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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Participants (IRC handle)

russdeffner, dityo_, pierzen, Tyler_Radford, BlakeGirardot_, edvac, mataharimhairi, sev_hotosm3, althio_

Links mentioned in meeting

Meeting Summary

  • Review Previous Meeting minutes[1]
  • Nepal Update
    • Post-Disaster Jobs,
      • some imagery difficult to interpret
      • slow progression, we need more mappers (especially experienced)
      • From 1 million objects per day, now down to 200,000
    • We need to adapt to the monsoon coming soon
    • Need a volunteer for imagery coordination.
    • Post-Disaster assessments - OSM vs other groups [2]
    • Landslides
      • Various studies
      • HOT Contributions ? Villages at risk ?
      • Creating skype discussion room and looping in Indonesia Team
    • Highway Network condition
    • Data collection to plan
  • Follow-up on Draft Activation Process
    • Added table of contents
    • Changed wording (for now - it is draft) from "Activation Coordinator(s)" to "Activators"
    • We are hoping to have Process/Protocol draft ready for 'presentation' to Board at June meeting.
    • Curriculum work will have a little impact on process, but majority can be done independent.
      • Russell currently shifting gears to quick cycles of content drafting.
      • Recruiting a small team of 'first reviewers'.
      • As early as next meeting some content/outline/draft may be available for AWG review/feedback.
      • Potential budget for one coordinator to attend SOTM-US (Mhairi and Russell to discuss).
  • Discussion on Activation Capacity
    • How to handle multiple Activations at once:
      • Need to address internal coordination to make sure other Activations/Projects are not lost.
      • Need to address Tech challenges to make finding/participating in all projects easier.


13:58:10 <russdeffner> hello
13:58:25 <russdeffner> Activation Working Group meeting starting here in a few iutes
13:58:28 <russdeffner> *minute
14:00:00 <dityo_> Hello russel
14:00:22 <russdeffner> hi Adityo
14:01:13 <russdeffner> agenda is here:
14:01:48 <russdeffner> so while we wait for others to join, first item is to review previous minutes
14:02:20 <pierzen|2> will add some points
14:02:23 <pierzen|2> Hi all
14:02:39 <russdeffner> so if anyone has edits for last time:
14:02:49 <Tyler_Radford> Hi all
14:02:52 <BlakeGirardot_> hi
14:02:58 <russdeffner> let me know if you don't have a wiki account and I can make the changes
14:03:33 <russdeffner> basically just to the summary, full log is just that :)
14:05:06 <russdeffner> thanks pierzen|2 BlakeGirardot_ and Tyler_Radford - good to have you and everyone else here
14:05:44 <russdeffner> since the Community WG/Community Call is here at 1530 UTC we will need to move through agenda fairly quick
14:06:24 <russdeffner> and it's a spring "May-bruary" wet blizzard here
14:06:33 <russdeffner> so hopefully my introweb/power stays on
14:07:08 <pierzen|2> Ok listed some priority points we will have to discuss. maybe not now, but shows how we have to adapt in particular to the monsoon coming soon. Plus how to coordintate for post-disaster evaluations.
14:07:19 <russdeffner> to catch everyone up, we are reviewing the previous meeting summary
14:07:34 <edvac> Hi, sorry I am a bit late
14:07:38 <russdeffner> unless anyone has discussion/needs assistance with that, let's move on
14:08:18 <russdeffner> pierzen - do you want to present your items?
14:08:38 <pierzen> ok briefly,
14:09:10 <pierzen> many TM for experienced contribs. Now less problems with new contributors, bu not enough experienced contributors.
14:09:26 <pierzen> From 1 million objects / day,now 200,000
14:09:41 <pierzen> Monsoon coming very soon
14:09:52 <pierzen> - villages at risk - should we identify
14:10:07 <pierzen> - road network - data to collect - how
14:10:37 <pierzen> We should continue discussions on these topics in the coordination skype groups.
14:11:02 <pierzen> Plus the coordination with others for assessments.
14:11:10 <pierzen> That's all for me
14:11:26 <russdeffner> ok, great
14:11:44 <russdeffner> *that you have these priorities identified
14:12:14 <russdeffner> how can/how do you see the group helping?
14:12:42 <russdeffner> or do we just need to nudge the communications group for more messaging?
14:13:36 <pierzen> Communications : KLL plus HOT we should take care to insist more. Nama and me to write a Blog.
14:14:05 <russdeffner> ok perfect, was just thinking we could help by drafting the overall message
14:14:20 <russdeffner> then the CWG can run with social media from the blog post
14:14:56 <pierzen> oh yes other point
14:16:05 <russdeffner> other point?
14:16:10 <pierzen> Imagery coordination : We have a lot of images, Google crisismap helps. It would be good to facilitate more by adding url links easy to copy. Long process to verify every image in JOSM and see if new areas that we can add.
14:16:15 <pierzen> that's al
14:16:21 <russdeffner> oh, sorry
14:16:32 <russdeffner> was just a second too impatient :)
14:17:05 <russdeffner> maybe you want to recruit one of the folks here?
14:17:28 <russdeffner> I didn't do a call for who is here; if you haven't said anything - just a quick hello
14:17:52 <pierzen> if volunteer see with Cristiano who created the Google Crisismap instance
14:19:38 <russdeffner> ok, well if no one 'raises a hand' to help with imagery coordination here; I'll add it as an action item to email the AWG mailing list, if still no help I'll follow-up with you or Cristiano
14:20:12 <BlakeGirardot_> cristiano is doing double duty
14:20:19 <BlakeGirardot_> and speaking on a conference call at the moment.
14:20:25 <russdeffner> Any other 'urgent' needs for current activation(s)/projects?
14:20:30 <russdeffner> ok, thanks Blake
14:21:42 <russdeffner> Ok, well the only other agenda item is the Activation Procss/Portocol
14:21:45 <Tyler_Radford> pierzen what do you think is the best method to be identifying at-risk villages (with upcoming monsoon)
14:21:47 <russdeffner> *Protocol
14:22:35 <russdeffner> oh, sorry Tyler - yes go ahead with that first
14:22:50 <pierzen> Interpret the various studies, discuss first with people with some knowledge about these matters. See the possible added value from OSM
14:24:08 <russdeffner> dityo_ - is this something InaSafe can help with? Should we 'plug' that into the conversation?
14:24:54 <Tyler_Radford> I was wondering the same, we have done so much work with risk and vulnerability analysis with InaSafe
14:25:29 <dityo_> If we have some hazard data (both raster and vector) we can analyze it with inasafe
14:26:19 <pierzen> We need to make inventory of studies. There are many including NASA.
14:26:30 <pierzen> And UNOSAT I think
14:26:31 <russdeffner> Pierre - might I suggest that Adityo (and the Indonesia Team) be looped in on further conversations on this?
14:26:45 <dityo_> We need exposure data (building or road data) and hazard data if we want to run inasafe
14:26:59 <pierzen>
14:26:59 <pierzen>
14:27:21 <pierzen>
14:28:02 <mataharimhairi> what sort of hazard data is required for floods with the inasafe plugin, is it only vector files showing previous inundation levels of flooding?
14:28:29 <russdeffner> so dityo_ - if maybe nasa or others are producing the hazard data, then we can use OSM for buildings/populated places and run?
14:29:29 <dityo_> For vector data, is only use area that affected by flood and not affected by flood. And for raster data it can be inudation level of flooding
14:30:18 <dityo_> Yes if nasa have some hazard data, and we have some exposure data in osm. We can run it in Inasafe
14:31:28 <mataharimhairi> so we would need to obtain the coverage area in vector files and height of flooding in raster files based on past recorded events
14:31:31 <mataharimhairi> more or less
14:31:38 <pierzen> Here areas with risk of lanslides would be considered. And evaluate how this can impact on populations around
14:33:07 <mataharimhairi> was the previous landslide data provided used in the end?
14:33:08 <pierzen> A more specific problem with flooding, is the risk that glacial lakes break and destruct everything in some valleys. This is also followed by Nasa and others
14:33:35 <pierzen> Lanslides, mostly points I think that could be converted to polygons
14:33:57 <russdeffner> this is great, however I think this may be something that needs a longer discussion; maybe Pierre can add Adityo (and others) into one of the coordination skype channels...
14:34:01 <russdeffner> we are 1/2 hour in
14:34:17 <mataharimhairi> i would love to be apart of that conversation too
14:34:36 <russdeffner> just want to make sure we hit the other item and have time for general/any other business
14:34:42 <mataharimhairi> i've done some hazard modelling previously and would like to contribute if possible
14:34:45 <dityo_> Yes i will help if there is anything that i can help it
14:34:45 <edvac> So let's stay "apart" from it, Mhairi :)
14:34:52 <edvac> (just jocking)
14:35:10 <mataharimhairi> :)
14:35:48 <russdeffner> ok, maybe pierzen - a new room? I can set it up and think I have Mhairi and Adityo in my contacts
14:35:57 <pierzen> ok
14:36:39 <russdeffner> Action Item: Russ to create skype coordination room for at-risk village assessment
14:37:05 <russdeffner> anyone who wants to join, if we're aren't skype contacts yet; I am russdeffner
14:37:28 <russdeffner> ok, on to activation process discussion
14:37:35 <pierzen> Lanslide Nepal Analysis skype to identify from the rest
14:38:11 <russdeffner> ok, perfect
14:38:32 <russdeffner> here is the link again to the Draft Activation Process doc:
14:39:21 <russdeffner> one noticable thing from last time is a Table of Contents and a bit of rewording of headings
14:40:30 <russdeffner> another 'thing' I changed is after hearing it used by several different people; I really like "Activators" versus "Activation Coordinators"
14:40:52 <russdeffner> so, feel free to 'yell' at me, I went ahead and made that change in the draft
14:41:46 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner sounds good although I believe pierzen mentioned it may not translate too well into French?
14:42:02 <sev_hotosm3> Sound a bit like some 80s movies :)
14:42:10 <Tyler_Radford> :-)
14:42:25 <pierzen> oh sev_hotosm3 is bringing in is old CD's !
14:42:36 <sev_hotosm3> Activateur would be the translation into French, with almost the same sound
14:43:03 <Tyler_Radford> sev_hotosm3 How is the meaning? OK, or?
14:44:10 <Tyler_Radford> I would just add that in the humanitarian/disaster relief community the typical word seems to be "response" rather than "activation".. I'm open to whatever the group thinks is best...just throwing out ideas
14:44:22 <pierzen> but what this mean in french ? Linguee is giving exemple of activtor system. less related to people it seems
14:44:34 <sev_hotosm3> What does an Activator says after the crisis is over but may rise again? "I'll be back"
14:45:01 <russdeffner> It feels more open source/grass-roots 'activator'
14:45:03 <russdeffner> to me
14:45:12 <pierzen> Yes I use OSM Response and all hums + UN are using Response. This is the first phase of intervention
14:45:20 <sev_hotosm3> @Tyler_Radford I do not have any problem with the name, but would like it not to be related to popular culture
14:45:39 <sev_hotosm3> Have seen on other lists talking about "Jedis"
14:45:52 <Tyler_Radford> right..let's avoid that one
14:46:09 <Tyler_Radford> That's Patrick Meier's
14:46:14 <russdeffner> anyway, barring some really bad translation into another language, I would just ask you read it in context of the process and curriculum
14:46:17 <Tyler_Radford> and Star Wars
14:46:17 <edvac> I don't know in French, but in Spanish sounds really funny: activadores!
14:46:39 <Tyler_Radford> Is "response coordinator" an option that people would like to discuss?
14:46:39 <russdeffner> I also think it works better for the concepts that an Activation can be coordinated by one or more Activators
14:47:00 <russdeffner> rather than any two-word title that uses coordinator
14:47:20 <althio_> Hi all and sorry Russ... I will rather have Coordinators, for an Activation or a Response or a Hum Mapping Project
14:48:05 <russdeffner> but then it reads "an Activation can be organized/faciliated by one or more Activation Coordinators"
14:48:25 <russdeffner> also some of the 'roles' that are coming out of the curriculum won't be much 'coordinator'
14:48:51 <sev_hotosm3> I would like to raise the topic of: What do we do during major activations? Regarding the other places that are in crisis?
14:49:10 <althio_> "an Activation is coordinated by one or more people: Coordinators"
14:49:40 <sev_hotosm3> whose needs did not lower
14:49:55 <althio_> some of the other roles are precisely not coordination, but tasks delegated by the coordinators (in my mind)
14:49:56 <sev_hotosm3> It is actually related to the Activation protocol topic
14:50:04 <edvac> Response is not good by itself in Spanish. It would have to be Coordinador de Respuesta Humanitaria, so 3 words...
14:50:04 <russdeffner> you mean, how to prioritize activations and projects
14:50:45 <mataharimhairi> i agree severin - that may be a better use of the activation WG time to discuss
14:51:25 <russdeffner> so earlier I was going to say that it may be possible to have this process/protocol document on the agenda for the next HOT Board meeting...
14:51:27 <mataharimhairi> how would we prioritise multiple varying levels of activations required simultaneously
14:51:51 <russdeffner> but I originally discussed with Tyler, that maybe he could present it to them in June, so I'm leaning back toward that
14:52:24 <russdeffner> either way, some of this stuff will remain a bit undefined until I build out the Activation Curriculum a bit more
14:52:37 <russdeffner> so, let me take just a few minutes to give an update there
14:53:26 <russdeffner> Under Mhairi's supervision, I am currently recruiting a samll team to be 'first reviewers'
14:54:05 <russdeffner> Over the next two weeks, I'll do quick cycles of cranking out content, short feedback cycle, repeat
14:55:07 <russdeffner> What I hope to be able to present to this group, maybe as early as next meeting is a 'formula' for building training around what is looking like 6-10 'roles' that our "Activators" perform :)
14:55:42 <russdeffner> Ok, with that we are five minutes to the top; CWG meeting here at 1530, so... any other business for AWG?
14:55:54 <mataharimhairi> Just another note to add to that Russell
14:56:07 <russdeffner> sure
14:56:26 <russdeffner> just wanted to also let anyone get improtant stuff into the minutes/log
14:56:34 <mataharimhairi> A while back we mentioned that there was funding from the Hewlett Foundation to go towards some core coordinators that would assist with the reviewer
14:57:27 <sev_hotosm3> I would say: it is not really a matter of prioritization. We may find people interested to both coordinate or map for a cause or a crisis. I am a typical example of this. It takes more time to progress due tu a reduced number of contributors when it does not deal with crisis with big empathy (typically natural disasters or diceases vs political crisis)
14:57:51 <mataharimhairi> As nothing was really decided, I think it would be a good idea if this money could be used towards getting Pierre Beland, Severin and perhaps one other to state of the map to do a one on one review of the curriculum with yourself
14:57:54 <russdeffner> oh, yes - I think that is the small team I am recruiting - so we should touch base on that point after the meetings/when we meet next
14:58:01 <mataharimhairi> This is just an idea that might be fruitful
14:58:07 <sev_hotosm3> but it eventually leads to something consolidate and useful
14:59:21 <russdeffner> oh, come to sotm-us; that would be great - I'd defer to you about what funds we have and the logistics of that since it is rather soon
14:59:39 <russdeffner> email afterword?
14:59:41 <sev_hotosm3> But I would like to know if during a sudden crisis like in Nepal, the other running Activations should be suspended.
15:00:11 <mataharimhairi> yes, i am reassessing the funding and can let you know later this week
15:00:14 <russdeffner> no, we need to build our internal coordination capacity to prevent that
15:00:21 <russdeffner> @sev
15:00:34 <sev_hotosm3> From my analysis of TM contributors, some mappers like to work on a territory
15:00:43 <Tyler_Radford> sev_hotosm3 we had to manage that on a minor level recently
15:00:52 <russdeffner> if we could clone Pierre, we'd be fine - but that is why we are building this curriculum
15:00:56 <Tyler_Radford> we had requests for Dar es Salaam flooding and Guam Typhoon Dolphin
15:00:56 <mataharimhairi> so perhaps on your end you can discuss with some of the coordinators, who would be the most beneficial and be able to make it?
15:01:42 <sev_hotosm3> sorry I am not very explicit: I did not release new TM for CAR that are in my pipe with the Nepal Crisis
15:02:34 <Tyler_Radford> right, so we have CAR, Dar, and Guam - I think this is a good point to discuss for next time. How to handle multiple simultaneous crises.
15:02:43 <russdeffner> oh, we do maybe need to 'schedule' coordinate the release of jobs - maybe just on the AWG mailing list? makes sure ther aren't a bunch coming for another project in near future?
15:02:57 <sev_hotosm3> both because I did not want to interfere with the need of experienced contributors + the way the TM is currently designed, it would have been quickly lost into the wave of new TMs
15:03:12 <BlakeGirardot_> Yes, TM design is part of the issue
15:03:15 <althio_> +1: the way the TM is currently designed, it would have been quickly lost into the wave of new TMs
15:03:16 <BlakeGirardot_> a major part of it.
15:03:50 <BlakeGirardot_> And we are working to get that improved
15:03:53 <althio_> homepage design, project by category and priority, and so on
15:04:00 <sev_hotosm3> @Tyler_Radford we also have South Sudan that is a more complciate territory than CAR (sand vs forest)
15:04:04 <BlakeGirardot_> so this will change a little bit in the near future.
15:04:37 <russdeffner> ok, I need to grab a quick bite to eat before the next meeting; so please continue, the AWG is adjourning (soon) and I'll post the log and summary on the wiki (hopefully later today, if not then in the next few days at latest)
15:04:54 <sev_hotosm3> @mataharimhairi is there some pieces of news regarting the TM frontapge redesign?
15:05:08 <sev_hotosm3> *are
15:05:24 <edvac> And we have NE Nigeria.
15:05:41 <sev_hotosm3> edvac oh yes
15:06:09 <edvac> Also in stand by now... No more TM projects for the time being, but lots to do.
15:08:24 <russdeffner> thanks everyone for coming - obviously lots of work to do, let's point the Tech questions for the TWG, etc. so we can get some of the ad-hoc confusion in the AWG improved
15:08:59 <russdeffner> see you at the AWG meeting next week; every week Tuesdays at 1400 UTC
15:09:14 <BlakeGirardot_> news re tm design is limited, but happening. we have some mockups for proposals and some plans to get get feedback/survey users, working with missing maps and their hundreds of particpants at mapathons for feedbac
15:09:48 <BlakeGirardot_> sorry, have to run (and was in a voice meeting this past hour) will be back in about 2 hours and catch up.