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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Participants (IRC handle)

  • russdeffner, BlakeGirardot_, althio_, pierzen, Tyler_Radford, Adityo, harry-wood

Links mentioned in meeting

Meeting summary

  • Nepal Activation Summary/Report (to date)
    • Remote HOT support May 11
      • GNS Import skype group
        • VDC GDAM polygon import issues. After 4 days, of search, GDAM and World Band representatives confirm to not be the source of data. More searches indicates source used: FortiusOne Inc. (via WorldBank) CC BY 3.0
        • We informed the Nepal/Kathmandu earthquake skype room, that we do not plan to continue to import into OSM. And agreement should be obtained from the Nepal survey department.
        • GNS Import is working at alternatives solution to import place nodes and pcodes
      • Task manager
        • Request to revise the right Panel and add Infos to new contributors - Links to essential data to start collaboration
          • Learning
          • Communication
      • Discussion with Paul Norman and Data Working group cc Activation WG Subject : leisure=common for Potential helico landing
      • Discussions with Activtion WG about revision of the tag
      • Contributor stats 380,301 objects edited (174,026 yesterday)
      • We are assessing to see if we cover all areas, adding more Tasking Manager projects, plus expect again take care of new mappers with the news. Message is that OSM takes a bit of time to learn, everyone should take their time.
    • Mapathons
      • Great way to help on-board new OSM contributors, how can we support and monitor these
      • Currently don't have a section on the Nepal wiki-page to list mapathons
      • Ideally would have a way to register and link to stats/map of contributions from group
      • Hashtag or something simpler could be used until then
      • Missing Maps have been trying similar tracking of their events
  • Short Discussion on TomTom request - Tyler to follow-up
  • Brief Discussion on Mobile Apps and Pictures
  • Discussion regarding flooding in Dar es Salaam
    • No decision was made to Activate, HOT to continue monitoring and discussing
    • Had report from our team in the field this morning
    • Will defer to local leadership until we have more resources freed up
  • Activation Curriculum Summary/Report (to date)
    • Draft Activation Process document shared for review
    • Curriculum development is tied to process
    • AWG should take time to review and finalize process draft for board/member review/adoption
  • Review previous meeting minutes (locate minutes of any meetings/discussion between)
    • Russell to follow-up with Severin regarding previous minutes


14:01:24 <russdeffner> Greetings everyone, we're going to get this AWG meeting started
14:02:19 <BlakeGirardot_> Hi
14:02:51 <russdeffner> agenda
14:03:01 <russdeffner> which will also become the log/notes
14:03:18 <russdeffner> it's short and we'll switch to Nepal summary/report first
14:04:07 <althio_> Hi
14:04:22 <russdeffner> It is heartbreaking to report that there has been another major earthquake in Nepal
14:04:57 <russdeffner> Is anyone more closely involved here who would like to report
14:06:11 <russdeffner> being so recent, I believe our KLL team is still in the 'immediate response' making sure they and their loved-ones are safe
14:06:18 <BlakeGirardot_> The last update from Pierre before this event, which we do not have a lot on yet is
14:06:23 <BlakeGirardot_> Remote HOT support May 11
14:06:23 <BlakeGirardot_> GNS Import skype group
14:06:23 <BlakeGirardot_> VDC GDAM polygon import issues. After 4 days, of search, GDAM and World Band representatives confirm to not be the source of data. More searches indicates
14:06:23 <BlakeGirardot_> source used: FortiusOne Inc. (via WorldBank) CC BY 3.0
14:06:23 <BlakeGirardot_> We informed the Nepal/Kathmandu earthquake skype room, that we do not plan to continue to import into OSM. And agreement should be obtained from the Nepal survey department.
14:06:26 <BlakeGirardot_> GNS Import is working at alternatives solution to import place nodes and pcodes
14:06:30 <BlakeGirardot_> Task manager
14:06:32 <BlakeGirardot_> Request to revise the right Panel and add Infos to new contributors - Links to essential data to start collaboration
14:06:35 <BlakeGirardot_> - Learning
14:06:37 <BlakeGirardot_> - Communication
14:06:39 <BlakeGirardot_> Discussion with Paul Norman and Data Working group cc Activation WG Subject : leisure=common for Potential helico landing
14:06:42 <BlakeGirardot_> Discussions with Activtion WG about revision of the tag
14:06:44 <BlakeGirardot_> Contributor stats 380,301 objects edited (174,026 yesterday)
14:06:54 <russdeffner> thanks Blake
14:07:34 <russdeffner> I know we have some 'newer' IRC users here today, so maybe I'll back up for a bit of 'housekeeping'
14:08:07 <russdeffner> 1. We have an agenda, so please try to stay 'on topic'
14:08:22 <russdeffner> 2. But feel free to interject at any time
14:08:59 <russdeffner> 3. If you get lost/disconnect, the full log (up to minute) is here:
14:09:29 <russdeffner> and this is a meeting of the HOT Activation Working Group
14:09:57 <russdeffner> short agenda/will become minutes and log:
14:10:12 <russdeffner> I don't know how to change the IRC topic and suc :)
14:10:18 <russdeffner> *such
14:10:29 <russdeffner> so I don't bother with that
14:10:41 <russdeffner> anyway, thanks Blake for the Nepal report
14:11:13 <russdeffner> Hi pierzen - if you have anything to add regarding Nepal, Blake just gave us a bit of report
14:12:26 <BlakeGirardot_> (I gave a copy/paste of Pierre's daily summary to the coordination channels)
14:12:40 <BlakeGirardot_> just trying to be clearerer :)
14:12:54 <pierzen> hi, a bit rushy, woke up 3h ago, just making the point with all. we have to re-assess, see if we cover all areas, add TM, plus expect again take care of mapathons with the news. Message is takes time with first day osm, they should learn, take their time.
14:13:04 <russdeffner> oh, and of course Pierre is our coordinator for this Activation - what HOT calls our remote mapping response
14:13:55 <russdeffner> pierzen - regarding mapathons, I don't think that section of the wiki-template is part of the activation wiki-page, need me to add?
14:14:26 <russdeffner> allows a place for organizers to post their events (and a way to keep track)
14:16:07 <harry-wood> I dropped an email to activation@ earlier, to let you know I did a few map updates
14:16:25 <russdeffner> great, thanks Harry
14:17:02 <pierzen> Mapathons, we need to think of ways to monitor. One way would be to offer a website page where they register + list of participants. they can click to have overpass query data added by the contributors for a given bbox.
14:17:29 <pierzen> We offer a service - this let us better monitor.
14:17:31 <russdeffner> or maybe ask them to add a tag to their changesets?
14:17:42 <pierzen> not enough
14:17:43 <russdeffner> at least for now
14:17:48 <pierzen> yes
14:17:49 <russdeffner> ok
14:17:51 <russdeffner> :)
14:18:21 <russdeffner> so real quick - I know some folks are probably busy
14:18:24 <pierzen> yes to add a hasthag, but we should try to have more infos, list of participants,etc
14:18:30 <Tyler_Radford> Pierzen, agree, if we can do this it will help us track, monitor, and also help build momentum/publicize the good work we are doing
14:18:33 <russdeffner> I have as much time as needed for Nepal response
14:19:01 <russdeffner> but maybe a 'show of hand' if you have agenda points and may not be able to stay long
14:19:26 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner I have two items for the group
14:19:51 <russdeffner> great, welcome Tyler_Radford good to have you here
14:20:00 <Tyler_Radford> Good to be here
14:20:01 <Adityo> hi everyone
14:20:16 <harry-wood> the London Missing maps folks Pete Masters etc.. they've been trying to collect names of participants, and also names of folks who can help teach/organise
14:20:27 <russdeffner> Pierre, is it ok to pause the Nepal stuff or do you need time now; i.e. have to leave?
14:21:06 <russdeffner> or if everyone just has items related to Nepal, then shoot
14:21:24 <russdeffner> I'll go back later and summarize the log
14:21:33 <russdeffner> so agenda order, etc. is not much important
14:22:07 <harry-wood> I have that umap question related to nepal. Is it easy to re-create the 2.5_day.geojson layer there pierzen ?
14:22:16 <harry-wood>
14:22:29 <harry-wood> (recreate it with just the TM squares and not the earthquake circles)
14:23:25 <harry-wood> I can probably do it myself if you like
14:23:32 <russdeffner> hello Adityo - thanks for being here
14:23:37 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner We had the request from TomTom to help create specific maps needed for the Nepal response. They are asking "For example, how will the new map data be provided to the organizations in the field, by whom it is intended to be used, has OSM made arrangements with organizations"
14:24:16 <Tyler_Radford> I can speak with the in general on how Red Cross, Nepal Army, Canadian Armed forces, MSF, others are using our maps, but if anyone has more detail it may be helpful
14:24:23 <pierzen> harry-wood: possible to export layers from uMap. The button is a bit hidden on the bottom left panel. I need on my comptuter to have the browser full scren
14:24:37 <harry-wood> ok. I'll do that
14:24:40 <russdeffner> Yes, I think we need to spruce it up a bit, but the wiki-page is still a good source for that info:
14:25:41 <pierzen> Tyler_Radford: KLL has various map products + interface with the UN humanitarian clusters - the operatinal coordination structure in Kathmandu. They are the one to make the point on this.
14:26:14 <harry-wood> "how will the new map data be provided to the organizations in the field" the answer is mostly… they're welcome to come and get it. Hurray for open data! But we should investigate ways of putting into their hands
14:26:39 <pierzen> We need today to monitor images + TM, assure that we cover holes were no TM yet. With this emergency today, important to re-assess.
14:27:18 <Tyler_Radford> pierzen - agree - I will reach out to give them an overview, but for specific we need to talk with KLL. Are we in contact with them on specific needs?
14:27:47 <pierzen> yes they are coordinating with us. contact Nama
14:28:06 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks
14:28:52 <russdeffner> via the skype groups and email the coordination has been very good and pretty much constant
14:28:57 <pierzen> They are the ones that coordinate in Nepal - in contact with both Nepal Gov + UN + international NGO's. we coordinate all through skype rooms
14:29:40 <pierzen> but it might be rough for them today with this morning replica.
14:29:47 <harry-wood> Getting aid agencies to use our maps is super important. More important than helping new users contribute to our map data. It's why I wrote a blog post about it: data but there's lots more we could do to make it more obvious
14:29:52 <russdeffner> it is now just past 8PM there, so we may hear one more report but it is more likely we'll get better infos in the morning
14:30:32 <pierzen> Our wiki page could point to a specific page of Nepal usages for them
14:30:41 <Tyler_Radford> harry-wood I read that, it was great
14:30:47 <pierzen> more attractive, examples,etc
14:30:54 <russdeffner> I think already we should think a specific response meeting in the next few days
14:30:58 <harry-wood> I was a little disappointed to find that the osmAND iphone app doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong though
14:31:03 <harry-wood> Anyone else tried it?
14:31:28 <russdeffner> I think it is still 'beta' / at least not all features yet
14:31:36 <russdeffner> I use Maps.Me
14:31:39 <Tyler_Radford> harry-wood I am an iphone user so I will also try, but haven't yet
14:31:39 <russdeffner> on iphone
14:32:00 <russdeffner> or GoMap! for editing
14:32:07 <pierzen> OSMand, everyone says they use it for Ebola. If any problem for Nepal, we need to correct.
14:32:42 <althio_> Galileo(?) is a Apple app also I heard of
14:32:43 <pierzen> harry-wood: good update. would be good to ask KLL for Nepal related images to replace the ones in the update.
14:32:49 <pierzen> would be more punchy
14:33:53 <russdeffner> ok, so it seems maybe it is too soon to really accomplish much regarding Nepal right now?
14:33:58 <althio_> harry-wood,
14:34:02 <harry-wood> oh yeah. Speaking of punchy images. I saw an image of people (aid org I think) stood next to some large map printouts. Where was that?
14:34:13 <harry-wood> Wizzed past on my twitter. Now I can't find it
14:34:21 <russdeffner> shall we allow Tyler to give us his items?
14:34:33 <pierzen> there is one KLL + Canada Dart Denis Carriere on KLL blog
14:34:58 <pierzen> look at our twitters where some images
14:35:12 <Tyler_Radford>
14:35:23 <Tyler_Radford> pierzen that was a good one you tweeted out
14:35:28 <russdeffner> let me rephrase, can we hit some more agenda items, then return to general Neapl chat?
14:35:36 <russdeffner> *Nepal
14:36:08 <russdeffner> Tyler_Radford - was there more to the TomTom questions?
14:36:26 <pierzen> Tyler_Radford: yes, Plus Denis Carriere, Nama and me in contact with Canadian army students writing an article on Dart presence in Nepal :)
14:36:37 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner I'll follow up with TomTom and circle back with Nama if we need more detail
14:36:44 <russdeffner> ok, great
14:36:52 <russdeffner> you had one other thing?
14:37:16 <Tyler_Radford> The only other thing was that there have been severe floods in Dar es Salaam Tanzania the past day and weeks
14:37:52 <Tyler_Radford> Little media attention, we have had a request from our World Bank partner on the ground for assistance mapping from international contributors
14:38:27 <russdeffner> I did see the update this morning:
14:38:29 <Tyler_Radford> I think the best approach is to spread the word on twitter, our blog and see if anyone is interested in leading the effort. Since there is no traditional activation, per say
14:38:45 <Tyler_Radford> Any ideas or comments welcome
14:39:38 <russdeffner> My thought is we should activate, just wondering if we currently have capacity?
14:39:59 <russdeffner> Anyone from that team on IRC now?
14:40:33 <Tyler_Radford> Agree, our success really depends on interest from volunteers and with the Nepal earthquake again today, it's difficult to get attention from volunteer contributors
14:41:15 <russdeffner> yes, I wonder if this is something the Tanzania team (Geoff/Steven) could coordinate 'locally'?
14:41:51 <althio_> my 2 cts: if we have any internal capabilities left, we could activate 'internally' and look for prerequisites, imagery, ...
14:42:03 <althio_> and later on go public
14:43:02 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks althio_ I will rely on the experienced activation folks here to advise on what is the best approach :-)
14:43:09 <BlakeGirardot_> It is delicate to balance, but there is also some benefit to HOT longer term to mention on our email list that there is another crisis and if people wanted a change of environment, we could use help mapping Dar
14:43:12 <Tyler_Radford> Including you all
14:43:14 <pierzen> Helico Landings : Discussions yesterday with the Data working group. Coincidence this morning, this is the most usefull info this morning for the emergency after today earthquake. We are discussing on skype with operationals to assure helicos can land in various areas. We are revising together infos
14:44:09 <russdeffner> Previously we sort of set 'requirements' for activating...
14:44:28 <russdeffner> 1/3 Is there a request from partner orgs
14:44:56 <russdeffner> 2/3 Do we think we can assist/i.e. what will remote mapping accomplish
14:45:07 <russdeffner> 3/3 Do we have a coordinator/capacity
14:45:11 <BlakeGirardot_> I am not speaking to "activating" exactly, I am saying it helps to let people know we do a lot of mapping all around the world for many different crisises and can always use help.
14:45:44 <russdeffner> Yes, and maybe we need to move this outside the meeting, or we might be here all day
14:46:36 <BlakeGirardot_> Ok, me and my two comments will move on.
14:47:16 <Tyler_Radford> russdeffner I agree, can we follow up on that point. As a starting point we could go with BlakeGirardot_ idea and potentially althio_ also to show that we are taking steps to spread the word
14:47:38 <Tyler_Radford> But we can move on
14:47:41 <harry-wood> Personally I think we should create a wiki page per crisis, and then decide if the wiki page should say "not much mapping we need to do" or "not much mapping we can do due to imagery limitations" or "relatively minor disaster so we didn't mount a big activation" ….or expand to say "big diaster. Activation! yadda yadda"
14:48:28 <harry-wood> however in this case the Tanzania wiki needs a bit more love and attention
14:48:51 <harry-wood> there isn't even a dedicated page for the city of Dar es Salaam
14:49:03 <russdeffner> Yes, great to get some attention and some mentions, etc
14:49:33 <russdeffner> I can send a message to the communication working group and make something happen there
14:49:47 <harry-wood> But I tend to be a bit more slapdash than most with my creating of wiki pages
14:49:52 <russdeffner> just based off the update for now
14:49:58 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks russdeffner
14:50:11 <russdeffner> It is good transition to the curriculum stuff
14:50:15 <harry-wood> We should probably expand my Tomnod stub :-)
14:50:39 <russdeffner> the first thing I wanted to present to this group is a draft (new) of the process
14:50:55 <russdeffner> this doc was developed at the Sprint:
14:51:24 <russdeffner> And much a work-in-progress
14:51:38 <russdeffner> for back-story...
14:51:57 <russdeffner> As part of the Hewlett Foundation grant...
14:52:21 <russdeffner> HOT proposed a few different items...
14:52:57 <russdeffner> the grant was (paraphrased) for improving HOT regarding our Ebola response
14:53:24 <russdeffner> part was to create an Activation Coordinator Curriculum
14:53:38 <russdeffner> I was selected as 'curriculum specialist'
14:54:04 <russdeffner> and a handful of us met the same week, before the Summit for a sprint
14:54:18 <russdeffner> facilitated by our great friend, ally and mentor Allend Gunn
14:54:21 <russdeffner> *Allen
14:54:30 <russdeffner> or gunner
14:54:52 <russdeffner> so, although the Process isn't really part of the curriculum
14:55:11 <russdeffner> it is basically the 'pre-requisite' to completing a currcilum
14:56:02 <russdeffner> however, this needs community care and input from our coordinators
14:56:19 <russdeffner> and I think should be finalized by this working group
14:56:31 <russdeffner> for maybe approval by Board and/or voting members
14:57:21 <russdeffner> And as we approach the hour, I'll just say that I have lots to do before any of the 'core curriculm' material is ready for review
14:58:07 <russdeffner> so I'd like to see this group focus on defining our process, hopefully if we are meeting weekly, that could happen maybe end-o-month?
14:59:04 <althio_> well this meeting was with the same people than the Sprint + Harry + Tyler
14:59:22 <russdeffner> Hi Sev, you just missed, I've shared a 'process draft',
14:59:33 <russdeffner> developed during the Sprint
15:00:37 <russdeffner> The only other point on the agenda was regarding previous meeting minutes/notess?
15:00:41 <Tyler_Radford> I am happy to also review & provide feedback in document.
15:01:02 <russdeffner> Yes, please - everyone with the link should be able to comment
15:01:08 <russdeffner> directly on the doc
15:01:24 <russdeffner> all the 'sprinters' and select others can edit
15:01:32 <althio_> in the notes from pierzen there was a few items
15:01:54 <russdeffner> if you want/feel the need to edit directly, you canreuest via the doc
15:02:02 <russdeffner> *can request
15:03:13 <russdeffner> Of course it's a lot to review, so please take your time, nothing needs resolved today
15:04:15 <russdeffner> It also looks like the response is taking most of the attention today
15:04:35 <russdeffner> so, I'll follow-up with Sev regarding any missing meeting minutes
15:04:52 <russdeffner> And this is the any other business part of the meeting
15:05:15 <russdeffner> or back to general IRC chat
15:07:06 <Tyler_Radford> Nothing here thanks russdeffner
15:07:32 <russdeffner> ok, thanks Tyler
15:07:38 <russdeffner> anyone else?
15:08:10 <russdeffner> going twice...
15:08:16 <althio_> not from me ;)
15:08:23 <althio_> thanks russdeffner
15:08:28 <russdeffner> ok thank you everyone!
15:09:11 <Adityo> nothing from me either
15:09:12 <russdeffner> I'll post log/review and post meeting summary shortly:
15:09:30 <russdeffner> HOT Rocks! :)