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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

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russdeffner (105), BlakeGirardot (48), Adityo (35), Tyler_Radford (26), brian (22), GraceHKim (1)

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Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review last meeting minutes [1]
  • Any Pressing Needs (russdeffner, 14:10:04)
    • ACTION: Tyler working with communication working group on Myanmar project outreach (russdeffner, 14:28:32)
  • Activation Protocol and Curriculum Update (russdeffner, 14:28:32)
  • Export Tool UI mockup (russdeffner, 15:08:48)
  • Myanmar Project (return to item 2) (russdeffner, 15:21:00)


14:00:54 <russdeffner> #startmeeting 11 August Activation Working Group
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14:01:09 <russdeffner> hello, the agenda for the AWG is:
14:02:04 <russdeffner> #topic Review Last Meeting Summary
14:02:22 <russdeffner> last week's summary is here:
14:03:03 <russdeffner> I don't think there is any 'update' for Vanuatu
14:03:20 <russdeffner> Mhairi and I have discussed, but too busy to make much progress
14:03:29 <russdeffner> any news on ebola activation?
14:04:34 <russdeffner> Hi GraceHKim - was just about to reply to your email
14:04:54 <Tyler_Radford> Hi russdeffner I gave a short talk on the Ebola activation at GeoNYC last night
14:04:57 <GraceHKim> Thanks, just tried #hot on channel and got it. Intuitive platform. :)
14:05:45 <russdeffner> here is the agenda again in case you missed it:
14:05:51 <Tyler_Radford> Andrew Buck recommended we formally conclude it, since we haven't had requests to map in a while. Regarding transition to community, I think we can speak further we folks when we are at the Africa Open Data Conference
14:06:27 <Tyler_Radford> That's all for now
14:06:34 <russdeffner> ok, so basically it is 'going to be concluded or transitioned' in September?
14:06:41 <Tyler_Radford> yes
14:07:14 <Tyler_Radford> and hello GraceHKim and everyone joining today
14:07:43 <russdeffner> ok, the only other follow-up I have is that the export issue was resolved (i.e. Claire emailed us shortly after the meeting to say the issue had been resolved)
14:08:14 <russdeffner> anyone else have follow-up/unfinished business from last time?
14:09:56 <russdeffner> ok,, moving on
14:10:04 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Needs
14:10:49 <russdeffner> anyone have a pressing need they would like to present?
14:11:40 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner Are we discussing Myanmar flooding now or later
14:11:51 <Tyler_Radford> That might be one
14:12:06 <russdeffner> that would be fine to discuss here
14:12:22 <russdeffner> doesn't look like anyone added it to the agenda
14:12:25 <russdeffner> but not sure
14:12:37 <russdeffner> if anyone is here to discuss
14:12:44 <russdeffner> blake or andrew, you around?
14:14:25 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks to you Russ, Blake, and Andrew for the work already done to analyze needs and set up projects
14:14:57 <Tyler_Radford> From an operational perspective, I want to confirm whether we are considering this an activation or not
14:15:03 <russdeffner> I would just say I am concerned about project leadership...
14:15:16 <Tyler_Radford> It seems we are lacking a full time Activation Lead
14:15:33 <russdeffner> Blake, Andrew and I discussed this on Saturday and I know Andrew said he would not have time to 'fully' lead
14:15:46 <russdeffner> I also do not
14:16:16 <russdeffner> so, not sure if Blake is willing to lead, if not - then yes, no activation lead
14:16:51 <Tyler_Radford> Right - this situation is something I am hoping our workshops in the coming month will help address by bringing more future leaders into the mix
14:17:31 <russdeffner> yes, that is my hope as well
14:18:06 <Tyler_Radford> So for now, I think we can at least help promote the tasks already created via some Twitter activity and something on
14:18:08 <Tyler_Radford> Thoughts?
14:18:31 <russdeffner> sure...
14:18:42 <russdeffner> I think we are in a bit of a limbo situation...
14:19:24 <russdeffner> now that we've identified Activation Team roles and responsibilities, but no one is 'trained' yet
14:20:13 <russdeffner> so those things (outreach, etc) will be part of the 'job' once the protocol is launched...
14:20:29 <russdeffner> but now it is mainly a question of 'who' does these things?
14:21:39 <Tyler_Radford> I think for now, it's everyone helping out where they can
14:22:16 <russdeffner> or, as we witnessed; no one doing anything :)
14:23:25 <Tyler_Radford> Trying to put a positive spin on it :-)
14:23:42 <Tyler_Radford> Good news is some mappers have already completed areas of interest
14:23:51 <Tyler_Radford> I can do some additional outreach via twitter today
14:23:55 <russdeffner> yes, I would suggest making super clear, super simple asks - that usually works
14:24:35 <Tyler_Radford> We need a short blog entry - 1 paragraph based on the email chain history - I can send that to comms WG
14:28:32 <russdeffner> ok, so back to the topic - is the 'pressing need' just some outreach?
14:28:32 <Tyler_Radford> At this point, yes
14:28:32 <Tyler_Radford> We are still taking a risk - as the situation on the ground evolves we cannot be sure if we can provide sufficient support, but let's go with what we have for now
14:28:32 <russdeffner> #Action Tyler working with communication working group on Myanmar project outreach
14:28:32 <russdeffner> notice the lack of the word 'activation' :)
14:28:32 <russdeffner> any other pressing needs?
14:28:32 <russdeffner> ok, moving on...
14:28:32 <russdeffner> #topic Activation Protocol and Curriculum Update
14:28:55 <russdeffner> I presented the HOT Training Center to the Tech WG yesterday
14:29:10 <russdeffner> learned some limitations, one in particular I wasn't prepared for
14:29:58 <russdeffner> that is: we can't go SSL and/or move the moodle site from the 'dev machine' until domain transfer is complete
14:30:37 <russdeffner> another is - probably can't use OSM authentication until someone builds a 'plug-in' for it
14:31:16 <russdeffner> so in a nutshell, it will continue to live here:
14:31:36 <russdeffner> and will probably remain there until after my contract is up
14:31:39 <Adityo> hi everyone
14:31:45 <russdeffner> hi Adityo
14:31:48 <Adityo> sorry im late
14:32:03 <BlakeGirardot> me too
14:32:04 <russdeffner> no problem, we are on item 3:
14:32:34 <russdeffner> oh, hi Blake - we might want to circle back to Myanmar stuff, but let's burn through the rest of the agenda first
14:32:52 <Adityo> i just finished meeting with john from geobadges
14:33:28 <russdeffner> oh, yes - sorry I was sleeping when Steven sent the invite, so didn't see until it was too late
14:33:56 <russdeffner> is there anything you can report, this would be perfect timing?
14:34:01 <Adityo> its okay
14:34:15 <Adityo> yes can i away for a while?
14:34:26 <Adityo> just for 10minutes
14:34:46 <russdeffner> sure
14:34:54 <russdeffner> I'll just recap other AC stuff
14:35:09 <russdeffner> so basically we are in 'alpha' testing of the HOT Training Center
14:35:58 <russdeffner> our hope is to 'interface' with Geobadges, but if that doesn't work, then moodle interfaces with OpenBadges 'out of the box'
14:36:34 <russdeffner> my hope is that by the end of this week, I will have the Activation 101 course in 'beta'
14:37:14 <russdeffner> what I mean by alpha/beta here, is that a course that "can be completed" will be 'beta' while a course still under development is alpha
14:37:49 <russdeffner> By August 22nd - my delivery deadline - we will have 11 course in 'beta'
14:38:04 <Adityo> ok
14:38:21 <russdeffner> Activation 101, 9 role courses and 1 Activation Lead course
14:39:06 <russdeffner> There is about 10 HOTties going to the Open Data Conference in Tanzania September 2-5
14:39:19 <russdeffner> and we'll have a couple of workshop days
14:39:51 <russdeffner> for 'final testing' of the Training Center, and if all goes well - some Activation Roster building
14:40:53 <russdeffner> Then another workshop in Jakarta, September 18-20 for more roster building
14:41:29 <Adityo> so final testing of the training center will be test on HOT Training Center?
14:42:07 <Adityo> i mean, participants will learn about all the training stuff or role courses directly in Training Center?
14:42:19 <russdeffner> yes, at the workshop in Tanzania, we will work through the courses together
14:42:50 <russdeffner> in other words, I'll be watching people work through them and be able to make changes immediately if necessary
14:43:09 <russdeffner> also getting feedback on difficulty, understanding, etc.
14:43:45 <Adityo> Ok
14:43:50 <russdeffner> once my contract is over, I'll be back to 'just' volunteering and have offered to be a 'volunteer maintainer' of the website, but I'm not very techy, so would like some help
14:45:06 <russdeffner> I think that's about it for AC stuff, any questions?
14:45:17 <Adityo> i'm ready to give report from meeting if you want
14:45:24 <russdeffner> yes please
14:46:18 <Adityo> so, basically we talked about your question in google docs
14:47:50 <Adityo> John explain that geobadges can become as an enviroment for HOT to put their HOT Training centre there. For example, if people see hot badges in geobadges website, when they click on it, it will directly to our training site
14:49:04 <Adityo> and we can filter it wether those people can be accepted to learn activation stuff or not
14:49:38 <Adityo> and after they finished their course, they can earn badges
14:50:14 <Adityo> and for design
14:50:35 <russdeffner> so it sounds like it will work for us then?
14:50:45 <Adityo> yes i think
14:50:53 <russdeffner> ok, great
14:51:14 <BlakeGirardot> How are they connected to the OpenBadges project?
14:51:40 <Adityo> it's great to put our badges in geobadges to get more participants
14:53:05 <russdeffner> @Blake - from my understanding is basically all of these 'badge' system/website/etc. things are all built using the open source code/format of Open Badges
14:53:06 <Adityo> i'm not sure about your question blake, because john didn't mentioned about openbadges project
14:53:43 <russdeffner> Geobadges is just one 'issuer'/display website
14:54:13 <russdeffner> but that brings me to one of my questions - does HOT remain the issuer of the badge?
14:54:21 <Adityo> yes it is
14:54:49 <BlakeGirardot> I would expect geobadges to be listed here:
14:54:55 <Adityo> so john explain that if hot put their badges on geobadges, if people want to learn about our course, hot is the issuer of the badge
14:55:04 <BlakeGirardot> but I don't see them.
14:55:24 <russdeffner> They are just launching, so maybe not 'registered' yet
14:55:28 <Adityo> maybe because it's still on developing project
14:55:45 <BlakeGirardot> It is important to use existing open standards and participate in supporting open source projects so I would like to make sure we participate in both geobadges and openbadges.
14:56:20 <BlakeGirardot> plus it would be more exposure for all of us to work with both
14:56:48 <russdeffner> hmm, this makes me wonder how Credly fits into all of it
14:57:35 <russdeffner> as I understand it, Credly is sort of a 'warehouse' of badges
14:57:45 <BlakeGirardot> Just something to keep in mind, it is pretty important to me to help form up and support existing efforts that have a lot of support already.
14:58:01 <Adityo> we currently using credly isn't it?
14:58:25 <russdeffner> I signed us up for Credly and I do know that Geobadges is using Credly
14:58:54 <BlakeGirardot> Adityo: can you follow up to see about the OpenBadges integration plans?
14:59:35 <Adityo> ok i'll ask to John about OpenBadges
14:59:59 <russdeffner> ok, anyway there is obviously still some research to be done regarding badges
15:00:08 <russdeffner> but I think we can move on
15:00:30 <Adityo> one more think
15:00:41 <russdeffner> sure, go ahead
15:01:07 <Adityo> is our HOT Training centre will have some interaction course on it?
15:01:21 <Adityo> for example we can put video tutorial in some of course
15:01:38 <russdeffner> not going with video, but we are exploring GIF
15:01:53 <Adityo> so we cant put video in there?
15:02:09 <russdeffner> we can, but currently not in the plan for Activation Curriculum
15:02:31 <russdeffner> you can explore the Activation 101 course now for example workflow:
15:02:39 <Adityo> OK i see
15:03:00 <BlakeGirardot> I think videos are very common and we could add them. In theory, anyone could contribute material as long as it followed the curriculum
15:03:32 <BlakeGirardot> I plan on using video for my mapping based courses.
15:03:47 <BlakeGirardot> but I recoginize they are harder to keep up to date and translate.
15:04:05 <Adityo> yes i also think about that
15:04:50 <Adityo> our team already have several video tutorial and people like it
15:04:58 <russdeffner> Yes, there will hopefully be many iterations of the training site
15:05:12 <russdeffner> timewise, for now it will be pretty basic
15:05:20 <Adityo> so it might be great if we can put video also in our training center
15:05:34 <Adityo> ok russell
15:05:41 <BlakeGirardot> I am just thinking russ, that there could be multiple resources, text, vids, different languages for any part of any course, as long as they all told the same info.
15:05:49 <russdeffner> and some things we'll need to 'lock in', like what exactly triggers the awarding of a badge
15:06:03 <BlakeGirardot> the quiz should trigger that
15:06:11 <russdeffner> but content we should be able to update/be flexible/etc
15:06:29 <BlakeGirardot> so you can use any of the learning materials, text, vid, learn on your own, pass the quiz, get your cookie... i mean badge :)(
15:06:31 <Adityo> the quiz and maybe the assigment
15:06:43 <BlakeGirardot> right Adityo, or the assignment
15:07:07 <russdeffner> yep, basically along the same thought process there
15:07:25 <russdeffner> since we've passed the one hour mark, I think we need to move on
15:07:56 <russdeffner> any final thoughts on AC?
15:08:28 <Adityo> nothing at the moment
15:08:41 <russdeffner> ok, thanks for the report Adityo
15:08:48 <russdeffner> #topic Export Tool UI mockup
15:08:59 <russdeffner> Is Brian or Mhairi here?
15:09:05 <brian> I'm here..
15:09:12 <russdeffner> Hi brian
15:09:16 <brian> Hi Russ
15:09:27 <brian> Hello everyone
15:09:28 <russdeffner> take it away
15:10:01 <brian> So I'm here to take any questions the activation group might have about the export tool re-development
15:10:18 <brian> If you have a question, please fire away..
15:10:35 <BlakeGirardot> Are the shapefiles organized into thematic layers?
15:10:48 <brian> No, not at the moment..
15:10:52 <BlakeGirardot> the ui mock up did not indicate one way or another
15:11:10 <brian> We need more specifics on this
15:11:37 <brian> At the moment the tool will export layers in line with what the current tool provides.
15:12:26 <brian> Blake, can you provide more detailed requirements?
15:13:08 <BlakeGirardot> There is this from export tool 1
15:13:08 <BlakeGirardot>
15:13:25 <BlakeGirardot> and ogr2ogr examples of how to generate them.
15:14:15 <brian> Ok. I'll take a closer look at this once we're closer / past Alpha release at the end of the month.
15:14:25 <BlakeGirardot> Ok cool, thank you very much.
15:14:55 <brian> Time is tight on development but hopefully we can get some of what you need..
15:15:18 <brian> Any other questions?
15:15:53 <brian> Like I just mentioned, the alpha release is on 31st August..
15:16:08 <brian> We will be asking for more detailed feedback after this..
15:16:14 <russdeffner> thanks brian
15:16:36 <russdeffner> sorry I ran a bit long, hopefully no one left that had a question for you
15:17:05 <brian> no problem.. let me know if you want me to attend next week..
15:17:19 <brian> Happy to take questions whenever..
15:17:20 <russdeffner> you are always welcome
15:17:49 <russdeffner> blake, did you want to return to myanmar stuff?
15:18:05 <BlakeGirardot> We should send an invitation for questions to the activation list, I know a lot of people use the export server and have questions and things that are importatnt to them.
15:18:39 <brian> Good idea, is that something you could arrange?
15:18:47 <BlakeGirardot> Sure, np
15:18:54 <brian> Thanks.
15:18:57 <BlakeGirardot> are you on that list brian?
15:18:59 <BlakeGirardot> probably not
15:19:05 <brian> No, I don't think so..
15:19:08 <BlakeGirardot> so what is the best way to send them to you?
15:19:16 <BlakeGirardot> and really maybe just adding you to that list
15:19:23 <BlakeGirardot> so all the people concerned can see any discussin.
15:19:26 <brian> Yes I think just add me
15:19:45 <BlakeGirardot> its pretty low volumn and you can jump off when done.
15:19:51 <BlakeGirardot> Myanmar
15:19:54 <brian> Or is there somewhere I can sign up?
15:19:58 <BlakeGirardot> I'll get you on
15:20:04 <brian> Great, thanks.
15:20:13 <BlakeGirardot> then you can take yourself off when done
15:20:15 <BlakeGirardot> Myanmar
15:20:29 <BlakeGirardot> Kind of mapping into the blue at the moment
15:20:58 <BlakeGirardot> But Andrew felt it would be good to respond to their kml with points on it by mapping those points to help them see how best to work with us.
15:21:00 <russdeffner> #topic Myanmar Project (return to item 2)
15:22:00 <BlakeGirardot> The project is getting a healthy response
15:22:11 <BlakeGirardot> which to me indicates people are looking for things to do
15:23:14 <BlakeGirardot> The mapping is pretty easy so that helps, nice small units for the most part, most difficult is the jungle.
15:23:41 <BlakeGirardot> well, woods or trees, not sure it classifies as jungle, but the roads are very small and hard to trace
15:24:09 <BlakeGirardot> Most of the area we are currently mapping is mountainous, it looks a lot like Nepal really.
15:24:48 <BlakeGirardot> The first project will probably be done
15:24:53 <BlakeGirardot> in the next day or so.
15:25:17 <BlakeGirardot> Then hopefully we can get more feedback from the requesting organization on if what we are doing is helpful and/or what else we can do to aid their efforts.
15:26:10 <BlakeGirardot> Thats it, does anyone have questions?
15:26:46 <russdeffner> thanks Blake
15:26:55 <Tyler_Radford> Blake that is helpful
15:27:12 <russdeffner> if no questions there, then is there any other business for the Activation Working Group?
15:28:30 <Tyler_Radford> From a "psychological" standpoint - this project has relatively small areas of interest, so hopefully mappers feel they can accomplish something tangible in a short time
15:28:31 <russdeffner> going twice
15:28:50 <Tyler_Radford> I tweeted the project based on the conversation we had an hour ago
15:29:01 <Tyler_Radford> 11 re-tweets already, seems to be high interest on twitter also
15:29:08 <BlakeGirardot> Ya, interesting, the small nature of most of the points.
15:29:31 <Tyler_Radford> That's all here
15:29:49 <BlakeGirardot> Little villages, 30 or 40 buildings, totally do able in an hour or under and then it is "done done" if you know what I mean, good sense of accomplishment.
15:30:13 <Tyler_Radford> Right, as opposed to other projects with huge AOIs
15:30:16 <BlakeGirardot> I guess we should get something in the pipeline for when this one is completed then.
15:31:24 <russdeffner> is there action to document blake, or just mentioning?
15:31:53 <BlakeGirardot> Just mentioning, hopefully we hear from the requesting organization in the next day or two
15:32:11 <russdeffner> Ok, one last call for any other business
15:32:52 <russdeffner> #endmeeting