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Thanks to Séverin Menard for collecting this log of the meeting.

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Channel created on Thu Jul 21 06:43:34 2011
Schuyler hello
PierZen hi
Schuyler anyone on hand for the activation WG meeting?
Severin Hi
Severin not started yet ?
Schuyler I realize this would be more than a late start... but we had a bit of a late night after FOSS4G last night :)
Severin Thought I was late
Severin :)
Schuyler if you guys are game to get started, we can do so now
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Schuyler cheers to Nico for poking me, else I might've slept through it :)
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Schuyler who all's here for the Activation WG meeting? show of hands, please
Nico Hey
skorasaurus raises hand.
Schuyler ok, the agenda for this meeting was to review and find volunteers to take on activation responses
Severin I raise my hand too
Schuyler by which I mean that the "catalog" at the bottom of that page needs to be linked to new wiki pages where the 10 questions given there are answered with respect to the activation
Schuyler we should probably start with an example and work through it.
Schuyler any questions or concerns about this?
skorasaurus (this is the second meeting I've attended, so more of observing for now).
Schuyler ok, so on that page I've linkified the top entry "Response qualification" to a new page under Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Working_groups/Activation/
Schuyler which is bloody verbose but at least it matches the rest of the working group pages
Schuyler right now the page doesn't exist, so I'm going to start it
Schuyler btw does anyone have anything else that's activation-related that doesn't pertain directly to working on this catalog?
Severin let me check
Severin creating and also updating the dedicated wiki page ?
Severin related to a question I asked to the HOT chat list : activating the local communities ?
Schuyler so, creating the wiki page is on that list
Severin or local volunteers
Schuyler activating local communities, isn't, I think
Severin yes it is but only fror creating
Schuyler would you mind adding it to the list on that wiki page?
Severin updating it is a task
Schuyler oh -- should we add a second item for updating the page? or make them into a single item
Severin also this page should have a template in order not to forget some aspects ?
Severin I think one is enough
Schuyler agreed
Schuyler do you mean like a "wiki template"? I don't know enough about mediawiki to know how that works
Severin OK I add it
Schuyler so, here's how I'm addressing the 10 questions with regard to the "Response qualification" task
Schuyler this may seem tedious, but I think we need to systematize the list of possible responses we can engage in, in order to have a clear picture of what we *can* do went, nevermind should
Schuyler *when I mean
Schuyler = Response Qualification =
Schuyler What is the possible HOT response or activation, in 20 words or less?
Schuyler One or more HOT volunteers research a crisis situation to acquire more information and recommend further response.
Schuyler What are the triggers for this response?
Schuyler Possible triggers are:
Schuyler # A news report of a severe humanitarian situation.
Schuyler # A report on a public mailing list, such as Crisis Mappers.
Schuyler # A request by a partner organization (say, ICRC, or IOM) for a HOT intervention.
Schuyler I'm working on
Schuyler What are the intended outcomes of the response or activation?
Schuyler A report to the HOT mailing list, identifying which actions HOT should take, based on our activation protocols, and taking into account the nature of the crisis.
Schuyler is this stupid? am I barking up the wrong tree?
Schuyler Within HOT, who decides to initiate the response, and when?
Schuyler Any volunteer can take this on, but they should let others know they are doing it, to allow coordination of effort. A short post to the mailing list would suffice.
Schuyler now here's one: What are the volunteer resources needed by HOT to provide this response?
Severin I think that is the ay the things always ran so far, yes
Schuyler what's the right way to answer this? "A few hours of someone's time"?
Schuyler or is there more to it than that
Severin I mean for deciding the activation
Schuyler yep
PierZen Activation is a different step then starting a response.
Schuyler I see this as laying out what we *are* doing, more than trying to guess what someone might think we *should* do
Severin can you detail a bit more PierZen ?
Schuyler What are the volunteer resources needed by HOT to provide this response?
Schuyler A few hours of some volunteer's time, spent reading reports, and possibly sending emails or making phone calls.
Schuyler What are the material resources, including funds, needed by HOT to provide this response?
Schuyler None.
Schuyler yes, PierZen, please explain?
PierZen A hot member can start to respond to a crisis and invite others to participate.
PierZen but activation means passing through a filter
PierZen where we decide if we invite the crowd in.
Schuyler and activating a set, coordinated response by the whole org
Schuyler good point.
Severin ah activation is smth taht became an official response from HOT as an org ?
PierZen yes
Schuyler good distinction
Severin indeed
Severin but so far how happened this official second step ?
Schuyler What, if any, coordination is needed with other organizations?
Schuyler None, although it may be important to liase with other orgs to find out how they are responding to the crisis.
PierZen yes it is also a coordination effort with other groups. it is at a different level.
PierZen of intervention.
Severin I mean, this is what we are working on, but was there within the past some evnts labeled with HOT activation ?
Schuyler agreed
Schuyler but precisely what that meant has never been defiend.
Schuyler *defined
Schuyler How long will the response last? At what point is the response declared complete?
Severin OK
Schuyler The response qualification task should take at most a few hours.
Schuyler How many times per month or per year can HOT sustainably provide this response?
Schuyler Probably once or twice a week, with surge capacity.
Schuyler Describe a historical precedent for this response *or* a hypothetical future response of this kind.
Schuyler this is probably my least favorite question.
PierZen it is hard to say how long it will last. but we should revise after a certain period of time, decide if we continue.
Severin depends on the number of interested volunteers, but I think we are trying to set somth more planned with people opening their agenda to be commited xhours a months ?
Severin the future is hard to guess
Severin but maybe one thing we should add in the activation as is a review of every activation after it is over
Severin or after a while when it lasts several weeks or months
Severin yes this the revision PierZen just talked about
PierZen On the day to day business, we make all can of projects, tasks Activation means we have to coordinate our efforts, bring in more people, coordinate with other groups..
Severin but a quick assessment at the end should be good
Schuyler Describe a historical precedent for this response *or* a hypothetical future response of this kind.
Schuyler News of a powerful earthquake appears on Twitter, followed by the major news media. An HOT volunteers mails the list with an independent report about the quake, and offers to provide a response qualification to the list within three hours. The volunteer reads further news and social media reports about the quake, and observes other organizations responding on public mailing lists. He or she sends an email to points-of-contact at one or two partner organiz
Severin another question that might be already debated during former chats : who coordinates ?
PierZen this is more or less formal depending on events. For Mali, as example, we are in a pre-qualification stage. I more or less coordinated bringing data, and jgc took care of imagery.
Schuyler yeah
Severin but activation means formalizing, as far as I understand
Schuyler ok, so here's a draft of the wiki page for "response qualification"
'Schuyler Describe a historical precedent for this response *or* a hypothetical future response of this kind.
Schuyler oops, mispaste, ignore that first line
Schuyler I would like to fill out the wiki pages for the other 10 responses or activations listed on the Template page
Schuyler May I ask each of the three of you to commit to filling out one or two of the pages, please?
Schuyler you can cut and paste the source of the "Response qualification" page for a start
Schuyler and the answers don't have to be perfect
Schuyler this is a wiki, other people can come along and edit them later :)
Schuyler but we need to get each of these pages started, in order to get other people involved
PierZen I will look at Data Import page.
Severin How many times per month or per year can HOT sustainably provide this response? Probably once or twice a week, with surge capacity. : I think it realy depends on the number of interested volunteers. Activation would not come along with a review of how many people want to be involved, how and how ,uch ?
Schuyler thanks, PierZen
Severin OK I start activation the local volunteers
Severin activating
Schuyler thanks Severin :)
Schuyler skorasaurus: feeling adventurous?
Severin Activating and supporting local volunteers is not a bit long ? Activating local volunteers only ?
PierZen description may come in the page itself
PierZen like I call page Data import, describe longer in the link
Schuyler Severin: up to you. we can always split or merge wiki pages later. so it doesn't have to be perfect.
Schuyler oh, you mean the title? PierZen is right about that
Schuyler ok, so we have some tasks.
Schuyler I would like to schedule the next meeting for a week from today, same time, to review the work, critique it, and plan next actions for the working group.
Schuyler how does this time work for you guys?
Schuyler hopefully you are busy working on wiki pages :)
PierZen fine
Schuyler well, any questions or concerns can go to the mailing list, I guess
Schuyler I'd like to declare this meeting closed, so I can go back to being hungover
Schuyler any final comments?
PierZen no. so next week then.
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Severin same hour ?
Schuyler yes please.
skorasaurus Schuyler: sorry, I'd like to be, but I got wrapped up with another project atm. :(
Schuyler thank you all for attending. I will post a report and meeting minutes to the mailing list.
skorasaurus I'll read over the minutes on the list =)
Schuyler skorasaurus: please feel free to dive in when you have a minute :) there are ten of those wiki pages and they won't write themselves all at once :)