing needs' from any disaster mapping projects?
15:28:24 <russdeffner> #topic Any New Business for AWG
15:28:48 <russdeffner> is there any new business for the AWG?
15:29:22 <russdeffner> oh, dang - I have one :)
15:29:44 <russdeffner> #info Needed updates to the Activation Protocol coming soon
15:30:09 <russdeffner> we are adding the copyright and versioning to the protocol document
15:30:38 <russdeffner> should be done soon, will hopefully just be able to replace the existing one/same URL/place on website
15:31:04 <russdeffner> think that's it from me, anyone else...
15:31:50 <russdeffner> last call for AWG business...
15:32:24 <Tyler_Radford> great
15:32:39 <russdeffner> #endmeeting