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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

russdeffner (110), cristiano (41), mataharimhairi (22), Blake (17), Tyler_Radford (11), mkl (5), pgiraud (3)

Links mentioned in meeting

  • Previous Meeting Minutes: 2015-10-20
  • UN Spider Group: [1]
  • Tagging Group/Forum: [2]

Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review Last Meeting Summary/Unfinished Business (russdeffner, 14:03:00)
    • We have nearly completed the messaging of Tasking Manager PM and Admins (russdeffner, 14:06:34)
    • ACTION: Russell to continue working on Tasking Course and building in on-boarding (russdeffner, 14:07:39)
    • Cristiano and Mhairi offered to help co-lead the group (russdeffner, 14:16:53)
    • Vanuatu has been concluded (russdeffner, 14:19:10)
    • Blake and I attend monthly meetings [1]. The group include members from Copernicus among others (cristiano, 14:29:00)
    • Need to look further into HDM and Damage Assessment Tagging (russdeffner, 14:34:09)
    • ACTION: Russell to document process for joining AWG google group on wiki (russdeffner, 14:41:01)
    • ACTION: Cristiano and Russell to follow-up with Drishtie/ARC (russdeffner, 14:57:55)
  • Changing AWG Schedule (russdeffner, 15:08:31)
    • ACTION: Russell will doodle set-up and continue discussion on mailing list (russdeffner, 15:17:11)
  • Any Pressing Needs (russdeffner, 15:18:58)
  • Any Other Business (russdeffner, 15:41:27)


14:01:10 <russdeffner> #startmeeting Activation Working Group 27 October
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14:01:43 <russdeffner> greetings, this is the AWG agenda for today...
14:01:44 <russdeffner>
14:03:00 <russdeffner> #topic Review Last Meeting Summary
14:03:02 <cristiano> hola @russdeffner
14:03:19 <russdeffner> Please take a moment to review last meeting here...
14:03:22 <russdeffner>
14:03:32 <russdeffner> hello cristiano
14:03:46 <mataharimhairi> hey guys
14:05:52 <russdeffner> So, I'll just start moving through the actions/unfinished business from last time
14:05:56 <russdeffner> hi Mhairi
14:06:34 <russdeffner> #info We have nearly completed the messaging of Tasking Manager PM and Admins
14:07:39 <russdeffner> #action Russell to continue working on Tasking Course and building in on-boarding
14:08:45 <russdeffner> so, in general it seems the workflow for on-boarding will be:
14:08:55 <russdeffner> 1. Take the tasking course
14:09:31 <russdeffner> 2. Assignment will ask them to email the PM list (or Activation) for PM access to dev instance
14:09:55 <russdeffner> 3. Assignment will ask them, once they have access, to create a sample project
14:11:04 <russdeffner> 4. Teacher/mentor/Tasking Activator will review and if it looks ok, then they'll get access to main instance and course completion/badge
14:11:12 <russdeffner> any comment on that?
14:11:33 <cristiano> #question: do the same roles on main TM apply to the dev instance? (what's the URL again?)
14:11:35 <mataharimhairi> where will they access the PM list?
14:12:09 <mataharimhairi> @cristiano
14:12:27 <russdeffner> The PM list is a new Google Group that we're creating
14:12:55 <mataharimhairi> @russell great - thanks! missed that from the last couple of meetings.
14:13:24 <mataharimhairi> tasking course workflow sounds good and logical to me
14:13:30 <russdeffner> @cristiano - I'm pretty sure roles are seperate from dev and main
14:13:37 <pgiraud> cristiano, no, the roles are not the same
14:13:53 <russdeffner> thanks pgiraud for confirming
14:14:09 <pgiraud> the db are not synchronized between the 2 instances
14:14:18 <pgiraud> and users/roles are in the db
14:14:43 <cristiano> OK it makes sense :)
14:15:37 <russdeffner> great - that's the route I will take and hope to get that updated (as well as some other changes) to the Training Center this week
14:16:09 <russdeffner> next unfinished business item...
14:16:53 <russdeffner> #info Cristiano and Mhairi offered to help co-lead the group
14:16:59 <russdeffner> thank you so much!
14:17:59 <cristiano> 8-)
14:18:09 <Tyler_Radford> That is great
14:18:12 <russdeffner> let's come back to this toward the end when we talk about the schedule
14:18:24 <Tyler_Radford> I also saw Jorieke sent a note asking to be added
14:18:27 <Tyler_Radford> Jorieke are you here?
14:19:10 <russdeffner> #info Vanuatu has been concluded
14:19:33 <russdeffner> After no objection, I went ahead and archived all Vanuatu Activation tasks
14:19:38 <mataharimhairi> :)
14:19:50 <russdeffner> and hopefully changed all the wiki's, etc. to reflect it's conclusion
14:20:05 <mataharimhairi> great. thanks for wrapping up the vanuatu activation while i was on holiday
14:20:10 <Tyler_Radford> Awesomme
14:20:15 <russdeffner> there was one note, that we should document one 'key takeaway'
14:20:33 <russdeffner> and that was regarding the use of UAV imagery during the response
14:21:06 <cristiano> #question: is the conclusion process documented in the course? (I haven't got there yet..)
14:21:07 <russdeffner> maybe @cristiano you might be able to fill us in on that
14:21:43 <russdeffner> conclusion/phase III of protocol
14:23:16 <russdeffner> we just want to make sure that we are learning/growing from each response
14:23:43 <mataharimhairi> is it still the intention that some course takers will have edit authorisation to make modifications while doing the training?
14:23:47 <russdeffner> so maybe the 'efforts made'/'status update' section of the wiki can be the place for AAR stuff
14:24:26 <cristiano> The main outcome of UAV imagery work is a few sets of damage assessment OSM files that were sent to UAViators, WB and PDC. They were never uploaded to OSM, as we did not have a clear agreement on the data model.
14:26:15 <russdeffner> ok, so maybe a 'short-coming' is that we need to work on the DA model?
14:26:35 <cristiano> yes we do! ;-)
14:27:06 <russdeffner> Ok, I think that is something this group can work on in quiter times
14:27:40 <cristiano> we have offers from IWG-SEM partners to collaborate on it, based on their experience and data models for *official* DA work
14:28:52 <russdeffner> ok, great - maybe could even do a 'special meeeting'/brainstorming with partners
14:29:00 <cristiano> Blake and I attend monthly meetings. The group include members from Copernicus among others
14:30:49 <russdeffner> @cristiano - but it that somewhere that OSM tagging schema is discussed?
14:30:50 <cristiano> and we discussed adopting/extending OSM as a platform in their workflow. Yes, let's do a separate meeting. I also would like to review the HDM list which Blake created a while ago
14:31:04 <mkl> @cristiano there should be space to discuss this at satsummit
14:31:27 <russdeffner> ok, yes HDM and DA could/maybe should be worked on together
14:32:27 <cristiano> yes @mikel - would be great, hopefully I can make it :)
14:33:32 <russdeffner> but this is getting a bit away from the activation conclusions; let's make an action/note to remember to return to this in the near future
14:33:47 <cristiano> yes, thanks Russ
14:34:09 <russdeffner> #info Need to look further into HDM and Damage Assessment Tagging
14:35:50 <russdeffner> on the next item...
14:36:23 <russdeffner> I'm currently thinking it is best to just have anyone interested in joining the group to email Activations@
14:36:43 <russdeffner> then one of the group moderators will need to 'manually' add them
14:37:35 <cristiano> what group?
14:37:47 <russdeffner> the AWG google group, i.e. mailing list
14:38:28 <russdeffner> that is the way the list is set-up currently
14:39:26 <russdeffner> other option would be to allow anyone to join/self-register but there has been some comments against that, which I see both sides
14:40:09 <cristiano> oh OK. I'm in favor of keeping it moderated.
14:40:40 <russdeffner> alright, let's go with that for now; I'll update the wiki, etc.
14:41:01 <russdeffner> #Action Russell to document process for joining AWG google group on wiki
14:41:32 <russdeffner> next 'roll-over' business is GeoWeek
14:41:40 <mataharimhairi> #question who are the group moderators?
14:41:48 <mataharimhairi> anyone in the AWG?
14:42:16 <russdeffner> currently it is Blake, Severin and myself
14:42:43 <mataharimhairi> okay, good to know. is this also mentioned on the wiki?
14:42:52 <russdeffner> but think for future it should be the AWG co-leads and Board facilitator
14:43:54 <russdeffner> not sure it is specifically noted on wiki; but the leads and facilitator are
14:44:55 <russdeffner> ok, so anyone have suggestions, etc for geoweek?
14:45:45 <mataharimhairi> suggestion for geoweek ... as in what we should be hosting?
14:46:35 <russdeffner> just generally how to support, etc.
14:46:47 <mkl> encourage members to organize events
14:47:24 <russdeffner> I previously suggested that maybe HOT coordinators could host remote mapathons
14:47:38 <mataharimhairi> I am arranging one here in Bali!
14:47:46 <Tyler_Radford> Yes hosting remote mapathons and also - supporting mapathons remotely
14:47:57 <Tyler_Radford> via skype and IRC
14:48:00 <russdeffner> great Mhairi!
14:48:04 <mkl> mataharimhairi: did you submit the event details on
14:48:05 <mkl> ?
14:48:08 <mkl> and that's awesome
14:48:18 <mataharimhairi> along with my friend Jade from the Green School
14:48:33 <mataharimhairi> OSM has become part of the schools curriculum
14:48:39 <mataharimhairi> doing weekly training sessions
14:48:52 <mataharimhairi> i believe he registered the event, but will double check tomorrow
14:48:57 <Blake> cristiano, you are now a manager of the tagging list
14:49:06 <russdeffner> Oh, that reminds me I have to message the OSM-Mongolia community to see if they'll plan one (if they aren't already)
14:49:19 <Blake>!forum/tagging
14:50:39 <russdeffner> Maybe we should 'recruit' people to 'take shifts' during the week to watch IRC & Mumble?
14:51:58 <cristiano> I may be good to prepare and list available projects on so that volunteers can just go there and pick one to work on
14:52:13 <cristiano> (the current links don't work)
14:52:27 <cristiano> *it
14:52:38 <Blake> that sounds like a great idea. I tried to help with that site
14:52:49 <Blake> via github and met with good success
14:53:04 <Blake> maybe you can just be added as a collaborator there
14:53:49 <russdeffner> oh, maybe those tasks aren't published yet
14:54:38 <Blake> could be, but still, if we can help keep that site up to date that would be great
14:54:51 <cristiano> It's fine, I can make pull requests :) but the point is that we need project managers to prepare the tasks for mapathons (e.g. any instructions that need updates, etc)
14:55:36 <cristiano> and identify priorities, tasks that we are trying to close, tasks that need expert vs. newbie help, etc
14:55:42 <Blake> Ok, so, ARC is doing a lot of event planning too, so they may have some that could go there now
14:56:13 <Blake> Do you know Drishtie ?
14:56:55 <cristiano> I need to go soon :( Let's identify any action for osmgeoweek and quickly move through the agenda ;-)
14:56:57 <russdeffner> I do yes
14:57:16 <Blake> Any osmgeoweek planning needs to be done in close collaboration with Drishtie as much as possible.
14:57:23 <Blake> She is really good at this.
14:57:23 <cristiano> yes, I do too, let's check with her
14:57:31 <russdeffner> ok, thanks Blake - that gives a good action
14:57:55 <russdeffner> #action Cristiano and Russell to follow-up with Drishtie/ARC
14:58:32 <russdeffner> I also skipped something, Ebola Conclusion
14:59:20 <russdeffner> @Tyler - any news or to everyone - anyone interested please let Tyler or myself know
15:00:28 <russdeffner> also let us know if there is any news regarding Refugee crisis
15:01:16 <russdeffner> Is Katja here by any chance?
15:01:40 <Blake> There is a great deal of news in the refugee crisis as well, long story short: Katja is doing an amazing job working with DHN partners and OSM and people on the ground to get
15:01:57 <Blake> important data to those that need it.
15:02:05 <russdeffner> ok, great Blake; thanks
15:02:22 <Blake> In difficult circumstances and sensitive topics.
15:03:19 <russdeffner> yes, it was great to chat with both of you last week and see some of that work happening
15:03:27 <Blake> And always withing OSM guidelines of course, including no imports :)
15:04:55 <russdeffner> I think I will just email her directly and if there is any news/needs to get it on our agenda or email Activation@
15:06:00 <russdeffner> and let's table the Training Center stuff again until it's a bit less hectic around here
15:06:54 <russdeffner> I did see some messaging regarding the transition/phase III of Nepal Activation
15:07:15 <russdeffner> so unless Tyler has anything to add, think that will be 'in the works' for a while
15:08:11 <russdeffner> since cristiano needs to leave (hope you're still here), let's discuss schedule
15:08:22 <russdeffner> #topic Chaning AWG Schedule
15:08:31 <russdeffner> #topic Changing AWG Schedule
15:09:39 <russdeffner> so with daylight savings, after this week; this meeting time will be even earlier for me
15:09:57 <cristiano> and me :)
15:10:21 <mataharimhairi> what time will that be? 6 or 7am ...
15:10:39 <cristiano> I'm OK with moving it to 15UTC, but rather do it later in the day if possible
15:10:39 <russdeffner> Mhairi noted that pushing it back will make it even later for her and the folks in Indonesia
15:11:56 <russdeffner> Maybe we should send a doodle?
15:11:59 <mataharimhairi> It currently starts at 10pm here and sometimes doesn't end till 11.30
15:12:29 <mataharimhairi> So pushing it back means 12.30am f
15:13:20 <cristiano>
15:15:45 <russdeffner> Hmmm... think best way forward is to doodle; let's continue this conversation via email so Mhairi can get some sleep :)
15:15:56 <mataharimhairi> sorry, Bali is actually one hour later than Jakarta!
15:16:08 <mataharimhairi> but yes, best way forward is to doodle
15:17:11 <russdeffner> #Action Russell will doodle set-up and continue discussion on mailing list
15:17:13 <cristiano> OK, here's one with Bali and Washington DC
15:18:40 <russdeffner> so I think that leaves us to discuss pressing needs and any other business
15:18:51 <cristiano> Doesn't look too very good, maybe 14 or 15 UTC are still the best options, but yes, let's go with Doodle
15:18:53 <cristiano> :)
15:18:58 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Needs
15:19:45 <russdeffner> I think the response for Hurricane Patricia is well in hand, probably no new tasks
15:20:02 <russdeffner> anyone know otherwise?
15:20:34 <Blake> I don't. But we might need a check in with people on the ground to see if there are any pressing needs or area of operatiions
15:21:14 <Blake> just a quick go around in the coordination channel to see if we can adjust anything to more directly coordinate if there is a need
15:21:27 <cristiano> I would defer to Rodolfo and mkl
15:21:40 <russdeffner> ok, but I think the team with Robert and crew can handle, i.e. they don't/aren't recruiting for anything specific
15:22:10 <cristiano> the OGP summit may be a good way to complete more tasks and close that activation
15:22:28 <cristiano> and get info from local gov/orgs for any needs
15:23:10 <cristiano> my feeling is that we should shift the current priority area to more in between PV and Manzanillo
15:24:16 <cristiano> If you turn on the advisory cones here you can see the path it took and where I think we should focus any additional mapping
15:27:06 <russdeffner> ok, sorry was just looking at the maps and such
15:28:29 <russdeffner> it looks like maybe the priority for 1258 was shifted to where the mapping was less complete; but yes - in general I think we'll just keep the conversation going in the skype room
15:29:21 <russdeffner> Regarding the other Activation for the eastern Afghanistan Earthquake...
15:29:27 <cristiano> oh great, someone did shift it ;) I didn't see it before
15:30:09 <russdeffner> still haven't fully caught up from yesterday, but we shifted mapping priority based on some initial reports of impact
15:31:16 <cristiano> good, the project is pretty big and it seemed a bit dispersive without a priority area define, I'm glad you added it ;-)
15:31:30 <russdeffner> and as far as I know, we still don't have any 'official' OSM usage for the response besides the local OSM community
15:32:21 <russdeffner> so I'll keep working on it today and see if we can't get some data into responder/aid organization's hands
15:33:17 <russdeffner> so last call for needs/comments on current projects?
15:33:44 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner
15:33:47 <russdeffner> ok, last stop...
15:33:51 <russdeffner> yes Tyler
15:34:02 <Tyler_Radford> I haven't caught up on skype but is there a blog for that activation
15:34:19 <Tyler_Radford> I didn't see anything yet, maybe something is in the works to replace the patricia project on front page
15:34:23 <Tyler_Radford> of
15:34:25 <russdeffner> no, just building wiki-page at the moment
15:35:49 <cristiano> Is there a Skype room going on for the EQ?
15:35:49 <russdeffner> but will add it to list
15:36:12 <russdeffner> Yes cristiano, would you like to join?
15:36:17 <cristiano> From a quick check I did yesterday, it looks like Bing has several low-res "gaps"
15:36:31 <russdeffner> yes, Maning working on that
15:36:59 <cristiano> oh, OK, then it'd be better to join to coordinate, since I was also doing it
15:37:12 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner can we work on updating with a blog and update to now that Patricia is winding down already
15:37:31 <russdeffner> ok, will add you just after this @cristiano
15:38:01 <russdeffner> @Tyler, I can push the request to that coordination team
15:38:55 <cristiano> OK thanks. Unless I'm missing something from the activation protocol, we should make it a bit more clear when comm channels move to another medium e.g. Skype :)
15:39:54 <russdeffner> noted, there's still a lot of work to be done to really 'enact' protocol - still learning as we go
15:39:57 <cristiano> and what's the mechanism to "join"… what comms are still going though email and IRC vs. Skype
15:40:16 <cristiano> cool - thanks Russ!
15:41:04 <russdeffner> we technically still don't have any 'fully' trained leads, so it's still a bit all over the place; but think it has helped some already (even w/o trained people)
15:41:21 <russdeffner> anyway...
15:41:27 <russdeffner> #topic Any Other Business
15:41:49 <russdeffner> Anyone have other business for the AWG?
15:43:04 <russdeffner> ok, thanks everyone for attending
15:43:16 <cristiano> Thanks Russ!
15:43:34 <russdeffner> lots of work to be done, as you can see we are going 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours pretty regularly
15:43:39 <Blake> thanks russ
15:43:48 <russdeffner> so all the help is much appreciated!
15:43:52 <russdeffner> #endmeeting