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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

russdeffner (79), cristiano (47), mataharimhairi (45), BlakeG_m (7), BlakeGirardot_ (6), enock4seth (5), russss (1)

Links mentioned in meeting

  • Previous Meeting Minutes: 2015-10-27
  • OSM GeoWeek: [1]
  • Missing Maps GeoWeek Events: [2]
  • GeoWeek Github Repo: [3]
  • Hurricane Patricia Project 1257: [4]
  • Refugee Crisis Event: [5]
  • AWG Trello Board: [6]

Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad.
  • Review Last Summary/Unfinished Business (russdeffner, 00:11:14)
    • Still working on Ebola Conclusion and Nepal transition, email Tyler or Activation@ if you are available to assist (russdeffner, 00:12:46)
    • All existing Admins and Project Managers on the main OSM Tasking Manager have been contacted (russdeffner, 00:13:37)
    • ACTION: Russell to finish AWG mailing list procedures and Tasking Manager procedures (for on-boarding) (russdeffner, 00:22:43)
    • Doodle found 2400/0000UTC best time although only the co-leads +1 participated (russdeffner, 00:23:42)
    • ACTION: Russell to create a sheet for recruiting/scheduling remote support (russdeffner, 00:35:10)
  • Any Pressing Disaster Mapping Project Needs (russdeffner, 00:48:39)
    • Patricia and Earthquake response continue, only mapping needs requested at this time.
  • Any Other Business (russdeffner, 01:14:53)
    • ACTION: Russell to follow-up with Severin regarding AWG trello board (russdeffner, 01:34:35)


00:11:00 <russdeffner> #startmeeting Activation WG 3 November
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00:11:14 <russdeffner> #topic Review Last Summary/Unfinished Business
00:11:35 <cristiano> OK, I added my stuff to the agenda
00:12:03 <russdeffner> ok, so just some quick 'roll-over' stuff...
00:12:46 <russdeffner> #info Still working on Ebola Conclusion and Nepal transition, email Tyler or Activation@ if you are available to assist
00:13:37 <russdeffner> #info All existing Admins and Project Managers on the main OSM Tasking Manager have been contacted
00:14:15 <enock4seth> Good morning from Ghana, just joining.
00:14:16 <cristiano> are you following a specific AAR protocol for Ebola and Nepal?
00:14:41 <russdeffner> Hi Enock
00:14:53 <mataharimhairi> hey enock
00:15:21 <russdeffner> @cristiano - I think that is what Tyler is striving for; but also working with the existing coordinators, so probably not rigidly
00:16:00 <russdeffner> really overall just want to get some sort of successful conclusion/transition
00:16:56 <russdeffner> we have bad habit of just letting things go stale and often leave messaging across wiki, etc. suggesting we're still working
00:17:01 <enock4seth> hey, following as well :)
00:17:39 <russdeffner> so we want to break that habit and start getting a more 'formal' conclusion, review and document successess and things we can improve, etc
00:17:54 <cristiano> Would be nice to have a standard AAR template :) Doesn't have to be fancy, just as you said for documenting conclusion and transition
00:18:01 <cristiano> exactly
00:18:36 <mataharimhairi> I think it would make the conclusion/transition process much easier to follow a 'loose' template/guideline
00:18:58 <cristiano> Let's think of what that may look like. Does anyone have existing templates to reference?
00:19:10 <russdeffner> :) it doen't get much easier than what I built into protocol
00:19:36 <russdeffner> 1 good, 1 bad, 1 lesson learned
00:19:52 <mataharimhairi> well, maybe even a template or specific list of items to change on the wiki is a good start
00:19:53 <russdeffner> from each person on the team
00:20:38 <mataharimhairi> like changing 'we are activating' to this 'activation has formally ended, we are now supporting through xyz'
00:20:59 <russdeffner> anyway, off topic, let's circle back but finish item 1 first
00:21:17 <mataharimhairi> right. do you have the link to the agenda btw?
00:21:36 <russdeffner>
00:21:40 <mataharimhairi> cheers
00:21:57 <russdeffner> so, back to a few 'roll-overs' I have
00:22:43 <russdeffner> #Action Russell to finish AWG mailing list procedures and Tasking Manager procedures (for on-boarding)
00:23:42 <russdeffner> #info Doodle found 2400/0000UTC best time although only the co-leads +1 participated
00:24:17 <mataharimhairi> could be due to short notice though ....?
00:24:26 <russdeffner> and I'll let Cristiano follow-up on our conversation with Dristhie
00:25:03 <russdeffner> i.e. follow-up regarding GeoWeek
00:25:35 <enock4seth> I got to know very late via Google reminder but since i was available I decided to join.
00:25:48 <cristiano> Oh yes, Dristhie is in charge re geo-week, and as Blake says, she's awesome :)
00:26:02 <cristiano> but we should probably help, at least with setting up tasks
00:26:09 <cristiano> and providing remote support to events
00:26:35 <cristiano> for example, Tyler and I will be calling in to a mapathon event in Milan
00:27:03 <cristiano> it may be good to have activators or any experienced mappers to be on call during that week
00:27:05 <russdeffner> and I think I'll be doing a remote training/intro for a University - need to follow-up with her on that
00:27:08 <mataharimhairi> excellent :)
00:27:09 <cristiano> 15-21 november, btw
00:27:40 <mataharimhairi> i am also hosting a mapathon here in Bali focusing on the forest fires in Kalimantan
00:27:40 <russdeffner> yes, I think we should maybe even 'schedule' folks
00:27:50 <mataharimhairi> good idea
00:28:09 <russdeffner> I've seen some fancy volunteer schedulers, but maybe just a google sheet would work?
00:29:02 <cristiano> it looks like most events are listed here while of those that are Missing Maps then are also on
00:29:47 <cristiano> I don't see your event here Mhairi
00:30:27 <cristiano> it may be easier to just send a PR directly at
00:31:26 <cristiano> at least, that's what I did and it seems to make life easier for Tom @ HIU
00:32:08 <russdeffner> so @cristiano - I can action myself to create a schedule/tracker for people available for remote support, maybe 4 hour shifts or do you think that is too long?
00:32:11 <mataharimhairi> yeah, we noticed that it wasn't listed last week and got in touch with Pete Masters as my friend filled out the form linked to the HOT blog
00:32:29 <mataharimhairi> but he may have his hands full, so we'll shoot Dristie an email too!
00:32:56 <cristiano> Yes, that would be great Russ. 4 hours may be too long, let's go for 2
00:33:17 <russdeffner> ok, and 24/7 or is there a 'preferred' time range?
00:33:20 <mataharimhairi> I agree. 2 or 3 at the most!
00:33:36 <cristiano> PR is quickest way Mhairi ;-) as they just have to click accept
00:34:10 <cristiano> would be good to have the calendar of events overlaid in UTC, so we limit to those time slots
00:34:40 <russdeffner> ok, I'll look at it and 'highlight' any timeslot that has a scheduled event
00:34:52 <cristiano> but not sure what's the best way to sync with that list on the website, so maybe let's just keep it simple and make a share gdoc or sheet
00:35:10 <russdeffner> #action Russell to create a sheet for recruiting/scheduling remote support
00:36:39 <mataharimhairi> Ah cool! Will do the PR method instead. Cheers cristiano :)
00:37:03 <cristiano> excellent. One last question about osm-geoweek and mapathons in general: shall we review current proposed task and make sure that are not too big?
00:37:38 <cristiano> I think keeping tasks small and focused, make it easy to engage and reward volunteers, especially new ones
00:37:52 <enock4seth> 2 hours is ok
00:39:01 <cristiano> we should also make sure to clearly state what's the final scope of each task, how is the data that is being created ultimately helping with specific needs
00:39:03 <mataharimhairi> i completely agree. tasks that are too large never get completed and are very frustrating for new mappers.
00:39:37 <mataharimhairi> agreed. having an end use for the data helps them visualise its benefit and inspires.
00:40:00 <russdeffner> I would just say that I'm under the impression the missing maps projects are pretty thoroughly planned out
00:40:17 <russdeffner> so don't want to come in suggesting we know better
00:40:17 <mataharimhairi> it would also be great to add an example of the feature identified on the satellite imagery that they are asked to map.
00:40:19 <cristiano> at some point we should have some automated way to automatically create tasks by size depending on pre-existing map condition and estimated number of volunteers ;-)
00:41:00 <mataharimhairi> true. i will just apply what we have discussed to the TM projects i will create.
00:41:55 <russdeffner> think in general - training for task creators is what we need...
00:42:10 <mataharimhairi> question. Iyan is adding me as a project manager on the Indonesia TM version. but when would it be more ideal to use that one over the main one?
00:42:14 <russdeffner> or have, but need to improve on
00:42:18 <cristiano> yes, MM projects are usually pretty good. Just a reminder for PMs and to keep them a doable size :)
00:42:54 <mataharimhairi> as I believe projects on the main TM will be accessed more by volunteers looking for one to contribute ....
00:43:31 <cristiano> I don't think it matters, as long as they don't overlap, right?
00:43:50 <BlakeGirardot_> One of the few times it is best to not use the HOT TM instance
00:44:17 <BlakeGirardot_> is if they are handling all the mapping themselves and the greater HOT community will not be helping with their mapping.
00:44:56 <cristiano> would be ideal if there was some kind of standard metadata exchange between tasking manager instances, so that they could talk to each other and avoid overlaps
00:44:58 <BlakeGirardot_> But HOT generally won't be sending people to other TM instances just because it is so hard to communicate the idea of other instances of the TM but HOT being the "main" one for HOT mapping.
00:44:59 <russdeffner> was going to say similarly, if you're doing some 'campaigning' locally and want to make sure indonesia projects stay on top
00:45:05 <mataharimhairi> okay, so definitely for long going local community mapping projects that will only be contributed to by those in the area
00:45:22 <cristiano> or even coordinate tasks… coordinating the coordination :)
00:45:36 <BlakeGirardot_> i would say that makes sense, but if there are any parts they want hot to help map, they would just put those on the hot tm
00:45:52 <cristiano> OK, let's move on if we're good on geoweek
00:46:12 <mataharimhairi> :)
00:46:43 <russdeffner> any other actions needing documented? something about task creaetion/coordation?
00:47:00 <cristiano> Any updates on Patricia after the summit?
00:47:44 <russdeffner> oh, one sec; I'll switch the topic if we're done with unfinished/
00:48:07 <cristiano> oops sorry Russ
00:48:39 <russdeffner> #topic Any Pressing Disaster Mapping Project Needs
00:48:53 <russdeffner> no problem
00:49:11 <russdeffner> just makes the summary easier if we don't confuse the bot :)
00:51:10 <russdeffner> @Cristiano - are you talking about Open Government summit/conference?
00:51:39 <russdeffner> don't know if anyone on IRC at the moment was there
00:52:58 <russdeffner> as far as the earthquake - the pressing needs are really just to get the priority area finished on 1264
00:54:56 <mataharimhairi> i will actually do some mapping this week! every little bit counts.
00:55:32 <russdeffner> yes, thank you Mhairi and all contributors
00:56:06 <cristiano> For Patricia - is very close to done, so I think that's what we should focus on
00:56:32 <cristiano> the more inland task then could be adjusted with any request from the ground
00:56:52 <cristiano> but I don't think it would be to be completed to conclude that activation
00:57:15 <cristiano> having done #1257 100% I think it's great though
00:57:24 <russdeffner> no, I think the idea is to transition that one to local community
00:58:16 <russdeffner> last I heard from the leads was that they were already discussing conclusion/transition, but that was end-of-last-week
00:59:33 <russdeffner> but agree 100% of 1257 would be great!
01:01:27 <russdeffner> last note on Patricia - I think because of the amazingly close coordination with Mexico government, etc. - the leads are basically making sure all needs/requests are met before anything changes status wise
01:04:05 <russdeffner> @Cristiano - do you want to walk us through the refugee stuff quickly, as we're now at the hour mark
01:04:37 <cristiano> OK. Let's wait to hear from Robert then. I saw your update on the list for the AF-EQ, thanks Russ
01:05:05 * russss dutifully ignores the "russ" highlights
01:05:20 <cristiano> sure, but I'd like BlakeGirardot_ to integrate with his part
01:05:37 <BlakeGirardot_> what do I need to do?
01:06:31 <cristiano> just light another one Blake ;-)
01:06:43 <BlakeGirardot_> nice
01:07:10 <cristiano> So, one of our members, has been working to help organizations responding to the crisis
01:07:18 <cristiano> and will be attending this event tomorrow
01:07:37 <cristiano>
01:08:31 <cristiano> she also identified areas that need most mapping support, both in terms of bas maps and monitoring camps
01:08:52 <cristiano> I reached out to some imagery providers to see what we can get
01:10:15 <cristiano> after the meeting we will should more details about specific requests from partner NGOs, thus we may be able to either start an official activation of just dedicated tasks
01:10:36 <cristiano> I let Blake continue, that's all I know for now
01:10:49 <cristiano> and I will do my best to find imagery ;-)
01:12:07 <BlakeG_m> I don't have much to add other
01:12:31 <russdeffner> ok, so no specific action needing documented?
01:12:34 <mataharimhairi> my only addition is that we have added Greece as a region in the Export Tol
01:12:38 <BlakeG_m> I am really happy they get the opportunity
01:12:52 <mataharimhairi> this was requested by Nick McWilliam from MapAction
01:13:02 <BlakeG_m> tyvm mhairi
01:13:24 <russdeffner> great, this is all really good news and amazing work by all!
01:13:39 <russdeffner> so, last call for pressing needs...
01:13:42 <mataharimhairi> who are currently working with UNHCR
01:14:53 <russdeffner> #topic Any Other Business
01:15:16 <russdeffner> Ithink we can table the first item
01:16:11 <russdeffner> Since there is already AAR component built into protocol and training, think it should be brought up in enhancement to the reporting role
01:16:29 <russdeffner> (that's where it comes up in current iteration of training cneter)
01:16:47 <cristiano> OK, great!
01:17:05 <russdeffner> good to brainstorm, etc. though; so feel free to add more links/examples there
01:17:34 <russdeffner> stuff currently is built on wildland firefighting AAR/Debrief
01:17:56 <russdeffner> the next two items I think are really one
01:18:23 <russdeffner> don't think we should change schedule until we establish asynchronous tool(s)
01:19:31 <cristiano> Question is: do we need more than the mailing list?
01:19:59 <russdeffner> yes, I think so
01:20:18 <russdeffner> we need to keep the idea of having actions, etc
01:20:39 <BlakeG_m> trello board?
01:21:19 <BlakeG_m> it might work well here
01:21:34 <russdeffner> it just might, personally don't know the tool well enough
01:23:16 <russdeffner> I'm also willing to explore completely crazy things like no meetings at all, etc. but maybe we should let this converstaion loose on the mailing list for ideas?
01:23:45 <mataharimhairi> me neither. but i think trello board is most flexible, easy to pick up and visually see tasks
01:24:08 <russdeffner> can't think of the name at the moment, but I saw something like OpenAtrium where we could also vote-on/poll for things, etc
01:24:12 <mataharimhairi> no activation WG meetings at all? ... surely once a month is good to hash some things out
01:24:16 <russdeffner> that may not be possible with trello
01:24:31 <mataharimhairi> there are plugins for trello that do that
01:24:46 <russdeffner> oh, ok - maybe it would be perfect then
01:25:00 <BlakeG_m> no we still need meetings :)
01:25:06 <mataharimhairi> and slack also can plugin to certain cards to have a running discussion just on specific items
01:25:27 <russdeffner> on that note - maybe we just create a card/motion for if/when the next meeting is
01:25:32 <mataharimhairi> i think a monthly meeting is more than enough
01:26:12 <mataharimhairi> should i set up an initial trello board and add these items to it
01:26:24 <russdeffner> there already is one, hang on a sec
01:26:28 <mataharimhairi> meeting time, frequency, new tools, etc
01:26:33 <mataharimhairi> oh. perfect!
01:26:47 <russdeffner>
01:26:56 <mataharimhairi> then we can also switch agenda notes to the board as well
01:27:05 <enock4seth> monthly meetings I guess will make room for maximum participation
01:27:07 <mataharimhairi> try and have everything in one location
01:27:07 <russdeffner> we set this one up as very early exploration of trello
01:27:16 <mataharimhairi> +1 enock4seth
01:27:53 <mataharimhairi> cool. well if you are all happy for me to edit it and set it up for the next meeting, i can go ahead and do that
01:28:05 <russdeffner> however, it looks private and belive Sev is owner
01:28:31 <mataharimhairi> oh. yeah, we should link it to the activation WG email list i suppose
01:28:37 <mataharimhairi> so everyone there can access it.
01:29:11 <mataharimhairi> do you think sev will be okay with us making changes to it if he gives us access?
01:29:24 <russdeffner> ok, so this might also impact group on-boarding procedures
01:29:25 <BlakeG_m> yes
01:29:44 <russdeffner> I think so, there is barely anything on it and hasn't been used in over a year
01:30:08 <russdeffner> Blake - do you want to ask, or I can
01:31:03 <russdeffner> anyway, I do need to eat something soon; so can we carry this over to the mailing list?
01:31:22 <russdeffner> and just document that we're experimenting with trello, etc.
01:33:48 <mataharimhairi> sounds good.
01:34:02 <russdeffner> In other words, let's tentatively keep this schedule and plan on same time next week; but knowing that we'd all like to do this a bit more asynchronously and should be able to make that happen in the near future
01:34:24 <mataharimhairi> please let me know when access has been requested by sev. then i will set up cards to vote on meeting times and frequency
01:34:35 <russdeffner> #action Russell to follow-up with Severin regarding AWG trello board
01:34:39 <mataharimhairi> which we can share at the next meeting and get people to vote
01:34:59 <mataharimhairi> cheers russdeffner
01:35:12 <russdeffner> ok, last call for 'any other business' for the AWG
01:35:47 <russdeffner> thanks everyone!
01:35:51 <russdeffner> #endmeeting