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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

russdeffner (98), Tyler_Radford (33), adit_yo (14), PovAddict (6)

Links mentioned in meeting

  • Previous Meeting Minutes: 2015-10-06
  • Activation Curriculum Report: [1] (russdeffner, 15:04:45)

Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
    • note: Diverged from agenda due to only a few in attendance to start (russdeffner, 14:16:58)
  • TM Project Manager List and Email (russdeffner, 14:17:33)
    • Email to existing PMs reviewed
    • Action: Continue email thread (Adityo/Russ/Mikel/Blake) to perfect and continue with messaging
  • Quick Updates on Unfinished Business/Review Last Summary (russdeffner, 14:41:20)
    • ACTION: Russ will email AWG regarding co-lead (russdeffner, 14:42:18)
    • Phase III of Ebola and Vanuatu Activations continues (russdeffner, 14:43:12)
    • ACTION: Russ working with the AWG google group owners on procedures (russdeffner, 14:45:31)
    • ACTION: Russ to include note about GeoWeek with summary email (russdeffner, 15:01:20)
    • No further/major edits anticipated on the Activation Curriculum Report.
  • Any Pressing Disaster Mapping Project Needs (russdeffner, 15:05:48)
    • HOT/AWG to continue monitoring refugee situation (russdeffner, 15:29:06)
  • Any New Business
    • Suggested Activation Training Review (russdeffner, 15:30:10)
      • ACTION: AWG to continue discussing HOT Training Center maintenance (russdeffner, 15:34:51)


14:00:17 <russdeffner> #startmeeting Activation Working Group 13 October
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14:00:37 <russdeffner> hello anyone here for AWG?
14:01:49 <russdeffner> ok, yes sorry for no public notice - I'm horrible about announcements
14:02:09 <russdeffner> but they are same time every week :)
14:03:58 <russdeffner> I'll wait a few minutes to see if anyone shows up/ has anything to add/say about our unfinished business from last time or new AWG things...
14:05:01 <russdeffner> stuff we're working on is probably best outlined in previous summary...
14:05:02 <russdeffner>
14:09:21 <russdeffner> Hi Adityo
14:10:00 <adit_yo> Hi russ
14:10:14 <russdeffner> haven't seen/heard from anyone else
14:10:25 <russdeffner> was about to just postpone the meeting
14:10:43 <russdeffner> but there was something we could discuss?
14:10:46 <adit_yo> Maybe they're late
14:11:18 <adit_yo> Oh yes, have you see my email?
14:11:40 <russdeffner> I know Blake is away from home, so probably won't participate
14:11:41 <adit_yo> About TM user list
14:11:56 <russdeffner> but maybe Mikel will show up
14:12:07 <russdeffner> I did see your email, but have been swamped
14:12:09 <adit_yo> Okay
14:13:32 <russdeffner> Ah, just reviewed and now recall/see Blake's updated version
14:13:57 <russdeffner> so basically the question that remains is 'require an email, or not'?
14:14:14 <adit_yo> Yes
14:14:29 <adit_yo> Do we need to ask to the user about their email or not
14:14:54 <russdeffner> hmm...
14:14:59 <adit_yo> If not, i think we need to figure out how we put them to the TM group
14:15:36 <adit_yo> Are we just tell to them that there is TM group and if they interested they can ask to the admin
14:15:39 <russdeffner> oh, maybe Tyler was reading my mind
14:16:01 <russdeffner> I sort of feel like we need to get 'permission' to send this email
14:16:09 <adit_yo> Hi tyler
14:16:42 <Tyler_Radford> Hello all
14:16:58 <russdeffner> #info Diverged from agenda due to only a few in attendance to start
14:17:33 <russdeffner> #topic TM Project Manager List and Email
14:17:54 <russdeffner> so to recap, we have been working on the TM stuff
14:18:02 <russdeffner> mainly Blake, Mikel and Adityo
14:18:47 <russdeffner> Adityo, can you forward that last email to Tyler?
14:19:14 <russdeffner> I would personally feel more comfortable moving forward after Tyler's input
14:19:58 <russdeffner> In essance for everyone it basically says "please reply if you want to keep your project creator/admin status"
14:20:50 <russdeffner> and the current 'question' is: do we 'require' them to give email and join the google group?
14:21:01 <adit_yo> I'm currently far from home and the signal sometimes bad here
14:21:15 <russdeffner> ok, I can do it real quick - right back...
14:23:48 <adit_yo> Thanks russ
14:24:29 <russdeffner> ok sent
14:25:01 <russdeffner> and reading again, I think maybe we want to specify/offer that this doesn't apply to the dev instance
14:26:30 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks all, I reviewed, I think it is a good idea. I believe asking them to join the new TM group is a good thing
14:27:20 <Tyler_Radford> meaning they would need to provide some email to join the group
14:28:28 <Tyler_Radford> I do have a question for the group: What other recommendations or requirements do we have for TM Project Managers?
14:29:11 <russdeffner> ok great, Adityo - I guess we'll just follow-up with Blake and Mikel via email and start moving forward (and I'll think on edits)
14:29:31 <adit_yo> Sure then
14:29:38 <russdeffner> Tyler - I always start thinking down the road of 'further procedures' for PMs
14:29:50 <Tyler_Radford> One example: Many people use the TM for many purposes. Sometimes it would be advantageous for a Project Manager to "check in" with the Activation or Communications WGs when setting up a project, especially if it relates to disaster mapping
14:30:19 <russdeffner> and it's actually what I documented as the 'big objective' of this little side project
14:30:35 <Tyler_Radford> Recently we were asked if we were responding to the hurricane/flooding in Dominica. We weren't, but a Project Manager was
14:30:45 <Tyler_Radford> So we should be able to communicate and help them with their work
14:30:57 <Tyler_Radford> Sounds like you are thinking about this RUss
14:31:07 <russdeffner> but we didn't really get much commitment from anyone to work on it
14:31:32 <russdeffner> Mikel offered to lead this 'first step' of collecting and weeding through existing PMs
14:31:56 <russdeffner> but wasn't real keen to 'own' the whole thing
14:32:34 <russdeffner> But I think it could tie in nicely with the Tasking Role
14:33:23 <russdeffner> in Jakarta the idea was presented that once someone starts the course (or maybe they'd have to complete the test), they would get access to the dev site for practice
14:34:43 <russdeffner> in theory it would be nice to 'restrict' the main instance to only those who are Tasking Activators, not sure how well it would go over or really work in practice though
14:35:11 <Tyler_Radford> Got it. This is a great first step.
14:36:27 <Tyler_Radford> In the mid-long term, yes, we should bring people closer to the training we offer and also help support them in their work with communications etc.
14:36:55 <russdeffner> but yes, I intend to keep the larger objective 'create procedures for on-boarding PMs' in rotation
14:38:08 <russdeffner> anyway, don't think there is too much more to discuss on this topic
14:38:48 <russdeffner> and not sure how much we have for any of the unfinished business here...
14:38:49 <russdeffner>
14:41:20 <russdeffner> #topic Quick Updates on Unfinished Business/Review Last Summary
14:41:33 <russdeffner> I'll just make a few points, jump in wherever
14:42:18 <russdeffner> #action Russ will email AWG regarding co-lead
14:43:12 <russdeffner> #info Phase III of Ebola and Vanuatu Activations continues
14:43:33 <russdeffner> Tyler - any news on ebola activation?
14:43:45 <PovAddict> where do #action and #info end up?
14:45:02 <russdeffner> in the hot_meetbot's minutes/logs/etc - it will spit the link out at the end of the meeting
14:45:11 <Tyler_Radford> We should close both activations, update wiki and website. We need a volunteer to do it on behalf of the original activation team.
14:45:31 <russdeffner> #action Russ working with the AWG google group owners on procedures
14:45:45 <Tyler_Radford> In speaking with those at the workshop in Dar es Salaam, we did not identify a local community to continue mapping work at this time in West Africa
14:45:54 <PovAddict> oh are we in a meeting now? :x
14:46:51 <Tyler_Radford> There is a potential project in the works to continue mapping in West Africa, awaiting confirmation of grant funding
14:47:04 <Tyler_Radford> But for now, the HOT activation can be closed out
14:47:56 <russdeffner> Ok, I think Mhairi was still interested in helping close Vanuatu and I offered to help; we've just had too much curriculum stuff to finish first
14:49:19 <russdeffner> I would suggest we email the AWG and pontentially our list of workshop participants and/or those who've got a trainee role badge
14:49:38 <russdeffner> for volunteers to finish the ebola activation
14:50:01 <Tyler_Radford> Yes
14:51:10 <adit_yo> So this is like for after action review practice?
14:51:37 <russdeffner> yes, I think it would count for several of the role's endorsement...
14:51:49 <russdeffner> thinking for sure Reporting, but maybe others
14:53:12 <russdeffner> I didn't get any response the last 'looking for volunteer' messaging to the AWG
14:53:51 <russdeffner> think we need a simpler way for people to join, and hopefully will get that coordinated this week
14:54:54 <russdeffner> in the meantime, who/how do we want to do the particular recruiting for ebola conclusion?
14:56:55 <russdeffner> I guess we'll follow-up on the AWG list and if no one replies, we can discuss who/where to forward
14:57:02 <Tyler_Radford> Russ your suggestion of emailing AWG and workshop participants is good (for Ebola and Vanuatu)
14:58:48 <russdeffner> ok, maybe you and I can follow-up as I'm not sure how well my 'roster' is at the moment and if they are to follow-up with you, probably best the message comes from the source
14:59:17 <russdeffner> last couple point in unfinished business...
15:00:07 <russdeffner> We didn't say who/but apparently no one realy made any progress on the geo-week stuff
15:01:20 <russdeffner> #action Russ to include note about GeoWeek with summary email
15:02:12 <russdeffner> and lastly about the curriculum reporting...
15:02:45 <russdeffner> actually not even really noteworthy
15:03:07 <russdeffner> but Mhairi and I had our 'final review' yesterday
15:03:59 <russdeffner> and probably by the end of the week all the documentation regarding the Hewlett Grant will be available
15:04:26 <russdeffner> don't think there will be any/much change in the curriculum report...
15:04:45 <russdeffner>
15:05:19 <russdeffner> ok, unless there is anything else regarding unfinished business then we can move on
15:05:48 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Disaster Mapping Project Needs
15:06:37 <russdeffner> Tyler - did you add the refugee situation?
15:07:05 <Tyler_Radford> Yes I did
15:08:19 <russdeffner> ok, take it away - I have to step away for a minute
15:08:19 <Tyler_Radford> All might have seen Blake's email to the HOT list about existing mapping work that has been done in Europe to map border control points, detention facilities, camps, etc
15:08:37 <russdeffner> if you want, you can document the #info, etc. or I'll get it when I return
15:09:29 <Tyler_Radford> We know that some partners (and many informal volunteer groups) have been responding on the ground
15:09:56 <Tyler_Radford> We need to think strategically about HOT's potential role and way(s) we might be able to assist with needs
15:10:30 <Tyler_Radford> One of the first steps will be to gather more info on what is needed and what is being requested from partners
15:10:50 <Tyler_Radford> There is active discussion on the DHN skype (and slack) channels
15:11:59 <PovAddict> digital humanitarians?
15:12:14 <Tyler_Radford> PovAddict yes Digital Humanitarian Network
15:12:49 <Tyler_Radford> Others may have further input, for now I believe we need to keep a watch on the situation and try to gather further input on map- and OSM related needs
15:15:11 <russdeffner> are we considering Activation?
15:15:49 <russdeffner> or is it still too 'sporadic' as far as what needs can be met?
15:16:48 <Tyler_Radford> We are surely facing a very large crisis with millions affected (and now displaced across multiple countries), and one that will be ongoing for some time especially as populations keep moving
15:17:13 <Tyler_Radford> That being said, I don't have enough info to suggest whether an activation is appropriate or not
15:17:40 <Tyler_Radford> And how maps are being used either by individual refugees/asylum seekers or by the humanitarian agencies
15:18:43 <PovAddict> sorry, not following the chat; is this about the refugees in europe fleeing syria?
15:18:52 <Tyler_Radford> Blake/I are monitoring the discussion among the DHN groups, so can report back next time
15:18:57 <Tyler_Radford> PovAddict yes that's right
15:19:18 <PovAddict> do we know how complete the maps are in the area atm?
15:20:04 <PovAddict> there is 'base' mapping that can be done from satellite imagery etc. and there's updating it to the constantly-changing conditions due to the war and migration
15:21:26 <russdeffner> PovAddict - without really looking I'm sure the completeness of the map across that very large area is widely varied
15:21:35 <Tyler_Radford> Blake had mentioned to me that base mapping work is still needed in many areas
15:22:18 <russdeffner> so to me it's more about whether a response/what type of response will actually be beneficial
15:23:12 <russdeffner> I also know that there has been a 'hang-up' reagarding tagging scheme for refugee centers (and/or related tags)
15:23:35 <russdeffner> don't remember details, but saw some chat on the tagging list
15:26:08 <russdeffner> anyway - I guess this is more an 'info' item and can carry-over until next week?
15:26:23 <russdeffner> or do you have an action/request Tyler?
15:27:12 <russdeffner> I would suggest that the 'team' with Blake and Katja will inform the AWG via email if necessary
15:27:25 <Tyler_Radford> More of an info item - one that we should be watching since it's so large
15:27:32 <Tyler_Radford> Yes agree
15:29:06 <russdeffner> #info HOT/AWG to continue monitoring refugee situation
15:29:50 <russdeffner> I have one 'new business'/idea/thing for the AWG
15:30:10 <russdeffner> #topic Suggested Activation Training Review
15:30:59 <russdeffner> having attended many of the Training WG meetings, I know they are a bit swamped with LearnOSM
15:32:00 <russdeffner> and just the way it seems to be working out, the folks in this 'first round' of completing the courses at the HOT Training Center are more involved/interested in this group
15:32:41 <russdeffner> so I think once we've wrapped up the rather old business of the group...
15:33:20 <russdeffner> we could maybe work through one training course per meeting to review/update/enhance content
15:33:55 <russdeffner> pending of course if there is pressing needs of an activation/diaster mapping project
15:34:20 <russdeffner> in general...
15:34:51 <russdeffner> #action AWG to continue discussing HOT Training Center maintenance
15:35:14 <russdeffner> specifically the Activation courses
15:35:50 <russdeffner> but think we can also make great review and suggestion to the Training WG on content existing in or that should be developed for LearnOSM
15:36:19 <russdeffner> that's it from me, any other new business for the AWG?
15:36:27 <Tyler_Radford> I think that is good
15:37:00 <russdeffner> going twice...
15:37:21 <russdeffner> #endmeeting