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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 14:00 UTC

Participants - IRC Handle (Lines Said)

russdeffner (91), BlakeGirardot_ (13), mataharimhairi (11), pierzen (7), sev_hotosm2 (6), ninjamask (5), Tyler_Radford (2), RAytoun (1), cristiano (1), kll (1), adit_ (1)

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Meeting Summary

  • Agenda used was this hackpad
  • Postponed the approval of last meeting minutes (summary not complete at the time): [1]
  • Discussed Activation Working Group Co-lead
    • Action (Russell): Ask on AWG email list
    • Mhairi and Cristiano are interested but cannot commit the time until later in the year
  • Agreed to close commenting period of Activation Protocol Draft
    • Notice: This was further discussed and rescinded later the same day
    • Update: Editing is now restricted but commenting will remain open until expected July 7
  • Discussed next steps in Activation Curriculum
    • Review has begun on the Training Module Index (i.e. reviewing structure of Activation LearnOSM section)
  • Discussed next steps for Nepal Activation
    • Action (Blake): to follow-up with validation/evaluation wg for Nepal 'Phase III' initiation


14:02:28 <russdeffner> Hi, we'll get the AWG meeting started very soon
14:03:26 <cristiano> Hi Russ!
14:03:29 <russdeffner> #start meeting Activation Working Group
14:03:49 <russdeffner> anyone know how to use the bot?
14:04:08 <russdeffner> #startmeeting AWG 23 June
14:04:08 <hot_meetbot`> Meeting started Tue Jun 23 14:04:09 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes. The chair is russdeffner. Information about MeetBot at
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14:04:20 <russdeffner> :)
14:05:01 <mataharimhairi> hello
14:05:05 <russdeffner> Please go ahead and add items here:
14:05:09 <adit_> hi all
14:05:26 <BlakeGirardot_> so #topic will record the topic in the bot
14:05:40 <russdeffner> #topic Item 1 - Review previous meeting 'summary'
14:05:40 *** hot_meetbot` changed the topic to: "Item 1 - Review previous meeting 'summary' (Meeting topic: AWG 23 June)"
14:05:51 <BlakeGirardot_> and #action will record an aztion item
14:06:01 <BlakeGirardot_> and #agree will record an agreement
14:06:21 <russdeffner> so it seems no summary was made from last week?
14:06:31 <russdeffner> do we want to do that now?
14:07:25 <kll> Hi nama and nirab joining in from kll team
14:07:58 <Tyler_Radford> Hello all
14:08:08 <russdeffner> great welcome everyone - I'm trying out our meeting bot, so things may go a bit slower/differently than usual
14:08:17 <russdeffner> we have agenda here:
14:08:27 <russdeffner> and are currently on item 1
14:09:06 <russdeffner> #idea - Blake do you want to do the summary later/i.e. we'll approve two summaries next week?
14:09:46 <mataharimhairi> is there some documentation on how the meeting bot works?
14:09:50 <mataharimhairi> would love to check it out
14:10:11 <BlakeGirardot_>
14:10:24 <BlakeGirardot_> assuming this is the unaltered version of the meetbot
14:10:24 <russdeffner> I think it is best that I do not do the summary since I did not attend - sometimes there is 'hidden' messaging in the cadence of the text (and/or private/mumble discussion that is missed with just the log)
14:10:25 <mataharimhairi> cheers BlakeGirardot
14:12:30 <russdeffner> #action - decide to table summary from last week or work on it now?
14:13:01 <BlakeGirardot_> #commands
14:13:01 <hot_meetbot`> Available commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #reject #rejected #restrictlogs #save #showvote #startmeeting #startvote #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote
14:13:33 <BlakeGirardot_> I move we table the summary for now
14:13:54 <russdeffner> any objection?
14:14:52 <russdeffner> ok - I'll 'assign' an #action item for Blake and myself to have last week summary and this week ready for the 30 June meeting
14:15:25 <russdeffner> oh, and apparently our bot is a bit different, as it has some different commands
14:16:27 <russdeffner> : #action#agreed#help#info#idea#link#topic#startvote are the ones it 'responded with' when I started the meeting
14:17:13 <russdeffner> or maybe not, anyway...
14:17:36 <russdeffner> #topic - Agenda Item 2
14:17:36 *** hot_meetbot` changed the topic to: "- Agenda Item 2 (Meeting topic: AWG 23 June)"
14:18:51 <russdeffner> I did not see anything in the log for 'resolution' to the desire to recruit a co-lead for this working group
14:19:49 <BlakeGirardot_> we probably should ask on the activation list
14:19:53 <russdeffner> So, in a nutshell; Blake as an HOT board member has a bit different 'responsibility' to working groups and if we could get a volunteer to 'replace' him, that would free him up for other wg things
14:20:20 <russdeffner> Anyone here want to volunteer to help me 'chair' these meetings?
14:21:03 <russdeffner> no need to be Activation expert, just need someone to help with agenda/summary/announcement and running meetings
14:21:15 <BlakeGirardot_> #idea Ask for a co-chair on the activations working group list
14:21:21 <russdeffner> :)
14:21:24 <BlakeGirardot_> :)
14:21:36 <cristiano> I know it's a bit too early, but I'd be happy to help and co-lead from the end of September. Unfortunately I can't commit before then
14:21:41 <BlakeGirardot_> that should in theory put it in the summary
14:22:08 <mataharimhairi> I'm in a similiar situation
14:22:27 <mataharimhairi> otherwise could help if it the meetings were bi-weekly or earlier!
14:22:47 <sev_hotosm2> Hello
14:22:57 <BlakeGirardot_> hi sev
14:23:17 <RAytoun> Hi all, just sitting in the background listening and learning. Hope you don't mind.
14:23:25 <russdeffner> ok cristiano and mataharimhairi - if no one comes forward via the email list I'll come back to you
14:23:35 <mataharimhairi> hi Raytoun
14:23:35 <russdeffner> not at all RAytoun - welcome
14:23:39 <sev_hotosm2> I was not available for the last meeting due to conflicting agendas but I should be here as usual
14:23:47 <mataharimhairi> sounds good russdeffner
14:23:52 <russdeffner> great, thanks sev
14:23:54 <sev_hotosm2> last meetings sorry
14:24:20 <russdeffner> so #action - Russell to send co-lead recruitment email to activation@
14:24:36 <russdeffner> moving along...
14:24:54 <russdeffner> #topic - Agenda Item 3
14:24:54 *** hot_meetbot` changed the topic to: "- Agenda Item 3 (Meeting topic: AWG 23 June)"
14:25:17 <russdeffner> those just going, here is agenda:
14:25:26 <russdeffner> *joining
14:26:44 <russdeffner> lots of great feedback on the Activation Protocol, getting link...
14:27:07 <russdeffner>
14:28:06 <russdeffner> Would really love to 'end' the commenting period today
14:29:15 <russdeffner> Then Tyler and I would have a few days to get a 'final draft' ready for the HOT June Board Meeting
14:29:22 <sev_hotosm2> today=now or later in the day?
14:30:21 <russdeffner> sometime today? i.e. if this group would like the rest of the day to read and comment, then I would wait to change the comment/edit privileges
14:30:36 <sev_hotosm2> OK great
14:31:45 <russdeffner> I will also be working on activation stuff all today, so after this meeting if people want to move over to mumble and discuss more details, that would be great...
14:32:33 <russdeffner> we have some 'matrices' in-the-works and some other great ideas for visuals/etc. that may be incorporated...
14:32:49 <russdeffner> however, what I want to have 'complete' now is the text/content
14:33:21 <russdeffner> visuals/charts/etc will just represent same things just in an easy to understand format
14:34:34 <russdeffner> and Blake has volunteered to attempt a complete copy-edit review, but the more the marrier for flow/understanding/typos/etc
14:35:54 <russdeffner> As I was gone last week, I haven't had much time to go through all the latest comments, but again think most can be addressed with very little change to the overall document
14:37:32 <russdeffner> and Mhairi and Tyler didn't do a great job 'triaging' for me :)
14:38:59 <Tyler_Radford> We didn't want to take away your glory, Russ
14:39:04 <russdeffner> meaning, there is a lot of 'non-protocol' discussion happening on there
14:39:29 <russdeffner> thanks, I think :P
14:39:41 <mataharimhairi> :) But all great comments to take into account during this process
14:40:18 <mataharimhairi> We can do an effective triage and attack session this Thursday!
14:40:21 <russdeffner> Yes, of course - but alot will/already is addressed in the curriculum development process
14:40:48 <russdeffner> so, looping back around before maybe switching gears to the curriculum...
14:41:22 <russdeffner> I am confident that we've collected enough feedback around the Protocol to 'close the review period'
14:41:32 <russdeffner> (at the end of today)
14:42:15 <mataharimhairi> +1
14:42:40 <russdeffner> And we will have - at least content wise - a good 'final draft' for Board review at their upcoming meeting
14:43:39 <russdeffner> I actually want to 'move' the content offline so I can do more formatting, etc. - and also add imagery/matrices/charts/etc.
14:44:04 <russdeffner> gdocs is a bit limited for my taste
14:44:55 <russdeffner> Then the 'final final official' thing will/should be a pdf living on the website somewhere?
14:46:02 <russdeffner> anyway, #action - Russell will 'disable' editing/commenting on the Activation Protocol at the end of his business day (23 June)
14:46:34 <russdeffner> #action - Tyler, Mhairi and Russell to finalize protocol content before June HOT Board Meeting
14:47:39 <russdeffner> so, do we have anything else, or shall I continue to babble on about curriculum :) ?
14:48:47 <russdeffner> ok, curriculum wise things are going good...
14:49:04 <russdeffner> one thing I wanted to 'correct' from last time is the number of modules...
14:49:13 <russdeffner> oops, backing up
14:49:20 <russdeffner> #topic - Agenda Item 4
14:49:20 *** hot_meetbot` changed the topic to: "- Agenda Item 4 (Meeting topic: AWG 23 June)"
14:49:46 <russdeffner> so, the exact number of modules that I will be building for LearnOSM has not yet been determined
14:50:17 <russdeffner> currently, unless we change the protocol, there are 10 Roles...
14:50:33 <pierzen> Hi all
14:50:50 <russdeffner> but some Roles may have more content/learnining needs than we would want to fit into one LearnOSM module
14:51:26 <russdeffner> this is basically where I am at in the content drafting...
14:51:46 <russdeffner> if you have access, you can view the Module Index here:
14:52:21 <BlakeGirardot_> hi pierzen
14:52:32 <russdeffner> (access is currently restricted to only people w/ @hotosm accounts and the core review team)
14:53:24 <russdeffner> I have informed the Training WG of the intention to add this 'special section' of LearnOSM and with their current progress on organizing/revitalizing LearnOSM it could be much better timing
14:53:36 <russdeffner> *not
14:53:50 <russdeffner> sorry, *could not be much better timing
14:54:16 <russdeffner> in other words, I think this will all come together very nicely
14:55:02 <russdeffner> next steps that I need to work with Tyler on is how we do the 'vetting' piece...
14:55:31 <russdeffner> some thoughts around moodle and geo-badges, but no direction decided on yet
14:56:56 <russdeffner> I think that's all from me today
14:57:25 <russdeffner> Any other business?
14:57:43 <ninjamask> ya
14:57:57 <sev_hotosm2> what do you mean by vetting piece?
14:58:11 <ninjamask> De-escalation of the urgent nepal tasks?
14:58:24 <pierzen> Activation Nepal - KLL folks are here and it is late now for them. Could we move yes to discuss about Nepal.
14:58:47 <russdeffner> Yes please, go ahead
14:58:59 <russdeffner> answering sev 'inline'
14:59:48 <pierzen> Nama, could you comment on the Task going on actually. Do we need to continue mapping for Damaged villages and IDP ?
14:59:51 <russdeffner> @sev - so we will build the 'training component' into LearnOSM, but we need a way to identify/track those people who we 'entrust' to participate in Activations on behalf of HOT
15:00:18 <russdeffner> #topic Agenda Item 5
15:00:18 *** hot_meetbot` changed the topic to: "Agenda Item 5 (Meeting topic: AWG 23 June)"
15:01:34 <ninjamask> oh actually
15:01:50 <ninjamask> "*** kll [ca335824@] has quit"
15:02:07 <ninjamask> they not here at the moment
15:03:00 <russdeffner> ok, well I can hang around but need to step away just for a few minutes
15:03:21 <russdeffner> if pierzen can give a brief update, then maybe they will rejoin
15:04:17 <pierzen> Nothing new on my side. Kll are coming in to make the point about their priorities.
15:05:34 <russdeffner> ok, I'll leave the meeting bot running and hopefully we will hear from them; otherwise I guess feel free to discuss amongst yourselves for a bit
15:06:51 <pierzen> For remote the mapping side, we plan to have the Evalation WG to evaluate the situation and propose various ways of validating / correcting. we already discussed this last week.But the WG did not yet started.
15:14:25 <russdeffner> Evaluation WG?
15:14:59 <russdeffner> oh, this is 'temporary' wg?
15:15:18 <pierzen> Yes more temporary WG. Blake has proposed to start a mailing list to discuss this.
15:15:38 <pierzen> We have various propositions to discuss.
15:15:42 <russdeffner> ok, yes I was just a bit confused for a moment there, sounds like a good idea
15:16:37 <russdeffner> #action - Blake to follow-up with validation/evaluation wg for Nepal 'Phase III' initiation
15:17:31 <russdeffner> so, I don't want to miss good stuff from KLL, but I also don't want to hold everyone here unnecessarily
15:17:42 <russdeffner> #idea - motion to adjourn?
15:19:45 <russdeffner> ... going once... any objection to adjourning the AWG until next week?
15:20:18 <russdeffner> ...going twice...
15:21:07 <russdeffner> ok, thanks everyone for attending, we'll 'see' you next week, same place, same time.
15:21:11 <russdeffner> #endmeeting
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